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Alice and I walked side by side along the road dyed by the redness of dusk.

The fifth day of the Six Kings Festival was really overwhelmingly interesting from start to finish.

[Well, that was really fun. We also unusually didn't face any trouble……]

[……It's normally stranger to encounter that much trouble though.]

[……I guess that's right.]

[Ahaha, well, if Kaito-san enjoyed his time, that would mean my effort was worth it.]

[But with all that fun and awesome stuff we tried, for most of them to not be commercialized…… is kind of a shame.]

According to Alice, most of the attractions and toys we saw today are difficult to commercialize. There are apparently magic tools that would have some functions similar to the attractions today that will be sold at Kuro's festival tomorrow but…… still, they're very small compared to the amount of things we've seen today.

[Well, some of them are difficult to mass-produce due to cost and technology but…… It's not like bringing convenience to everyone's daily life only brings great things.]

[……Is that how it is]

[That's right. For example, if there is a magic tool that can automatically create a dish that tastes even better than a chef's cooking, the chef will lose their job. That's also the same case for magic tools related to the production of items. That's why, we have to choose what to distribute while keeping an eye on the situation of the world.]

[……I see.]

[Of course, it is great if things were convenient. But if everything can be automated and anything can be easily obtained…… then what awaits the world is nothing but a gradual stagnation. In order for organisms to live like organisms, a certain amount of competition is necessary for everyone's life.]

The way she said it makes it seem like she had actually seen it. No, she probably did see it. I can only guess, but I think that the world Alice was in was a much more technologically advanced world than the one I was in.

The fact that she is able to create a variety of new technologies, even if they are still in an experimental state, is probably because she has the knowledge to use as a basis.

A world where everything is automated and there is no competition. Having seen the fate of such a world, I feel that Alice is deeply thinking about the state of this world.

In fact, all of the attractions I saw today were filled with amazing technologies…… but all of them were created for the sole purpose of having fun.

[……How should I say this…… I feel like I'm rethinking a lot of things regarding Alice today.]

[What's that It's fine, you know! Please give me lots of praises! I'm the type of person who grows from praises. Now, COME ON!!!]

[……If it weren't for this stupidity of yours, I honestly could have respected you.]

[You raised me up, only to fall down again!]

Though I say that, well, there is no doubt that I have a lot of respect for Alice. I think the reason why I enjoyed this day so much was that Alice was with me.

I don't know if it's because of the cheerful, easy-going relationship I had with her or not, but the atmosphere around me while I'm together with Alice…… is something I really like.

[……Speaking of which, why did Alice organize a festival like this It's not just about the money, right]

[……You're changing the subject huh. Well, fine…… Hope for the future is what gives us the energy to live each day. So, I thought of showing everyone a glimpse of the future. Of course, I made sure not to show just about everything.]

[You've thought about this a lot huh…… By the way, what's Kuro's festival tomorrow going to be like]

[It's basically just an orthodox festival. What's different is how there're some magic items being sold, then there are the big fairs and a fireworks display.]

[Heehhh…… That's a little surprising. I thought it was going to be another outrageous festival……]

Putting aside Alice, who used the word "fair" as if it's a matter of course, Kuro's festival apparently isn't as outrageous as I thought.

I was so sure that it would be something like a baby castella festival, a festival that was so far ahead of its time that no one was following it……

[Hmmm. Well, in the first place, the Six Kings Festival was being held because Kuro-san wanted to have a "festival date with Kaito-san", so I guess she was just sticking to her original intention.]

[……Wait right there, I kind of feel like I have found out an outrageous new information! Eh That's seriously the reason why the Six Kings Festival is being held!]

[Y- Yes……. Well, in the first place, Kuro-san was the originator of this festival, right It's not like it would have that great of a reason behind it.]

[……I- Indeed.]

Despite her position, Kuro is someone who hangs out most of the time with commoners, and she often comes up with outrageous things on a whim. In a sense, this time was another example of one of such whims.

M- Mhmm, I wonder what this ticklish feeling…… I'm feeling happy, but I'm also feeling astounded……

[……Incidentally, she'll be wearing a yukata.]

[Ehh W- Why]

[Well, after whispering some words to her ear——– Ouch!]

[……Speaking of which, you've been whispering stupid things to Kuro and Isis-san, haven't you I forgot about it until just now. I've been thinking about having some thorough discussion with you regarding this matter.]

[……A- Arehh Did I just dig my grave ……K- Kaito-san, you look scary, you know…… N- No way, I'm just being a little mischievous, don't you think It's just a prank from your cute, lovable girlfriend. Let's have a forgiving heart with a smile on——— Ah, wait! Could you please put those hands that looked like you're going to pinch my cheeks away! Stop focusing on my che———– Ginyaaaaahhh! M- My ears!]

Grabbing Alice, who was making as usual, by her ears, I forcibly brought her to a secluded place. Well, I've got a lot of things I'd like to say to her, so let's scold her. Yep, let's do that.

Dear Mom, Dad————- Not only towards Kuro, Alice had been particularly putting too many strange things into Isis-san's head. For the sake of the pure Isis-san who will believe just about everything you told her and act upon it, and also, for my sake————- Let's give her plenty of scolding.

Serious-senpai : [It's relieving to see Alice acting as usual, isn't it…… It's still making me lament about where the seriousness has gone but…… what do you think]

: [I think it's fine to make Alice-chan the main heroine!]

Serious-senpai : [We're not talking about something like that!]

The second character rough draft of Volume 3, showing Lillywood, is now available in the Activity Report.-

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