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The 3rd day of the second Fire month. One night after the birthday party which turned out to be quite an event, I was sorting through the gifts I had received.

I am grateful for the gifts I received, but they were so many that it will take me some time to finish sorting through them, especially if I include the memorabilias from the Six Kings Festival.

Incidentally, regarding that flying castle that was given to Lilia-san…… I heard that Shiro-san only gave her the castle, as Chronois-san retrieved the fountain that doubles ones magic power.

However, the castle itself was also an extraordinary thing, and it seemed that Lilia-san was having a hard time deciding how to handle it…… but at that moment, Amalie-san, the first princess of Symphonia Kingdom, reached out to her.

Apparently, Amalie-san wanted to make the flying castle that Lilia-san received a tourist spot for the royal capital, and she negotiated with Lilia-san right after the party.

Her proposal was a boon to Lilia-san, and this matter was settled in a jiffy. As a result, it was settled that the Symphonia Kingdom would pay a rental fee to rent the flying castle from Lilia-san.

It seems that Amalie-san is very enthusiastic about this project, as she visited Lilia-sans mansion this morning to sign the contract and immediately started working on making it a tourist attraction.

As to be expected from the leading candidate for the next king, she has tremendous determination and energy. Well, it seems that Lilia-san was saved because of that, and she was grateful for it.

As I was checking and organizing the gifts one by one, I suddenly heard a knock at the door.

[……Yeeeees, arehh Hina-chan]

[Kaito-senpai, Aoi-senpai was asking to come to the training space.]

[Unnn Me]

[Yes, or rather, she was actually asking both Kaito-senpai and I. It seems that she learned some new magic again, and she wanted to show it to us.]

[Fumu…… Then, I guess lets check it out.]


Its not like this is something I urgently needed to do, so I quickly agreed and walked with Hina-chan to the training space behind the mansion.

Incidentally, this is not the first time Ive been invited to something like this. Aoi-chan has a strong interest in magic, and with how studious she is, she keeps on learning new magic.

Whenever she learns a new spell, she usually shows it to me and Hina-chan.

Aoi-chan is usually very mature, but when it comes to this kind of thing, the childishness within her heart appears. I can understand why she wants to show off her new magic, and it somehow makes me smile.

Ten minutes after arriving in the training space…… Currently, out of the corner of my eye, Hina-chan was throwing a sharp kick at the golem Aoi-chan had made.

The kick from Hina-chan, who is good at Body Strengthening Magic, is so sharp and fast that I honestly cant even follow it with my eyes. However, even with such a powerful kick, Aoi-chans golem didnt budge an inch.

[……A- Aoi-senpai. This golem is too hard…… My foot hurts. It looks like your usual golem but……]

[Fufufu, this is the new magic Ive just learned…… High-Density Golem!]

Aoi-chan triumphantly puffed out her chest, exuding cuteness appropriate for a girl her age. However, I see…… High Destiny Golem huh.

I wonder if she learned this as a countermeasure to the fact that her golem was destroyed rather easily by Hina-chan in the past Aoi-chan had this pretty competitive part in her huh……

And then, as soon as the two of them had finished fighting () and Aoi-chan had unveiled her new magic, I approached them.

[……I clearly saw your new magic. It was amazing, a complete upgrade from your usual golem.]

[Thank you! With my magic power, I can barely make one of them…… Well, but putting that aside, theres something Id like to ask you, Kaito-san.]


[Yes, this golem…… “Can you try breaking it”]


After happily smiling at my words of praise, Aoi-chan asked me to destroy the golem for some reason.

Wondering why the heck shes asking me, who is the weakest person in this mansion, to do something, I tilted my head.

[It actually had an effect that activates when its destroyed, and I want to see if it works properly……]

[……Then, why ask me]

[Eh After all, Hina-chan couldnt break it…… and the strongest one among us here is Kaito-san.]

Hearing what Aoi-chan told me as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, I tilted my head to another side again but…… Thats when it occurred to me what she meant. I see, theyre “including my pets” with my combat power huh.

