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In one of the Teleportation Magic Circles set up in the Central Tower…… There was a magic circle that could only be used by those who had collected five oversized stamps.

Watching Lilia-san and the others make their way to the auditorium adjacent to magic circle, I nervously stepped on top of the magic circle.

Closing my eyes from the sudden burst of dazzling light, when I opened my eyes…… I was met with a tremendous sight,

It was a huge arena, just like a dome stadium. There were many people in the audience seats and the air even seemed to tremble from their enthusiasm.

And in the middle of the arena, Megiddo-san, with his overwhelming presence, was waiting for me.

……Now, wait a moment there, why the heck are there so many spectators here! Isnt that strange I mean, Ive only finished collecting the oversized stamps about 30 minutes ago, and it was obviously unnatural for so many people to be here.

No, in the first place, where the heck did these people get their information…… wait, I guess I didnt have to think about it too much…… There is only one person who could communicate information to so many people in such a short amount of time.

That f*cking idiot…… What the heck is she doing!

Seeing the me who was stunned by the sheer number of spectators, Megiddo-san happily smiled.

[Youre here! Kaito! Ive been waiting for you! I knew that you would definitely come!!!]

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[T- Thanks……]

Even if Megiddo-san wasnt as big as a building, hes still as big as a two-story house, and facing him like this, I realized once again how intimidating he was.

[Hahaha, Im looking forward to our match! Alright, lets get things started!!!]

[……Y- Yes.]

As if in response to Megiddo-sans fighting spirit, the blazing red flames all over his body rose and the magic power released from his body shook the air.

H- Hey, you are going to make it so that I can win this battle, right Youre making it sound like were having a serious battle, but were not really going to hit each other, right

[Its a “three-game” match! Whoever gets two of them wins…… Simple, right]

[Y- Yes, it is.]

[Alright! Then, the first match will be…… an “Art Competition”!]

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Art, he said…… You mean drawing, painting, or something like that No, no, wait a moment…… I was just a “2” in art back in high school…… It doesnt look like I can win in this battle at all, you know!

(T/N: In Japanese high schools, they use numbers 5 to 1 as a grading system, with an excellent 5 as the highest and a failing 1 as the lowest.)

[Well then, here are the rules! Both of us have one hour to make a “clay sculpture”, and the theme will be “living creatures”…… The judges will be my subordinates. You dont have to worry, for they will be judging fairly. Rather, if they dare show favorability in their grading, “Ill be killing them”.]


Unnn, no, well, I dont think Megiddo-san would ever cheat in matches…… but thats not the point, you know! Clay sculpture W- Well~~ This is impossible, dont you think I cant do anything three-dimensional. Making a three-dimensional sculpture here…… the only result I could see was me having to face my greatest embarrassment in front of everyone here, you know!

I mean, isnt Megiddo-san good at art too! I saw him make that amazing sculpture before…… Seriously, do I really stand a chance in this match Hey, do you really think so

In front of the dumbfounded me, Megiddo-san transformed into a human form, probably so that he could work on the small details of his sculpture.

As the clay and tools were brought in front of us, I heard a voice resounding from what seemed to be Loudspeaker Magic.

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What the heck is that idiot doing now! Why are you just nonchalantly doing live commentary Are you an idiot ……I guess she was unquestionably an idiot huh.

Thats a complete mistake of personnel youve chosen there, dont you think! Why, of all people, did you choose Fate-san to do something! That person would definitely not give any commentary!!!

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Oi, wait a moment there…… Why do I feel like I heard an item that I cant ignore After this battle, I guess I will need to have some long talk with Alice.

Hey, can someone please stop those two Fate-san too, this is not the time for you to be waving at me with a smile, you know!

Even though this is a match in which the odds were stacked against me…… Before the match even began, I was already receiving quite the mental damage here! Seriously…… Can anyone please help me……

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Kuro, thanks. For taking out the most troublesome of them all…… I dont know if its because she was afraid of Kuro or not, but Fate-san also began to seriously explain, which made me feel relaxed for a bit.

[Alright then, Kaito! Lets get started!!!]

[Y- Yes…… Ill be in your care.]

[In that case, let the games begin!!!]

And so, the three-game match between Megiddo-san and I began.

Dear Mom, Dad———— The match with Megiddo-san has finally arrived. The first match would be clay sculpting…… At this point, I already felt like I was going to lose, but Im just going to try to do my best. Well, putting that aside————– Id like to request a change in the Live Commentator and Analyst.

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Serious-senpai: [Like I said, why the heck am I not appearing when serious moments arrive! Even though Im number 1! Im number 1, you know! Even though I won first from the almost 2000 votes!!!]-

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