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Iris-san defeated Agni-san, and I got my fifth oversized stamp on my stamp card. This means that I have won the right to challenge Megiddo-san……

[Congratulations, Miyama-sama. You now have the right to fight Megiddo-sama, whos waiting in the Central Tower. Now, I have things I need to let you know before challenging Megiddo-sama.]

[Things I need to know]

After stamping my stamp card, Agni-san told me that there were some things I needed to take note of.

[Yes. In challenging Megiddo-sama…… “You wont be able to send a proxy”. This will be a one-on-one match between the one possessing the stamp card and Megiddo-sama.]

[……E- Errr……]

[But you dont have to worry……. Im sure Miyama-sama is well-aware of Megiddo-samas principles, but Megiddo-sama will not play a game that his opponent has no chance of winning. Im sure that Miyama-sama will be presented with a method of victory that even Miyama-sama has a chance of winning.]

Speaking of which, that would certainly be the case. Whenever Megiddo-san engages in a match, he always fights in a way that his opponent has a chance to win. Thats also why I was able to win our previous match…… the drinking contest.

In that case, I guess I can be relieved that we wont be having a fistfight…… Unnn, seriously, Im relieved that wasnt the case.

[Now then, if you will excuse me, I will accept the challenge of another challenger. Miyama-sama, I wish you good luck.]

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[Ah, yes. Thank you very much.]

Bowing to me once, Agni-san moved on to take on the next challenger. After confirming this, I moved to where Lilia-san and the others were.

[With this, Kaito-san can now challenge War King-sama, right]

[According to Phantasmal King-samas guidebook, we can watch the battle against the War King-sama. What do you think How about we all watch Miyama-samas gallant figure……]

[Lunamaria-san, it seems like youre really having fun huh……]

I feel like Lunamaria-san is very lively after all the things happening. Does she really want to see me suffer No, well, its certainly…… just like Lunamaria-san huh.

[Lu-chan “loves” Miyama-san after all, so she wants to be close by to cheer you on~]

[Mom! What the heck are you talking about!]

[Eh Am I wrong]

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[I- Isnt that obvious! W- Why should I be cheering for Miyama-sama……]

[But Lu-chan always actively teases “the one you lov”——– Mghuuu!]

[Wha! Could you just shut up for a moment!!!]

Noir-san started to leisurely say something, but Lunamaria-san flusteredly covered her mouth with her hand and I couldnt catch the latter half of what she said.

However, unnnn. Lets not tell anyone that I was a little embarrassed by the contents of the things I heard.

As I was watching their exchange, Iris, who was talking with Alice at a little distance, approached me.

[Ahh, Iris-san. Thank you very much!]

[Your thanks is unneces——- No, I guess its polite to accept it huh…… Anyway, Kaito. Can I talk to you for a moment]

[Eh Ah, yes. Im fine with it.]

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[Its not something I really want others to hear about, so come with me……]

After saying that, Iris-san began to move away, and I followed her after notifying Lilia-san and the others.

Walking a few distance towards the back of the arena, when we reached an unpopulated area, Iris turned to me and spoke.

[Id like to introduce myself again. Im Iris Illuminus.]

[Yes, errr, Im Miyama Kaito.]

[Umu…… Well, in that telepathic conversation, I was the only one speaking so…… I guess there are things youre wondering about]

Apparently, Iris-san had moved to a place like this where there were no other people to answer my questions.

She certainly was rushing about explaining things at that time, and there were also things that she couldnt say because Lilia-san and the others were nearby.

[……Errr, youre Alices best friend…… right]

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[Ahh, well, yes…… Being her best friend certainly brings me some headache, but youre not wrong.]

Iris-sans voice sounded gentle as she affirmed my words with a somewhat dumbfounded chuckle, and I could tell that she cared about Alice.

[Iris-san…… Errr, did you come back to life]

[No, I wouldnt describe it as coming back to life…… You could say that Im a being of magic power residing in a heart tool. Lets see, if I were to define myself based on your world, I guess you could say that Im a tsukumogami. My body would still be…… the Heart Tool ἀποκάλυψις.]