……That just means Bell is the strong one here, not me, okay No, well, according to Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, Im a Monster Tamer, so what shes saying isnt entirely wrong……

However, hmmm. I didnt bring Bell here because I didnt think it would turn out this way. It cant be helped, this is the request of my cute kouhai, so I guess Ill fetch him……

[……wait, oi! What the heck are you doing here, idiot……]

As I was about to go call Bell to fulfill Aoi-chans request, right after that, Alice appeared, wearing a collar with “Pet#3” written on it.

Well, there are lots of things Id like to tsukkomi about…… but its times like this where you should wear that stuffed costume of yours, idiot!

[……Errr, Aoi-chan, is this fine]

[……Well, Im fine as long as its destroyed, so I dont really mind if its Phantasmal King-sama……]

[I thought Aoi-senpais new golem is already foul play…… but I guess Kaito-senpai is still the most amazing one huh.]

Well, if Aoi-chan is fine with this…… However, I have a feeling that theres something hidden with Alices appearance here.

As if to affirm my thoughts, Alice handed me a piece of paper with something written on it. Errr, lets see……

< Alice-chan Sword One Copper Coin >

< Alice-chan Punch One Silver Coin >

< Alice-chan Kick One Gold Coin >

< 5-Unit Combination: Great Alice-chan Robo One White Gold Coin >

Im really curious about that last one! Robo, this should be those mecha robots, right Moreover, 5-Unit Combination…… No matter how I think of it, this is straight out of a mans dreams.

To be honest, I really want to see it volting in but…… let alone the training space, I dont think I can guarantee the safety of Lilia-sans mansion, so Ill stop.

So that leaves me with the three other options…… Why is the Sword option the cheapest Is it like that That fantasy-like setting where if someone is apparently as strong as Alice, its stronger if they just hit them directly rather than using a lousy weapon

Well, never mind…… For the time being, lets pick the Sword option.

After making my choice, I put a copper coin in Alices hand. Then, out of nowhere, Alice took out a sheet of paper and started rolling it up to a cylinder.

She just freaking took out the sword kids use in their samurai games.


With her strike, Aoi-chans High-Density Golem…… was “cleaved in half”. The way she called it is a joke, but it seems like even with a paper, she still held outstanding power.

W- Well, with this, Ive fulfilled Aoi-chans request. However, hmmm…… There doesnt seem to be any change in the golem after it was cut by Alice.

[……A- Arehh Its not reforming yet…… Did I make a mistake in the magic formula]

Aoi-chans golem apparently had a regeneration function built into it, but it doesnt seem to be working properly

[Ive added the “Null: Regeneration” option to my slash just now so———- Ouch!]

[……You really are……]

Its not because Aoi-chan made a mistake in her magic formula, but because of that unnecessary option Alice added to her attack.

[……Well, it looks like you got textbook technique right, so Im sure it would be fine. Its regeneration speed would be quite slow with this magic formula though, so whether it will be useful in actual battle is another matter……]

[I- I see…… I guess Phantasmal King-sama is also skillful at making golems]

[Hmmm, well, I certainly can make one…… like this.]

[ ! ]

In front of Aoi-chan, who had her interest greatly drawn, Alice nonchalantly pointed her hand at the ground. Then, a small magic circle appeared at the ground and a magnificent earthen bird-shaped golem appeared, flapping its wings and flying through the air.

Seeing what Alice did, Aoi-chans eyes widened in astonishment.

[A- Amazing…… P- Phantasmal King-sama! I- Its fine if its just a bit. Can you teach me golem techniques]

[Dont wanna. I dont have enough time to waste on random people.]

An incredibly fast and powerful refusal. Could it be that Would it be better if I asked her to do it

Just as I was about to speak to Alice, thinking that I would ask her for Aoi-chans sake, Alice spoke something I hadnt expected.

[I mean, if its about golems, “it would be better if you ask Kuro-san” rather than me, you know]

[……Unnn Kuro]

[Yes, after all, Kuro is someone who had created a “self-aware golem thats capable of growing 20,000 years ago”…… Well, technically speaking, she is considered a magic doll, so she might be slightly different from normal golems.]


Hearing Alices words reminded me of something. Im talking about Zwei-sans statement regarding how shes a magic doll and that “her body was given to her by Kuro”……

Dear Mom, Dad————– I see, thinking about it again, there were quite a few hints showing something like that. If Kuro is the one who created Zwei-san, then in regards to creating golems—————– Kuro has the best techniques in the world.

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