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Walking up the beautiful stairs, I stood in front of the extravagantly-decorated double doors. H- Hmmm, this is the party venue…… Standing in front of these doors is getting me nervous.

I mean, this door…… its so big that I dont know how to open it. Would it open up if I knock

As I was overwhelmed by the huge door, which at least my weak arms couldnt open, Alice strod up to me and opened the door. She opened it so easily……

And behind the opened door…… Arehh Its dark]

[Now, now, Kaito-san, come on in.]

[Ah, unnn.]

Is this that That typical birthday act…… Even so, isnt it a bit too dark Its not just dim, its more like a pitch-darkness where I cant see an inch……

Once inside the room, which was obviously darkened by something magical rather than a natural phenomenon, Alice quickly closed the door.

[One~ two!]

[ [ [ [ [ Kaito-kun (-san), happy birthday!!! ] ] ] ] ]

Just as I noticed Kuros voice echo from the darkness, the room suddenly became brighter, and words of greetings echoed with the sound of party poppers from all around me.

The beautifully decorated venue, the sumptuous food lined up here and there, and the many people gathered…… How should I say this…… I expected that such a line up would be gathered today, but I was so surprised that it was a little difficult for me to express my current state of mind in words.

As Alice told me, all of the people that gathered here were people I knew……but even so, there are a lot of people here.

When I think of all these people who came together on such short notice to celebrate my birthday, how should I say this…… Of course, Im happy, but Im feeling more of a strange, ticklish feeling within my heart.

[Well then, Kaito-san…… Please take the stage.]


[Its over there.]


Following Alices words, I moved my gaze to the venues seat of honor…… which was placed in an area one step higher than the floor.

Eh Is that where Im going to stand No, no, theres no way, right…… Thats where the kings or queens usually sit, you know Eh Seriously Im supposed to sit there

No, no, thats something I shouldnt do, right The rulers of the Human Realm, the Six Kings, and even Shiro-san are standing in the normal place, not on a platform higher than the others…… If Im the only one on the stage, it would turn into a completely strange scene. This isnt just on the level of disrespect anymore……

[N- No, Id really like it if I could stand in a normal place if possible……]

[Weve expected that youd say that! However, its “rejected”!]

[Ahh, wait! Alice!]

Against my will, Alice carried me to the stage in an instant, and then got off the stage herself.

What the heck is with this situation…… Being in a situation where I look down at all these people, my heart feels like…… Ah, no, I still couldnt look down at Megiddo-san and some of the others even when standing on this stage.

No, thats not it, okay! Eh What am I supposed to do after this Everyones eyes are on me, but what the heck am I supposed to do now!

“Everyone! Thank you for gathering here today! Today is Kaito-sans birthday. Lets greatly celebrate, make some noise and have some fun!”

As I felt cold sweat running down my back, Kuro, holding a magic tool like a microphone, stepped up to the podium and began to speak with a bright smile on her face.

W- What, Kuro is making the event progress through huh…… Thank goodness. Seriously, thank goodness.

“Well then, lets have “some words of toast” from todays star, Kaito-kun~~”

[ ! ]

Thats the worst possible segue ever! Words of toast to everyone here! No, no, no, thats too hard of a demand for a former loner like me!

Even though just standing here is making me helplessly uncomfortable…… Ah, Kuros already holding the mic to my face. Everyones also quietly waiting for me…… I guess I cant not do this huh.

With my trembling hand, I took the microphone from Kuro and looked at the leaders of the world from the stage. They were all looking at me with serious expressions on their faces…… Wait, what the heck, Luna-san. Why the heck do you look so happy over there! Heck, youre even holding in your laughter! Seriously, this person……

“……Errr, to be honest, I dont really know what to say here…… but for the time being, for coming together despite the short notice, thank you very much.”

Well, whatever happens happens…… Lets just leave things to fate…… no, destiny. Lets not leave anything to fate. Ahh, this wont do. I cant think of anything to say. All I can think of is “Im so happy”, “thank you” or stuff like that.

I mean, honestly, I think Ive said all I have to say…… No, but I dont know what to say after that…… W- W- W- What should I do……

“Thinking about it again, its only been half a year since I came into this world, hasnt it I guess it was quite a short time.”

However, Heaven hadnt abandoned me. Unlike the me back then, I stared straight ahead without confusion in my mind, and spun words without them getting stuck in my throat.

“However, I feel truly blessed to have met so many people in such a short time, building up so many bonds with everyone.”

The reason why I, who had been panicking just a few minutes ago, was able to calmly greet everyone was because…… Alice was at the very back of the venue, silently spreading out a “gigantic cue card” so that others could not see it.

A- Aliiiiiiiiice! Nice follow-up! I knew you were someone I can count on when needed!!!

Alice went on to give a brief summary of what I could say, she then winked at me. I guess that means Ill have to close down my speech with my own words…… Unnn, Ive been being helped so far, so I guess I should somehow handle the rest……

“……If possible, I would like to continue laughing, having fun, and being happy with all of you in the future. My greetings might be simple, but I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone.”

Thanks to Alices super fine support, I managed to finish my greeting.

Thereupon, a glass suddenly appears in my hand…… which no matter how I think about it, this is the deed of the perfect maid.

“……Once again, thank you so much for your time today! Cheers!”

Raising the glass that suddenly appeared in my hand up high, everyone had raised their glasses, which had appeared before I knew it, and exclaimed “Cheers!” in response. And just like that, my birthday party began.

Dear Mom, Dad———— Well, I have a lot to say about her, but Alice did a really good job this time. It was a wonderful fine support. Unnn————- lets stop lecturing her about the seesaw.

~~ Alice-chans Greatness ~~

① Shes a Transcendental Beauty

② Shes cheerful and fun to be with.

③ She can do both housework and blacksmithing.

④ Shes also cute when shes a little shy.

⑤ Kaito is always her first priority.

⑥ She sometimes mixes things up with mischievous pranks.

⑦ But somehow, Alice-chan is the one who helps you the most.

⑧ She is a very convenient character for the Author, as she can be brought out anywhere, at any time.

⑨ Alice-chan can do both lovey-dovey and serious things, and shes really great.

⑩ Alice-chan is really cute and a good wife, so she should be the main heroine.

Serious-senpai : [Oi , stop tooting your own horn…… Thats not on the level of self-praise anymore……]

: [……Tsk. This was supposed to be up to 100……]

Serious-senpai : [……What about my version]

: [Serious-senpais Greatness! ① A stupid child who isnt actually serious at all! Thats all!!!]

Serious-senpai : [……No, Im very serious. Im so seriously, dangerously serious…… If one thinks of serious, they would think of me, Serious-senpai!!!]-

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