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Moving away from Kuro and arriving at the goal where Megiddo-san was waiting for me, I was greeted with loud cheers.

A storm of voices shook the air, many of them in praise of me. It feels kind of strange, itchy, and yet, heartwarming.

[……Its my loss, Kaito. It was a good fight. I give you my thanks.]

[No, its me who should be thanking you instead. Thank you.]

Shaking hands with Megiddo-san, who is in his humanoid form, we praised each other for the good fight. Somehow, I kinda like this kind of thing…… After giving it your all, shaking hands with the person you fought against.

I didnt belong to an athletic club in junior high and high school, so this was just my imagination, but maybe this is what they call youth…… Im already 21 though……

[Speaking of which, Megiddo-san. I heard from Bacchus-san, but “what is it that you want to teach me”]

[Ah~~ thats right. Ill tell you all about it…… a little later at the party.The party starts at 8 p.m. ……Until then, enjoy the festival again.]

[H- Huhh…… I understand.]

In the end, it seems that I will know Megiddo-sans intentions at the evening party…… I mean, that party, is it already decided that I will be attending I guess its already decided huh. Yes, yes, I know already.

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Well, I was first in line thanks to the perks of being a Black-rank, but there might be others that will challenge Megiddo-san, so I guess its sort of reasonable that he would say it later.

As I was thinking about this, the race course that had been prepared for the arena disappeared and the arena returned back to normal.

……Fate-san, you just dont change at all. Even so, could you stop saying that line with Loudspeaker Magic! Its super embarrassing!

……Unnn Arehh Whats with this tense atmosphere

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With the sound of rumbling earth, explosive magic power blasted out from everywhere, shaking the arena. As if an earthquake was happening, cracks began to appear all over the arena.

Eh Wait a moment The heck is this…… What the heck is about to happen!

At that moment, a number of shadows flew out into the arena.

Kuro, with black smoke-like magic power leaking out of her body, Isis-san, with her bluish-white magic power of death spreading around, and Lillywood-san with a tired expression on her face.

Theres also Shiro-san, quietly making her entrance, but her body was clad in her shimmering magic power, Chronois-san, who had the same expression as Lillywood-san, and Life-san, who has a serious expression on her face.

In the midst of this arena, looking like a cage filled with fierce beasts, Chris-san and Laguna-san fearlessly entered too. Eden-san also descended from out of nowhere.

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……No, wait a moment there! Isnt everyone being too serious! Oh no, this is really going to destroy the world……

No, no, seriously, wait a moment there! Everyones so motivated…… The prize is just that “sad creature”, you know!

Or rather, please give me a break…… Why the heck are all of you fighting for my black history Wouldnt it end up being hellish for me no matter who won……

[…..Im participating.]

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In this case, I dont have any choice but to win at all costs and recover my black history myself……

[……The heck is that, thats scary.]

Was rock-paper-scissors really such a monster competition Or perhaps, its just that the participants are abnormal

As I was stunned by Alices words, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kuro and Isis playing rock-paper-scissors, as if they were practicing.

……It feels kinda strange though Why does “the tip of their elbow disappear” when theyre about to swing their hands down Why the heck does playing rock-paper-scissors “make a crater in the ground”

[Ohh…… That sounds like a great game! Alright, I will also jo……]


[……Ah, no. On second thought, Im actually not going to join.]

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Megiddo-san, who was a battle fanatic, tried to join in the match but…… after Kuro glared at him, he immediately sat up in a seiza.

It seems like Megiddo-san is very obedient only to Kuro.

No, putting him aside……

Ive never heard anyone making such a warning in rock-paper-scissors before though! No, I guess whats abnormal is that there are so many people here who can do exactly that!

And thus, the battle with Megiddo-san ended…… and the rock-paper-scissors tournament of monsters began.

Dear Mom, Dad————- A problem came right after one ended…… It may not exactly be fitting, but I didnt expect that an outrageous situation like this would happen. Moreover, the thing theyre fighting over ————- Thats my black history, you know!

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