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Suddenly, Neun-san, wearing an outfit different from usual, appeared in front of Dr. Vier and I. Dressed in heavy jet-black full-body armor, she looked as if she had undergone some kind of "dark evolution".

Who would have thought that Neun-san, who was once called the Hero and saved the world, would make her entrance as a black Iron Golem

If the believers of the First Hero saw her, they might tumble down and scamper away. That's how shocking her appearance was.

In any case, Neun-san who was originally about 160cm tall, has now grown to over 2m, so I'm sure that her armor is quite thick……

[……Dr. Vier, please say something.]

[Well, Hikari is such an idiot sometimes.]

Seeing Neun-san approaching the bathtub with her heavy footsteps echoing in the bathroom, Dr. Vier and I exchange words with each other, dumbfounded.

Neun-san didn't seem to mind our reactions though, and coming near the bath, she squats…… "She started washing herself…… her armor, before taking a bath".

……No…… That doesn't make any sense, you know! It's just your armor you're wearing!

[……Ummm, Neun-san I'm not asking you to get naked, but could you at least wear something lighter instead of such heavy equipment……]

Why the heck am I talking about making someone wear heavy equipment or light equipment in the bathroom I don't know if it's because there's too much power in my words or not, but even I got confused when I myself said it.

Once she heard my words, Neun-san stopped moving before she slowly shook her head.

[……I can't. I still haven't married yet, and I'm not going to expose my skin to the gentlemen unnecessarily.]

[……I- Is that so……]

S- She won't listen! She won't even listen even when she's told that she's being too extreme! I couldn't get my head around imagining the unrealistic situation of a giant armor soaking in a bathtub.

Thereupon, Neun-san seems to have finished washing her body…… her armor, I mean, and slowly began to soak in the onsen.

I don't think I would have to explain what would happen if Neun-san, who is so heavily equipped that she's described as an Iron Golem, got into the onsen…… The water was pushed out at once, turning to a small wave, hitting my body.

[……Neun-san, can you feel the hot water in your armor]

[Please don't worry. It's "completely waterproof"!!!]

[Doesn't that make it that bathing here has no sense at all!]

Seriously, what the heck is she even here for I know that I've already said this but…… If you're so embarrassed about having a mixed bath with me, you could just not come in here……

As I was dumbfoundedly thinking about this, Dr. Vier, who hadn't spoken a word for a while now, spoke.

[Hey, Hikari That armor was something you made from your magic power, right]

[Yes, what of it]




At the moment Dr. Vier muttered that word, something that sounded like breaking glass resounded…… The full body armor that Neun-san was wearing "disappeared"……

[Soaking in the waters with armor on is just plain bad manners. That's why, I'll forcibly cancel that out……]

Let's try to sort out the information I had here. Neun-san was dressed in a rather thick full-body armor and was soaking in the waters in that state. And this armor is apparently completely waterproof, impervious to even a drop of water.

In that case, this armor that kept the onsen water away from Neun-san's body…… what would happen when this armor suddenly disappears In other words, Neun-san's body, which had been hidden by the armor until then, even though it might be a short time, it would be completely exposed.

And this is the most important part. Because the impact of her armor was just so great…… "My body is currently facing Neun-san"……

And with the disappearance of her armor, the scene was definitely burned into my eyes. Her porcelain white skin exposed, her black hair tied up in a bun…… those bulges that indicate that Neun-san is a woman, and the protrusions sticking out on their tip.

I have seen all of them.

[ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ! ! ! ]

In front of me, who completely stiffened after what I've seen, Neun-san's face flushed as if she was about to explode, and she let out an inarticulate scream.

Then, after her mouth opened and closed, with her face bright red, as if she ran out of oxygen…… Neun-san "sank into the onsen".

[N- Neun-san!]

[Hikari! A- Are you alright T- This is…… Hmmm.]

[Dr. Vier How's Neun-san]

[Ahh. She's completely knocked out.]

Dr. Vier, who had hurriedly rescued the sinking Neun-san, shook her head with a sigh after checking her condition.

Apparently, she was so embarrassed that she had fainted. I think I had seen another person in that state a while ago.

[……Dr. Vier, no matter how I look at it, suddenly casting magic like that on her is……]

[I- I'm sorry. I didn't expect that she would overreact this much…… I didn't it's better if we let her sleep outside for the moment. Miyama-kun, I'll take Hikari out, so I'll be going first, okay]

[Ah, yes.]

Dr. Vier, who was the cause of the problem, didn't expect that Neun-san would overreact this much…… Too much that she would end up fainting. With an awkward expression on her face, Dr. Vier said that she would go up first and take care of Neun-san.

[I'm really sorry that it had become quite boisterous. After you get out of the bath, let's talk again. All three of us.]

[I understand. I also have to apologize to Neun-san later.]

Even though what happened earlier was out of my control, I saw Neun-san naked. Neun-san is a woman with a very old-fashioned way of thinking, so seeing her naked body is probably a more serious event than I would have thought.

Anyway, I'll sincerely apologize when she wakes up.

Dear Mom, Dad————- Although Neun-san appeared with equipment that could even be said as completely impenetrable, the fact that her full body armor was made out of magic power turned out to be a disaster, and she ended up exposing her naked body because of Dr. Vier's dispelling magic. I'm really sorry for Neun-san, but after I've inevitably seen her naked body————— It's something that I couldn't just easily forget.

Serious-senpai Act3: [A strange flow of events started…… Could this be the pattern where he would end up accepting responsibility or something like that It wouldn't turn to that, right It definitely wouldn't turn to that, right There's no way that would be the case, right!]

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