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Receiving Shiro-sans gift, the only one left among the dangerous duo is Eden-san, which should be the last one. Before that time comes, I guess my heart can calm down a little bit.

No, seriously…… Its easy to forget, but everyone only had one day…… no, half a day to prepare this. However, everyone had prepared solid gifts for me, and Im very grateful to them.

Then, after Shiro-san, Chronois-san gave me a clock that could be placed on my desk.. I wonder if this is because she is the Goddess of Time The clock has a calm and mature design, which I personally like very much, so Ill gratefully use it.

After Chronois-san, the next person to go up on the stage was Illness-san…… Come to think of it, wasnt it right around the time I received Shiro-sans blessing That was also the time Illness-san officially followed me as my exclusive maid……

Illness-sans present to me was an elegant handkerchief embroidered with the images of Bell and Lynn. For something that was done in just half a day, this is quite the elaborate embroidery…… All I can say is that as expected of Illness-san.

After Illness-san, the next person I got to know was Sieg-san. This would be the period where we exchanged words for the first time.

[Kaito-san, happy birthday.]

[Thank you!]

[I know it sounds strange, but its really nice to be able to express congratulatory words like this. I guess its a good thing I have my voice back…… thank you for everything. To you, my beloved, I wish for you an overflowing amount of blessings…… I hope you will continue to be as healthy as you are now.]

As she said this, Sieg-san presented to me a white scarf that was very similar to the scarf she always wears.

Most of the clothes I wear were black, so I guess she thought of the color balance when she chose this scarf for me. Im very happy.

“Now then, next up is Isis-san, please take the stage.”


The next one is Isis-san…… I wonder what her present for me is Isis-san is also a person whose financial resources were on a very different level, and I think shed likely come up with something outrageous.

However, compared to others, I still feel like she has some common sense, so Im not that worried about her.

[……Kaito…… Happy…… birthday.]

[Thank you!]

[……This is…… my present…… for Kaito.]

[Is this…… a crown of flowers]

Isis-san presented me with a crown made of colorful flowers.

[……I made it…… just like Kaito taught me…… thinking…… about Kaito…… a lot.]

Its true that I once made a white clover flower crown for Isis as a present. Asking me to teach her how to make it, we made some crowns of flowers together……

Although it was only a few months ago, perhaps because I have had lots of fun days in this world, seeing the crown of flowers makes me feel a bit nostalgic.

[Thank you. I will treasure it.]

[……Kaito…… for being born….. and meeting with me…… thank you…… I love you…… From now and forever…… I will always be in your care.]

[Yes. Me too.]

As was the case with Sieg-san…… I guess this is what you call heart-warming presents. The joy that seemed to seep deep into my heart made me realize again how lucky of a person I am.

After Isis-sans present, it would normally have been Alices turn to give her present, but since she apparently had the privilege of changing the order, Rei-san and Fia-san had their turn first.

What Rei-san and Fia-san had prepared for me was a handmade amulet made from a leaf with an unusual shape, a tradition that was apparently handed down among the Elves.

And after the two of them was Anima. Speaking of which, when I first met her, I was surprised by her strong personality…… Now, she has become an indispensable part of my family.

Anima gave me a fountain pen with a calming design as a present. It was a present that was just like Anima, as she has been taking care of all the letters that come my way lately, and it looked very easy to use.

Next in line was Lillywood-san. Although she is also one of the Six Kings, she is an extremely sensible person, so Im not worried about her at all.

Her present for me was a wooden accessory case, small but elaborate, and feels good to touch. Its about the size of a pencil case, so it might be a good place to put the paper knife that Lilia-san gave me or the fountain pen that Anima gave me.

After that, I received one present after another. Eta and Theta gave me a pair of shoes and gloves, Sigma-san and Bacchus-san gave me something that looked like dumbbells.

[Happy birthday to you. I wish that you would also feel the happiness that I currently feel.]

[T- Thank you…… Pandora-san.]

Oh, thats right, the next one is Pandora-san, who I met as the fake Phantasmal King…… Unnn, come to think of it, she could also be considered as a dangerous person, just in a different way than Shiro-san and Eden-san.

What in the world could such a person give me as a present……

[……My apologies. I didnt have much time, so I opted to bring a safe present instead……]

[……Ummm, errr, whats this]

[Straw ropes and candles. These are consumable items, so I thought it would be better to bring as many as possible.]

[……T- Thank…… you……]

Ive never in my life used these two things at the level where I could call them consumables, you know! I mean, this big, red candle…… No matter I think about it, these are S&M goods……

S- Seriously, this person isnt shaken at all…… Shes so scary.

[Incidentally, it doesnt matter when, you can always invite me! I will teach you how to tie a person, and you can practice with this body of mine to your hearts content……]

“Pandora, House.”

[……Shalltear-sama T- Thats right. My apologies. I cant spend too much time on this today. Lets talk about this later……]

“No, you dont have to come explain it to him again…… Just go back and sit in the corner.”

[T- That means, were going for neglect pl……]

“Youre wrong.”

Dear Mom, Dad————— How should I say this…… In a way, Pandora-san was just as usual. That ecstatic expression of hers was just too scary. Alice—————- Shes your subordinate, quickly do something about her.

Serious-senpai : [……Im curious why she said straw ropes but, whats with that crown of flowers regarding Isis Was there a chapter like that]

: [Its a newly-written content for the second volume of the light novel. If youre interested, go check it out…… Its also the volume where Alice-chan makes her appearance!!!]

Serious-senpai : [Stop with the stealth marketing……]

(T/N: Pandora said 荒縄/Aranawa, which means straw rope. S&M ropes are called 麻縄/Asanawa, and theyre made from hemp. Moms looking at me weird again. Halp)

(T/N: Isis with the crown of flowers was also used as a cover image for Volume 2.)

T/N: 29/181-

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