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Now that our relationship has changed to that of lovers, Fate-san and I are even more conscious of each other than we were just when we started our date, and the both of us were getting nervous.

As our minds were in chaos, Fate-san suggested that since we had become lovers, we should act like one, and I, just as confused as her, suggested that we walk arm in arm.

The suggestion itself was a safe one, and it's something that even we, whose minds were confused, would be able to do. However, I had overlooked a number of important factors.

[W- Well then, Kai-chan. I- I'll hold onto your arm, okay]

[Ah, y- yes!]

My first miscalculation was that I hadn't considered my "height difference". Fate-san is quite petite, and there is a considerable height difference between Fate-san and I.

This, of course, makes it difficult for us to cross our arms at the same height as each other, and it inevitably ended up with Fate-san hugging my arm rather than us crossing our arms with each other.

And in that situation, the second miscalculation…… it makes me clearly feel Fate-san's unbelievably "plump breasts" for someone of her stature, frighteningly brandishing its power. And the third one…… "and the biggest miscalculation"……

[ ! ]

The moment Fate-san hugged my right arm with her face blushing red…… It was as if I had been struck by lightning, shocking my reasoning.

……Eh Arehh My arm…… is "sinking"

I felt an inexplicable softness and warmth in my arms, along with the sensation of being engulfed by a giant marshmallow.

I had always thought that I preferred someone with a slender body, but my preference would be violently repainted like this.

Until now, Lilia-san was the only one of my lovers whose breasts were larger than average, but she was extremely shy, so we never got this close.

So, this feeling is almost a first for me…… S- So this is big breasts……

No, wait, there is a more important question I need to ask here. Why is it that I can feel the softness of her breasts so clearly

It is true that Fate-san is a God, so her body should be something that of a God. However, would one really be able to clearly feel the softness and temperature so clearly "through two pieces of cloth"

……C- Could it be…… Is Fate-san…… "not wearing a bra"

The moment I became aware of this, I felt my face heating up at once. On top of that, I can feel the touch of Fate-san's breasts even more clearly, as if all of my nerves have focused on my right arm.

Awawawawa, t- this is bad. This is seriously bad. I mean, even though Fate-san has big breasts and she isn't wearing a bra, her breasts weren't sagging at all, and they are so well shaped that I can see how shapely they are even over her clothes.

Moreover, they are both elastic and soft to the touch…… Are these those so-called beautiful voluptuous breasts It is truly the body of a God. T- This is amazing…… No, wait, let's calm down. My mind is being filled with breasts too much. Push them away! Push all those thoughts away……

[F- Fate-san.]

[U- Unnn]

[I- It's just that, do you not usually wear underwear……]

Wait a moment! What the heck are I asking! Even though I'm pretty confused, there's still a limit to the things I can say! L- Let's immediately correct it……

[Underwear You mean, undergarments I usually only wear the "one Sacred Garment" that Shallow Vernal-sama bestowed upon me though W- Well, since we're on a d- date today…… I "changed" a different clothing today……]

She just normally responded to me! Rather, let's wait a moment here…… The way she said it, it sounds like "she's not wearing anything down there", you know!

As I became speechless by her shocking statement, Fate-san quietly continued with her face turning red.

[Look, it's not like anyone can see under my clothes with my ability…… b- but well, i- if Kai-chan says that you want to see it…… I won't say no……]

[ ! ! ]

It was a powerful blow that seemed to uproot my reasoning. Even though my opponent should be someone with proper common sense, she has a terrifyingly loose guard…… Calm down, calm down, calm down…… I'm a capable child who can do things when I think about it. Don't go running around there, my reasoning……

[L- Let's resume our date!]

[Unnn…… You know, I've never done anything like this before…… and it's kind of great. Walking around, our arms linked like this…… It clearly makes me feel that I'm together with Kai-chan, and ummm, this is embarrassing but…… I feel like this is happiness.]

[……I- I also, errr…… f- feel like this is happiness.]

[I- I- I- I see…… We feel the same huh. I'm glad.]

Hey, isn't today's Fate-san a bit too cute My heart's beating really fast, you know!

Just like that, we began slowly walking along the beach. We don't say much to each other. However, I can tell that both of us were very conscious of each other.

I could feel Fate-san's nervousness and affection from her arms that were linked with mine, and it was strangely comforting.

[……Hey, Kai-chan]


[Can I be…… a bit more selfish]

[Eh Y- Yes, of course.]

Hearing the words Fate-san said without looking towards me, I responded while also keeping my eyes forward.

[I have a view that I want to see with Kai-chan. So, can we go there]


[Thanks, I'll be teleporting us over there, okay]

Dear Mom, Dad———— Seriously, Fate-san is so adorable today that its so hard for me to be on the rational side. However, I wonder why It might be strange, but as we relaxed a bit, I feel like this situation where it doesn't always go as we think————– doesn't feel that bad.

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