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I was left alone in the bath after that ruckus with Dr. Vier and Neun-san, but I was worried about the two of them, so I decided to get out of the onsen soon after they left.

Hmmm, in the end, I wasn't able to take my time and rest…… I guess my bath time really is cursed huh

Anyway, I got out of the bath as soon as possible, thoroughly wiped my body and went out of the changing room.

However, I didn't see Dr. Vier and Neun-san when I got out. I guess Neun-san may have not woken up yet and so, they hadn't come out of their changing room yet huh.

Thinking about this, I took out a bottle of milk from the magic tool that resembles a refrigerator, which is set up in front of the bathroom.

It feels wonderful, having cold milk right after taking a bath. It certainly feels like a VIP treatment…… Incidentally, I'm in the Fruit Milk faction.

Following the etiquette of Japanese baths, I firmly placed one of my hands on my hip while the other brought the opened fruit milk into my mouth and I tried to drink it all in one gulp……



When I saw Dr. Vier come running out of the changing room, I spurted out all the milk in my mouth.

I'm very sorry for the mess I made on the floor, but I don't think I can do anything about it.

The reason for this is because Dr. Vier, who came out of the changing room, was wearing only a calming indigo-colored bra with hardly any unnecessary decorations, but with a sense of elegance in it, and panties of the same color…… In short, she rushed out "in just her underwear".

[Kerhek, keheok…… D- Dr. Vier! W- What the heck are you doing!]

[H- Help me, Miyama-kun!]

[Eh Help Ahh, wait, why are you going behind me!]

When I hurriedly asked her back, flustered by the erotic sight of Dr. Vier, just in her underwear, she didn't answer, but instead, walked around behind me and stuck close to my back, as if hiding behind me.

Eh What is this What's going on Ahh, I kind of felt something soft on my back…… Wait, stop thinking about them! What in the world is happening……



As I was feeling puzzled by Dr. Vier's actions, I heard an incredibly angry voice that seemed to be calling out from the pits of hell.

Thereupon, from the entrance of the women's changing room…… a knight from hell came out.

It was Neun-san, looking like a mad warrior, clad in full body armor of flaming crimzon, and carrying a great axe that could chop off the head of a dragon, let alone a human.

[I- I'm sorry, Hikari! I never expected that that would happen……]

[I won't forgive you…… How dare you…… How dare you do that in front of Kaito-san…… If you want to continue where we left off a thousand years ago, then it's fine by me! This time, I'll cut off your head!!!]

[Hyiiiiiiihhh, y- you're not a Hero anymore, you're just a berserker. I'm sorry already!]

[No! Today for sure, no matter how much you hide behind Kaito-san…… behind Kaito-san…… Kaito-san…… Eh]

Neun-san approached up while overflowing magic power was gushing out from her entire body, but when she arrived in front of me, she stopped for some reason.

Then, after a short silence, she slowly lowered the great axe that was on her shoulder.

[U- Ummm, Neun-san P- Please calm down.]

[……Ah, n-no, this is…… a misunderstanding. Errr…… I'm sorry, if you will excuse me.]


When I tried to calm Neun-san down, she replied in a very flustered voice before going back to the changing room.

A few minutes later, Neun-san returned…… dressed in a "beautiful kimono" for some reason……

And then, walking up towards me, she put three on the ground and deeply bowed. Unnn What's with this situation Why the heck is Neun-san kneeling in a dogeza


[……I- I'm aware that it was an accident.]


[H- However, n- now that you've seen my naked body…… I- I don't have any choice but to marry Kaito-san! P- Please, incompetent I may be…… Please take me as your wife.]


My mind went blank for a moment at her sudden declaration of marriage, but I immediately thought of the reason why.

Neun-san is a person who thinks in a very old-fashioned way…….She may be thinking that she should only show her naked body to the person who will be her husband.

And even though it may be an accident, I saw Neun-san's naked body…… Her naked body which isn't supposed to be shown to anyone but her husband-to-be…… In short, errr, that should mean that…… I should take responsibility for that

Listening to her words that held heavy meaning within them, I stayed silent for a while. After thinking about it for a while, I crouched down to make eye contact with Neun-san, and spoke.



[Errr, it's just a suggestion…… But why don't we just forget what happened tonight]

[Eh B- But……]

[I understand. I know that what happened was important for you, Neun-san…… However, I think marriage is a very important thing. That's why, marrying for this reason is…… something that I think Neun-san will regret.]

I was also responsible for this incident. But even if that's so, I felt that marrying Neun-san because of the mere reason of having to take responsibility was just a bit wrong.

[That's why, I think we should forget about what happened tonight. If you just can't forget about it, I can ask Shiro-san to do something about it.]


[And then, I'd like it if you get married not because I've seen you naked…… I'd like it if you get married because you have deepened your friendship and Neun-san came to the conclusion that you intend to spend your whole life together with the person you wanted to marry.]


[That's why, ummm…… It may be selfish of me, but can we just forget about what happened tonight]

After I had expressed my intentions, I quietly waited for Neun-san's words.Neun-san stared at me for a few moments…… and letting out a small sigh, she smiled.

[……I understand. Let's both forget what happened tonight.]


[……However, ummm……]


After telling me that she agrees to my suggestion, Neun-san shyly blushed and brought the tip of her index fingers together, she whispered.

[……I- I may never be able to completely forget about this. A- And so, if I can't forget about it, and if I didn't become anyone's wife…… Ummm, w- will you…… take responsibility for me]


[……Ahh…… Then…… I guess I won't…… be forgetting about this matter huh.]


[I- I didn't say anything! I- If that time comes, I will be in your care!!!]

Dear Mom, Dad————– Since Neun-san has an old-fashioned way of thinking, it was a very important matter for her to be seen naked by me, someone of the opposite gender. We came to the conclusion that we would forget about this matter for the time being…… but I wonder why————- I feel like I'm getting closer to Neun-san more than ever before.

Serious-senpai Act3 : [……I'm in the Coffee Milk faction……]-

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