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It was the morning of the second day of the Six Kings Festival. I thought that I would sleep with the trio of Kuro, Isis-san and Alice again, but it seems like they noticed that I hadn't slept at all last night, and Kuro suggested that we sleep together every other day instead. I guess we can't just not sleep together huh……

Anyway, thanks to her suggestion, I was able to get a good night's sleep. I think I'll be able to do my best on the second day now.

(T/N: Author wrote Sacred Tree Festival here instead of the Six Kings Festival lol)

Speaking of which, I wonder where Kuro and the others are Are they preparing breakfast

As I walked down the huge corridor to the cafeteria, I heard familiar voices coming from behind the other side of the door.

[K- Kuro-san, I really think you should stop already…… That isn't a baby castella anymore, that's just "dark matter in the form of a baby castella"!!!]

[You see…… I'm always seeking new flavors. I want to be adventurous.]

[What's with that look of enlightenment on your face! If Kaito-san eats that, rather than you being adventurous, Kaito-san will just end up going on an adventure to another world, you know!]

……That's quite the frightening conversation you're having there, oi! Is it a new creation Did Kuro make another new creation

This is bad, my sixth sense is letting out quite a terrifying alarm. Let's just quietly leave this place before they notice……

[……Kaito…… Good morning.]

[……G- Good…… morning.]

However, reality is a cruel mistress. Just as I was about to run away, the door in front of me opened, revealing the lovely Isis-san wearing an apron.

And then, the two people inside the room would obviously notice me……

[Ahh, Kaito-kun! Lookie, lookie, I made a new baby castella!]

[Kaito-san! Run! You'll get killed!]

In front of Kuro, who had a big smile on her face when she found me…… was an "unknown red-spotted something that glowed golden"……

This won't do, its color clearly screamed that it wasn't something a human should bring into their mouth. Even Alice is desperately telling me to escape……

[……K- Kuro. Their colors look dangerous, don't they……]

[T- That's not the case! This is delicious…… I think. "I haven't tasted it myself", but I think it'll be delicious.]

Those few final words clearly sound ominous, you know! That's definitely no good. With the words she said, that definitely doesn't taste good at all!

[N- No, in the first place, why didn't you taste it when you're cooking it first……]

[Ehh, but I want Kaito-kun to be the one to taste it first……]

The apron-clad Kuro, whose cheeks were slightly blushing red, looked really cute.

N- No, but still…… They probably used the right ingredients to make it, so at worst, it'll just taste bad, right A- After all, Kuro made it for me……

[……If it's just o- one bite……]


[Kaito-san, don't you think you're spoiling Kuro-san too much!]

I knew what Alice was trying to say, and I was well aware of it. But if I refused to eat it, Kuro would be sad. And that's something I don't want to happen.

If it's to protect Kuro's smile, I'll take on any challenge, even if it means "dying"!

[No, you don't have to eat a mouthful, okay! Don't speak about dying, okay!]

[Now, now, enjoy it while it's fresh out of the oven~~]

[You just ignored what I was saying!]

With Alice's tsukkomis in full swing, I pick up one of these frighteningly-colored baby castellas. Uwaahh, even though it has such a color, it's this soft……

F- Fufufu, the path to challenging the future sure makes my heart race…… the trembling of my body must have been shivers of excitement. Even the sweat running down my back, it's probably just my increasing fighting spirit.

[T- Thank you for the food…… Ugghhh! Agghhhh……]

In front of the smiling Kuro, I moved my trembling hands and threw the baby castella into my mouth.

Along with its soft and squishy texture, an inexpressibly bad taste spread in my mouth.

Ah, but this might be surprisingly good…… my tongue became numb and eating it was quite the hair-raising experience, but I guess you could call it some sort of delicacy.

[……Ahh, if isn't Mom and Dad…… What are you waving at me for Hahaha, I can't hear what you're saying, you know…… wait a moment, I'll be going over there……]

[Kaito-san! Get a hold of yourself! Wherever they are, please don't follow them!!!]

Hearing Alice's voice within my foggy thoughts, my consciousness slowly disappeared.

Dear Mom, Dad———– The human body is quite strange, and sometimes our defense instincts kick in without our will. What happened today was just like that…… in response to dark matter (baby castella) that Kuro made————- It tasted so bad that I lost consciousness.

When Kaito fainted after eating a baby castella, an awkward look appeared on Kuromueina's face. The nearby Alice fiercely flared up at her.

[Hey, Kuro-san! Kaito-san started hallucinating, you know! What did you put in there!!!]

[E- Errr…… First is "Golden Frog meat"……]

[What were you thinking when you put frog meat into a baby castella! Are you the Devil!!!]

For once, Alice's words were completely correct, and Kuromueina sat in a seiza, curling her body smaller and smaller as she received Alice's scolding.

Looking at Kuromueina, Alice let out a big sigh before carrying Kaito to the sofa.

In the midst of such turmoil, only one person…… Isis was the only one who acts as if it had nothing to do with her, as she went to the kitchen to make a lovely bento.

Arranging colorful and tasty dishes in a round-shaped container, she then finished it with a cute heart symbol in the center.

[……I hope…… Kaito will be pleased.]

The morning commotion caused by Kuromueina coming up with a new baby castella. Kuromueina, who was making a bizarre baby castella, and Alice, who struggled to stop her.

The result was…… Isis, who had made lunch without caring about what these two were doing, she was the sole winner.

Morning Cooking Showdown

Kuro…… "The Devil" of the Baby Castellas

Alice…… The one with common sense when it comes to cooking

Isis…… Archangel

This time is Kaito-kun!

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