(T/N: Tsukumogami are tools that have acquired a kami or spirit. So, just like Yotsugi Ononoki. Yay~~ Peace peace~~)

[I- I see…… But you should be able to act like a normal human like this……]

[Actually, theres still a problem regarding that~~]


As Iris-san gave me a brief explanation, Alice appeared and shook her head with a sigh.

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[……A problem]

[Hmmm. Well, I still have some assignments to research…… Iris, I guess its still no good huh]

[Yeah, its no good. “I really wont be able to recover my magic power”…… I can certainly treat the magic power used to prepare this vessel as my own, but I cant seem to generate new magic power.]

[Ahh~~ I knew it huh. Even if youre using that clone as your vessel now, that body is still considered as mine huh…… I guess thats my assignment from now on.]

Apparently, Iris-san hasnt completely resurrected yet. From what I heard from the two of them, Iris-san is unable to generate her own magic power. As she consumes magic power, the lesser the magic power in her body is, and when her magic power runs out, she will not be able to maintain her body.

In other words, theyre looking for a way to charge her body.

[Yeah, Im fine with just swapping out bodies though……]

[But in that case, it was just being patient with something of a lesser quality…… Its not very efficient in terms of magic power conservation, and if were going with that method, I think it would be better if we just pseudo-convert the magic particles in the air……]

[But then, along with the consumption needed to convert magic power, the amount that can be recovered is actually very small, isnt it What about absorbing it instead However, would that be too much for the vessel……]

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[Well, particle substitution…… No, super generation is……]


I dont have any idea what the heck theyre talking about. At any rate, I kind of understand that it will take some time for Iris-san to be completely resurrected.

[I mean, I know that youre actually smart……. but hearing Alice talking like a smart person feels kind of weird.]

[Wait, Kaito-san! Youre speaking out your thoughts, you know!]

It seems like I had unintentionally said what I was thinking, and Alice reacted very quickly.

[Ill be saying this for your information, but Alice-chan is super smart and is totally an intellectual! When I wear my glasses, it would be quite a disaster, you know I wont be able to stop my intelligence from overflowing!]

[……Youre acting like an idiot now.]

[Like an idiot!]

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[Thats because she is an idiot.]

[Shut it there, flattie.]

[Do you seriously think youre one to talk about that!]

Shes acting like the usual Alice…… Maybe its because Iris was here, but she somehow seems to be enjoying herself more than usual. I guess thats really because theyve been best friends for so long after all.

[……By the way, Alice. Theres something I need to ask you.]

[Unnn What is it]

[……Why did you hide about me from Kaito]

[Ahh, Im wondering about that too.]

Alice had mentioned the word “experiment” at the opening ceremony, so I guess she has already decided to give Iris-san a physical body by that point.

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If that was the case, she should have told me beforehand so I wouldnt have been so surprised.

[After all…… This way is far more interesting! Also, to be honest, “Im the one who instigated Pandora” !]



[Well~~ Kaito-sans surprised face really is the best———- Fugyaaahhh!]

I see, unnn. Alice really is the same as always…… In that case, a scolding it is.

[K- Kaito-san. Y- Your eyes look scary, you know L- Look~~ Its your cute lover~~]

[So youre the reason why Pandora-san is like that huh……]

[Kaito, let me help you with that…… This idiots character needs a good beating.]

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[Thank you, Iris-san.]

[Eh What is that sense of solidarity…… N- No way~~ Its just a bit of mischievousness——- Migyaaahhh!]

As Iris-san joined in on scolding her, Alice clearly began to break out in cold sweat.

Thus, having gained the common goal of scolding Alice, I felt an inexplicable sense of friendship between us as Iris-san and I began to lecture the idiot.

Dear Mom, Dad———— Lots of things have happened, but Ive successfully won the right to challenge Megiddo-san. I still dont know what Megiddo-sans goal is, but since Ive finally come this far———— Im just going to do my best.

: [Now then, its time to announce the correct answer. Theres actually someone who got the correct answer! Alice-chans official height in the light novel is “139cm”! Incidentally, even though I said that Alice-chan is a little bit taller than Kuro-san, the author made it that they were almost the same height. Well, those numbers can be changed if they want to. Incidentally, it seems that the height of Alice-chans family in her original world was “176cm” for her father, “165cm” for her mother, and “162cm” for her sister…… Oi, genetics. Do your work.]-

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