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It's going to be a long story, so I'll split it into multiple parts.

Sanctuary, God Realm. There, the two people who could be described as the pinnacle of this world were currently exchanging words with serious expressions on their faces.


[……I want to help Kaito-san too.]


[Why not If I amplify Kaito-san's magic power to those "Peerage-holders", wouldn't that fix everything]

It all started yesterday, when Kaito tried to start training to increase his own magic power so that he could suppress Isis' magic power of death.

Kuromueina had placed a ward so that Shallow Vernal couldn't see them, but Shallow Vernal had somehow heard from somewhere about what they were doing. She offered to help, but Kuromueina had firmly refused.

[That would certainly lead to the same result. But it's not just about the result! The course of which Kaito-kun is working hard for Isis is also very important!]

[Mhmm, as long as the end result is the same, I don't see any problem……]

[Shiro would be happier to receive sweets made by Kaito-kun rather than sweets he bought from a store, right This is the same as that.]

[……I see, I finally understand now.]

[Unnn, in that case……]

[Well then, I will create a "magic tool that increases your magic power just by touching it"……]

[……No, that doesn't change anything……]

Shallow Vernal's motivation was a cute one: She wanted to do something to help Kaito. However, if she, who could be said to be almost omnipotent, lent her power without restraint, that would end everything in an instant without any effort on Kaito's part.

For Kuromueina, who valued the process, this was something that couldn't be overlooked, which was why she refused Shallow Vernal's help.

[……However, I would like to do something to help Kaito-san.]

[H- Hmmm…… Then, how about you create a magic tool for Kaito-kun's training Errr, how about———- or something like that. If you can create a magic tool like that, that would make Kaito-kun's training better……]

(T/N: The description of said magic tool really was cut off.)

[I understand…… It's done.]

[Unnn, thank you. Later then. I'm going to Kaito-kun's home now.]

After receiving the magic tool that Shallow Vernal had created, Kuromueina waved her hand and left. Left alone in the Sanctuary, Shallow Vernal was still somewhat dissatisfied.

Thinking for a moment, Shallow Vernal seemed to have suddenly thought of something, she drew a circle in the air with her finger.

Thereupon, the image of Kaito in her appeared, and Shallow Vernal lightly waved her finger at him.

[……Making it so that "it's easier for Kaito-san to grow" should be alright.]

With a faint smile appearing on her lips, she muttered those words that no one else could hear.

The day after I made up my mind to challenge Isis-san's magic power of death, I began regretting my decision a bit.

[Well then, let's start your training today.]

[U- Unnn. But before that, can I ask you something]


[W- Why did you bring that huge pile of "Fruits of the World Tree" with you]

Yes, there were hundreds of Fruits of the World Tree piled up behind Kuro, which was kind of making me feel uneasy.

When I asked her about it, with a smile…… a devilish smile on her lips, Kuro spoke.

[……This will be used to recover Kaito-kun's fatigue. For the time being, I'll have you use "about 500" of these "for today".]

[Those are just for today!]

I don't think something that would require me to eat 500 Fruits of the World Tree couldn't be called training. I heard about how some Demons are able to increase their magic power by eating foods that contain magic power. I mean, that was also the case for our Lynn…… However, I've heard that Humans can't increase their magic power through food.

In other words, her purpose of making me eat the Fruit of the World Tree wasn't to increase my magic power, but to heal all kinds of wounds and fatigue.

To sum it up, I'm about to go through "hellish training that can only be overcome by having me eat 500 Fruits of the World Tree"…… I feel like this will be tougher than I imagined.

[Let me first explain to you the basic method of increasing your magic power. The more magic power you use, the greater the increase in maximum magic power you can receive, especially if you recover from using up all of your magic power.]

[……Can I ask you a question]

[You can~~]

[Wouldn't using up all of my magic power make me faint]

[Unnn. Not only that, but if you consume magic power too quickly, you'll get headaches and feel dizzy, and most of all, you'll feel extremely languid. That's why we would usually increase it little by little over time…… but something like that wouldn't be enough for this matter! I'm going to have you use your magic power "until you faint over and over again", Kaito-kun!]

