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The first-ever Rainbow Dragon Special Individual…… I didn't expect for such a thing to appear, and upon hearing Dr. Vier's words, all of us stiffened.

In the midst of all this, the Rainbow Dragon, after emerging from its egg, slowly approached Sieg-san.

Seeing its movement, Sieg-san gently reached out her hand, to which Rainbow Dragon began fawning over her, rubbing its face against Sieg-san's hand.

[……S- She's so cute……]

It seemed that the Rainbow Dragon's cuteness won out over Sieg-san's surprise from her existence, and she picked up the Rainbow Dragon, her lips slacked, forming a smile.

The Rainbow Dragon didn't put up any particular resistance, and just quietly nestled within Sieg-san's embrace.

[……She doesn't squeal at all huh.]

[Rainbow Dragons were originally very quiet dragons. They rarely squealed, and didn't cause any trouble unless they were harmed first. That's why the diamonds in their tails could be mined.]

As Dr. Vier gave an explanation in response to my mutters, Lilia-san and the others gradually began to recover from their astonishment.

[Sieg…… Isn't that child hungry]

[Ahh, you're right…… Errr, Dr. Vier, what do Rainbow Dragons eat]

[They are omnivores, so they eat basically everything.]

Hearing Lilia-san's words, Sieg-san consulted Dr. Vier, before taking out some food that she must have prepared beforehand.

She then brought it close to the Rainbow Dragon, which stretched out her neck and began to eat.

[……It's so cuuuuteee……]

It seemed like the Rainbow Dragon's appearance was to her liking. I'm glad to see that Sieg-san became happy.

[Ummm, everyone…… Wouldn't it be better if we left this place already]

At that moment, Neun-san spoke to us, sounding somewhat flustered. Hearing her words, all of us looked around…… And saw a ridiculous number of people glaringly looking at us.

The first-ever Rainbow Dragon Special Individual…… Anyone would think that its value was probably immeasurable. So, of course, there are lots of people who would try to negotiate with us to sell it to them……

It seems like the situation has become troublesome…… Can we even escape from here If the situation required it, we could use my Teleportation magic tool……

"Hoohhh…… I've never seen a Rainbow Dragon Special Individual before."

Thereupon, as if to crush that atmosphere, a heavy and majestic voice resounded. The owner of the voice was, of course, the King of Dragons…… Magnawell-san.

"Young girl who became the master of the Rainbow Dragon…… What is your name"

[Eh Ahh…… I- I'm Sieglinde!]

"Umu, I'll remember it. All dragons are my family…… I hope you raise her well."

[Y- Yes! I'll take good care of her!]

"Umu…… There are fools who target Rainbow Dragons because they are rare and those who ask for their jewels, I dare you to cause trouble and incur my wrath…… Though I'm sure there wouldn't be such fools here. You can raise them in peace."


I see, Magnawell-san called out to us to restrain the others…… The Rainbow Dragon Special Individual was extremely rare, so it wouldn't be a surprise if some people went after us.

They might try to buy the Rainbow Dragon for a pile of money, or even use their power to pressure Sieg-san to part with her because she was a commoner.

Of course, if that happened, I'd do everything in my power to protect Sieg-san…… but I don't think that will be necessary anymore.

After all, to summarize what Magnawell-san just said, "If they bother Sieg-san, the master of the Rainbow Dragon, or try to take the Rainbow Dragon, he wouldn't forgive them".

"If I'm not mistaken…… You are Miyama Kaito's lover, aren't you"

[Eh Ah, yes. That's right.]

"I see. Then, I, as well as the other members of the Six Kings, are on your side. If you have any problems, you can always come to us."

[Y- Yes! I- It's my honor.]

And then, he ended it by making sure that Sieg-san herself wouldn't be messed with…… As expected of the reliable king Magnawell-san.

As for my name being mentioned as if it's a matter of course…… Well, this would help protect Sieg-san, so I'll put up with the embarrassment.

Anyways, I was thinking that this would end everything…… After finishing her meal, the Rainbow Dragon moved her tail and touched Sieg-san's hand.

[Unnn What's the mat——– Eh]

As her tail circled around Sieg-san's palm, a black and incredibly beautiful jewel appeared on the tip of its tail. Even though it was black, the jewel was translucent, and rainbow-colored light could be seen glowing from within. It was like a rainbow in the night sky…… I'm not very knowledgeable about jewels, but even I could tell that it was a very expensive jewel.

[……Y- You're giving me this]


When Sieg-san asked, looking like she was at a loss, the Rainbow Dragon silently nodded.

[……I see, so this is how Rainbow Diamonds are made huh.]

[No, you're wrong, Rainbow Dragons…… It usually takes them a year to slowly build up the jewel in their tail…… They can't make a Rainbow Diamond like that in an instant. In addition, the rainbow colors of this jewel are much clearer than those of ordinary Rainbow Diamonds……]


[I knew that since she was a Special Individual, she would have abilities that were different from the normal ones in some way but…… perhaps, this child…… It might be possible for her to "create jewels as many as she wants"……]

[ [ [ [ [ Eeeehhhhh! ] ] ] ] ]

Hearing the words Dr. Vier muttered with a shuddering expression on her face, we screamed in surprise again.

Dear Mom, Dad————– Black Bears have the power to command all of their kind, while Bell has the power to manipulate black lightning…… Special Individuals have abilities that normal individuals do not have. And it seems like this was also the same case for Sieg-san's Rainbow Dragon—————– She had an astonishing ability.

Grandpa : [All dragons are my family……]

Wyvern-senpai : [Really!]

Grandpa : [However, wyverns…… All of you don't count.]

Wyvern-senpai : […………………]

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