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When I arrived at the castle in the sky, using a method of transportation that Ive only seen in gag comics, I gave Alice a resentful look.


[K- Kaito-san, w- well, please calm down. Theres no way Id let Kaito-san get hurt. L- Look, I caught you gently, didnt I]

[You throwing me here and you catching me gently are two different things……]

I certainly wasnt injured at all. Alice showed off her uselessly high specs and caught me without me, feeling even the slightest impact at all.

However, Id like her to think about this…… The fact that she had thrown me off the seesaw herself, and overtaking it, she had caught my airborne body…… It was really obvious that Alice could have just carried me here, even if she carried me normally, and we would arrive much faster than being propelled by a seesaw.

In other words, that seesaw catapult is completely one of her stupid pranks again.

[N- Now, now, Kaito-an, you dont have to look that scary…… L- Look, everyone is waiting inside, and we dont have time for a long scolding here……]

[Youre right…… Alice, open your mouth for a bit.]

[I dont see the connection between those two at all though! Also, I have a really bad feeling about this……]

I certainly dont have the time to scold Alice when everyone is waiting for me. But if I just let Alice get away with this, I wont be able to contain my anger.

Thats why, after instructing Alice to open her mouth, I took out one of the “orange, purple and black marbled baby castellas” from my magic box.

[……No, no, Kaito-san. You cant do that…… That things color doesnt look like something living beings can eat……]

[Dont worry…… “I ate one of these too”……]

[Kaito-san, I think you should be a bit more strict with Kuro-san…… Ah, wait, dont bring that thing near me! The fact that  you took that out in this situation means that thing isnt deli———- Mogaa!]

She seemed to be saying something, but I ignored her and forcibly threw the “worst baby castella Ive ever eaten” into Alices mouth.

Thereupon, looking as if she had given up, Alice chewed her food…… and she got down on one knee.

[……Eh Gross! What is this! Can you even call this cooking…… Im one of the strongest people in the world, but even I have taken some “serious damage”…… Is this one of those foods that deals “fixed damage”]

[……I fainted when I ate it.]

[Putting aside Kuro-san who is making dangerous food like this, why is Kaito-san eating this too! Its like you stepped on something that obviously looked like a landmine……]

[I couldnt say no to her after all……]

Its strange as to why Alice mentioned fixed damage when shes eating food, but I can somehow relate as to why she said that. Ive always wanted to refuse when Kuro offers me her cooking, but seeing her give the baby castella to me with a blooming smile…… Even if I could see the landmine right before my eyes, I couldnt help but step on it.

[Kaito-san, youre spoiling Kuro-san too much!]

Im aware of that too, but it cant be helped…… This was the weakness that comes with falling in love with someone.

[……Ummm, Kaito-san. Errr…… Ill make you something delicious later.]


Arehh This is strange. Im pretty sure Im scolding Alice, but now, shes consoling me. What the heck is with this strange atmosphere……

[……Lets just go.]


Since I was longer in the mood to scold Alice, I decided to head straight to the venue.

[S- Somehow, this place looked amazing up close…… These stairs and the decorations around it are really beautiful.]

[Ah, incidentally, I heard that this castle is made of a material that has never existed in this world before.]

[……I have a bad feeling about this, but what exactly is this]

[Im not really sure, but I heard that “its sturdy enough to withstand one of Kuro-sans all-out punches”.]

[This thing can be called a fortress already.]

If I remember correctly, this castle was built by the God Realm…… In all likelihood, this was the work of Shiro-san, who had never heard what moderation means. I mean, why does a castle built for a party need to be so tough

Could it be that they are planning for a situation where they can demonstrate this things sturdiness ……Can I go home already

[……By the way, are those trees that grow around the castle something amazing too]

[I heard that theyre trees that bear fruits that “changes to the flavor that the person who eats it likes the most”.]

[……What about that fountain over there]

[It was apparently “producing water that doubles magic power for two hours if drunk”.]

[And what does that have to do with my birthday]

[……I dunno]

This flying castle is seriously no good…… Theres a lot of crazy stuff here and there. If this is the case on the way to the entrance of the castle, what the heck would be inside this thing

This is the venue for my birthday party, right This isnt some hidden dungeon or something like that, right ……There are a lot of last-boss class people within the castle, so I guess that guess may not be wrong after all.

Dear Mom, Dad————- How should I say this…… I havent even entered the place yet, but cold sweat kept on dripping down my back. I mean, I know Ive been repeating this multiple times already, but were having a birthday party for me, right————— Why did you have to get so serious in just making the venue!

~~ The Mysterious Castle in the Sky ~~

Dungeon LV : Unknown

Class : Unknown

Recommended Level : Dont take this the wrong way, but just go home.

Enemy Spawns:

Encounters : Mad Chain (Pandora), Master Maid (Ein), etc

Mid-Boss : Trinity (The Three Supreme Gods)

Boss (Consecutive Battles)

Boss 1 : Chummy Duo (Isis & Lillywood)

Boss 2 : Mysterious Transcendental Beauty (Alice – Three phase battle, depending on remaining HP, changes form with each phase change.)

Boss  3 : Mama (Eden)

Boss 4 : Airhead God – Shiro

Boss 5 : Baby Castella Demon – Kuro

Hidden Boss 1 : Mamas True Form (Perfect Eden)

Hidden Boss 2 : Main Heroine (Serious Kuro – Inflicts defense-ignoring pure damage to the whole body as soon as the battle begins Inflicts defense-ignoring pure damage every turn)

Hidden Boss 3 : Epilogue (Serious Shiro – Null: Defense, Null: Resistance, Null: Resurrection, Inflicts Sure-hit Instant Death Attack)

Hidden Boss 4 : Protagonist (Kaito – HP100, Summons all Hidden Bosses as soon as the battle begins, Completely Invincible Until all Hidden Bosses are Defeated, Completely recovers HP and MP of Hidden Bosses every turn, appears randomly. Once encountered, Player Character: “Miyama Kaito” is unlocked.)

Serious-senpai : [Who the heck can clear this What a sh*tty game that is……]

: [After you encounter Hidden Boss 4, and then use Kaito-san as the player character, then you can clear it……]

Serious-senpai : [Ahh, I see…… As expected of the Protagonist huh……]

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