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Following the target shooting, Shiro-san and I came to that place Lillywood-san and I went around together…… the gigantic labyrinth made of flowers. That attraction seemed to be very popular and unlike the target practice, it was mentioned in the guidebook.

[Weve arrived huh.]

[We have arrived. Well then, Kaito-san.]


[“Please start getting lost”.]


Whoa there, Shiro-san suddenly started saying something strange. Well, its not like I thought that Id be able to peacefully go around with Shiro-san…… but asking me to get lost around this place again…… Hmmm, as expected of Shiro-san. Her way of thinking is unlike normal people.

[You compliment me.]

[No, I wasnt complimenting you.]

[I see…… Well then, please start getting lost.]

[Errr, incidentally, can I ask the reason why]

[Kaito-san, who challenged this labyrinth in the middle of the Six Kings Festival, got lost in this place quite a bit.]

[Y- Yes, that did happen.]

[Thats why I think it would be “unfair” if you dont get lost while walking around with me.]

[I se…… Unnn]

That is…… unfair Oh no, Im getting confused too. I mean, even if she tells me that, I think it would be difficult for me to get lost in this labyrinth on purpose.

If this flower labyrinth was the same one I had experienced before, I would be able to move through it rather quickly and finish it, even if I couldnt completely remember the whole labyrinth.

[Its okay if Kaito-san just challenges it like normal. I believe that Kaito-san will be able to get lost.]

[Thats an unpleasant trust you have there…… No, no, theres no way I would get lost that many times, you know]



Even though she should have been expressionless, her eyes looked as if she was sure I would definitely get lost…… D*mn it, watch me closely, okay! Since you see it like that, Ill show you how I can clear this labyrinth quickly.

Challenging the Flower Labyrinth, filled with determination…… half an hour has passed. Now, in front of me was a wall of flowers, blocking my view…… In short, Im at a dead end.

[……Shiro-san, what do you think]

[I think its better if you turn on the “7th corner earlier”.]


What is this feeling of defeat…… This is strange, looking at the entrance, I saw that this place had the same flower composition as when I came with Lillywood-san, so I thought the directions would be the same……

Somehow, even though I was going in what I thought was the correct order from the middle of the labyrinth onwards, I kept on running into dead ends.

Even though I should have known the directions by the type of flowers after Lillywood-san taught me about it……

[……Shiro-san, theres something Id like to ask you.]

[What is it]

[……”Did you switch the type of flower at the forks in the road”]

[……Now then, lets go back.]


You really are the culprit! Do you really want me to get lost that much!


[……You didnt even hesitate with your response……]

Why does she want me to be lost that badly Since its Shiro-san, its hard to believe that shes doing this because shes being mean. If thats the case, then she must have some kind of purpose……

[It seems like youre feeling troubled a lot, arent you, Kaito-san]

[And whose fault did you think it is……]

[I dunno]


[However, theres actually an easy way for Kaito-san to break through this labyrinth.]


[I think you should “ask someone reliable for help”.]

Ahh, hearing what she said made me understand now. I now understood why Shiro-san was trying to make me get lost…… That means, this person……

[I dont know who that someone is though. How mysterious. I wonder if shes around here somewhere Someone who knows the answers to the maze and can be counted on to help……]


What a barefaced appeal, that is. Moreover, its matching pomp in terms of the situation. D- Did she really want to be relied on that much

[Yes. Kaito-san doesnt rely on me very often. Thats why I am very dissatisfied.]

[Errr…… S- Shiro-san…… Please help me.]

[I guess it couldnt be helped. Its a request from none other than Kaito-san after all. I will show you the way.]

This was clearly something she had set up, but I just gave up and asked Shiro-san for help…… Shiro-san replied in the same intonationless voice.

However, her face was…… turned up, though it may only be a few millimeters, and I kind of felt like she had a smug look on her face.

[With me as your guide, Kaito-san will never run into a dead end again.]

[H- Huhh…… Errr, ummm, Im counting on you.]

[From now on, when you are in trouble, please dont hesitate to rely on me. Ill be happy to help.]


Feeling like shes quite cheerful, I dont know if its just my imagination or not, but it seemed like she was talking more than usual…… S- She really wanted me to rely on her that much huh……


Again, there was no hesitation in her reply.

[You dont consider me at all, Kaito-san.]

[N- No, its not like that is……]

[You dont consider me at all, Kaito-san.]

[……I understand. Ill rely on Shiro-san more from now on.]

[You can count on me.]

I feel like shes somehow puffing out her chest. H- Hmmm, I guess I could say that Shiro-san is a caring person. Its hard to imagine from her appearance, but her personality is surprisingly childlike.

How should I say this…… For better or for worse, she is honest about her feelings…… But well, I guess thats probably Shiro-sans most attractive charm.

At the very least, even as my expression naturally turns into a wry smile, it was clear to me that spending time with Shiro-san wasnt a bad idea.

Dear Mom, Dad——— This worlds God of Creation, even though her expression is hard to read, is honest to her desires and a bit selfish…… but how should I say this————- I think that part of her was very cute.

: [Eh Serious-senpai She received Under Kings Purgatory Spear, and was lying over there. Well~~ How unfortunate~~ Weve lost someone dear in our hearts.]

Serious-senpai : [Im not dead yet, okay!]

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