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Taking a dip in the large bathtub, I washed away the fatigue of the day.

Many things have happened today. There were times when I felt confused and depressed, but even greater than that, I was reminded that I have some really great lovers.

Thinking about them now, I think today was a rather good day.

With this in mind, I took a bottle of beer out of my magic box, poured it into a glass and drank it.

Drinking cold beer in a warm bath…… Hmmm, this is bliss.

Kuro and the others have set a rule: the person who would go around with me the next day would be the one taking a bath with me. Following that rule, tomorrow…… will be the festival planned by Magnawell-san, and there is no one to whom I planned to go around with.

That means I can take a bath alone tonight.

Taking a bath together with Kuro and the others is fun, but sometimes, it's nice to drink alone like this……

[We'll be intruuuudiiiing~~! Miyama-kun, we've come~~]


With the sound of the door opening, I heard a familiar voice…… of someone who wasn't supposed to be here.

Perhaps, because I was taken by surprise, I reflexively turned around and saw Dr. Vier with a large bath towel wrapped around her body.

[D- Dr. Vier! W- What are you doing here!]

[Ehehe, I came here to see you, Miyama-kun.]

With her beautiful skin that was normally hidden in her nun habit exposed, combined with her dark gray hair bundled up to a bun, the bashfully smiling Dr. Vier looked different from usual.

[N- No, even if you say that you came to see me……]

[Unnn Ah, my work is alright. I've entrusted my patients to my fellow doctors, and closed my clinic for today and tomorrow!]

[N- No, I guess that's great if that were the case but…… I'm not talking about that. Why are you here in the bath while I'm here]

[Well~~ I talked to Kuromu-sama about going around the festival with Miyama-kun…… Then, I heard that Miyama-kun might be free on the fourth day, tomorrow. That's why I've directly come to talk to you about going around together. Thereupon, I heard about this wonderful rule that the girl who was going around with Miyama-kun the next day could take a bath with Miyama-kun, so I rushed over!]


I- I wonder where I should tsukkomi I mean, this is the first time I've heard of that rule even applying to those who want to jump in…… No, rather than questioning that, errr, does this mean Dr. Vier wanted to go around with me tomorrow

There's nothing wrong about that per se. In fact, Dr. Vier is actually counted as "my companion".

I was told that Dr. Vier had received an invitation as well, but she wanted to join me as my companion. I originally visited Dr. Vier with the intention of inviting her, so I just agreed.

However, Dr. Vier is a doctor and she has a job she needs to do at the clinic. That's why it was difficult for her to participate in the entire Six Kings Festival and she didn't come here with us.

Well, that's why Dr. Vier is nominally my companion, and there's no problem with us going around together……

[E- Errr, I certainly hadn't decided on going around with anyone in particular tomorrow, so I don't have any problem with that…… Are you fine with that, Dr. Vier Isn't it better if you go around with Kuro and her family……]

[Of course, I'm going to greet everyone in Kuromu-sama's family and go around with them on the sixth day.]

[Ahh, you also have other free days huh. I'm relieved then.]

[Fufufu, thank you for worrying about me. It makes me happy.]

[Ah, no……]

Dr. Vier has started to smile more brightly than before…… I guess it's really because she's connected again with her family huh I even feel like she resembles Kuro in some ways.

Adding her klutziness to that makes her seem like a lovely woman.

As I was thinking about this, Dr. Vier spontaneously moved near the onsen and I turned my head away.

Thereupon, with the sound of her body being washed down, Dr. Vier came into the onsen.

[Fuuu~~ That feels good~~]

[I- It certainly does.]

I know it's a little late to say this, but Dr. Vier is an incredibly beautiful woman. She also seems to be the type whose figure is hidden in her clothes, as her breasts are quite large from what I saw earlier.

She has the body of a mature lady, and just the thought of taking a bath with her makes me nervous……

[Arehh Hikari is quite late, isn't she]

[Eh Neun-san Is Neun-san coming too]

[Unnn. I thought it would be nice if Miyama-kun, me and Hikari could go around together, so I asked her to come. Hikari agreed, and so, we came to the changing room together…..]

I don't have any objection to having the three of us go around the festival with Neun-san. However, the big problem is that special rule about having a mixed bath with me.

No, in the first place, I don't think that the shy Neun-san would have a mixed bath with me.

Just as I was thinking that, I heard the door open again. No way, she's really going here!

[Ahh, you finally showed up, Hika…… Eh]

[Dr. Vier What's the matt…… Huh]

For some reason, Dr. Vier sounded confused, stopping in the middle of her sentence, so I followed her gaze and looked in the door's direction…… There stands Neun-san, with a ridiculous get-up. Eh I mean, is that really Neun-san

[……T- Thank you for waiting.]

[N- No, that's fine and well but……]

[N- Neun-san T- That get-up is……]

The sound of armor clanking and heavy footsteps thudding…… Yes, Neun-san had appeared in full body armor that was more than two sizes larger than usual.

Isn't that too bulky! It looks like she's riding some kind of robot now, you know! I mean, how the heck can she walk with such heavy-looking equipment!

[This is, you know, my "bathing suit"!]

[No, no, how the heck are you taking such an "iron golem"-like outfit in the bath! I mean, does that armor have any gaps for water to wash your body]

[It's alright. Vier…… I made this so that "not even a drop of water could pass through"! It's made of magic, so the joints are working fine!]

[That's no good then! What do you think we're going to do in this place, for you to come in that get-up!]

I totally agree with Dr. Vier's cry. I mean, that doesn't look like you're about to take a bath, she's so heavily equipped as if she was about to go diving into the deep sea.

No, I mean…… If you're so embarrassed about having a mixed bath with me, you could just not come in here……

Dear Mom, Dad————— Dr. Vier and Neun-san broke into my bath. W- Well, putting aside Dr. Vier, Neun-san…… As expected————- Don't you think you're too heavily equipped

・ Approximate Overall Height: 200cm

・ Approximate Weight: 360kg


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