W- Well, I've resolved myself to do such a thing too…… Passing out a few times should be within my limits.

[If you faint, you won't wake up until you recover some of your magic power. However, you don't have to worry about that. If Kaito-kun faints, I'll replenish some of your magic power to help you wake up…… I'll use "Resuscitation Magic" to "forcibly wake you up".]

[U- Unnn]

[And then, when you wake up, I'll have you eat a Fruit of the World Tree. The Fruit of the World Tree also restores magic power…… so you can train again.]

[Ah, yes.]

I- In short, is it that She's making me go through a "torture that won't kill me"

[So, the essential part of your training is how to make you consume your magic power…… but with Shiro's help, we have a magic tool prepared for that.]

[…… A pocket watch]

What Kuro took out was a pocket watch that looked like it could be found anywhere. However, if Shiro-san was the one who created that, it must mean that it wasn't something superficial.

What kind of outrageous effect does it have……

[This watch is a special magic tool for Kaito-kun, and when he holds it in his hand, "it has the effect of consuming 10% of his magic power every 10 seconds". In other words, it will empty out your magic power in 100 seconds.]

[……What the heck is with that cursed equipment……]

[This way, even if the amount of magic power you have increases, you can consume it all in a short time…… For the time being, shall I have you "take it easy first" and have you faint 500 times]


I see…… So that's how it is…… This is something easy huh. I wonder what will happen to me tomorrow

Feeling a chill run down my spine, I received the pocket watch.

Holding it in hand, I waited for 10 seconds…… and felt slightly sluggish, as if I had jogged for a bit.


[It seems like some of your magic power had been consumed. It gets tougher in the latter half of that hundred seconds, so hang in there.]

[U- Unnn…… Guhh…… Uaahhh……]

Just as Kuro said, after about 50 seconds, a dull headache struck me. I wonder if this is what hangover feels like

And after another 10 seconds, I started to feel nauseous. I- I see, so this is what it feels like to lose magic power rapidly…… This is harder than I thought.

I felt headache and nausea, but I gritted my teeth and held on for 30 seconds…… I guess I finally ran out of magic power, as my vision was enveloped in darkness and lost consciousness……


[Here, now eat the Fruit of the World Tree~~]

……is what I thought, but I woke up in an instant. And then, I ate the Fruit of the World Tree that Kuro held out to me. Ueeehhhh, I feel like I'm going to throw up.

[……My head hurts…… The Fruit of the World Tree doesn't make my headache go away]

[It takes some time for the Fruit of the World Tree to heal your physical condition caused by the rapid consumption of magic power. What should we do Should we take a break until your headache subsides]

[……No, I'll continue. How much magic power did I gain from that]

[Hmmm. I guess your 0.001 rose to around 0.0015]

[……It seems like this will take quite a while.]

Should I think of this as an increase of a mere 0.0005, or a rapid growth that made my magic power increase by 1.5 times than it was just moments ago…… Either way, it seems like the realm of magic power 100,000 times greater than mine is still far away.

L- Let's do our best…… Gueehhh! I- Is this making my headache hurt even more! And I would have to repeat this 498 times more…… I see, this must be hell.


Special Ability: Sympathy Magic

Magic Power Growth Rate Increase

Magic Power Growth Limit Break

Experience Gain x2

Date Summon: God of Creation (Automatic Activation/Disappears after One Use)

Airhead God: [……Nice.]

Underworld King: [Hey, did you hear what I just said Also, why the heck did you just nonchalantly place that greedy curse at the end]

Airhead God: [……I've also prepared for a way for Kaito-san to thank me. I'd also like to have some flirting time with Kaito-san.]

Underworld King: [……Now you've done it…… This won't do. I have to do something about this God of Creation……]

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