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After seeing off Kuro and the others as they got ready for the opening ceremony of the festival and killing some of my time, I decided to head out as well.

The ceremony itself would be held in the plaza where the central tower was located. I could easily attend the ceremony by just going outside.

I was actually planning to meet up with Lilia-san and the others, but even though you could only attend this festival if you had an invitation, I heard that quite a few people had gathered. So, Lilia-san sent me a hummingbird saying that it would be difficult for me to meet up with them before the ceremony and that we should decide on a place we could meet up afterwards. So, I decided to watch the opening ceremony alone.

After teleporting through a magic circle, I found myself outside the Central Tower…… standing before an amazing sight.

On the plaza stood a huge number of participants…… Some of them were several meters tall, while others were as small as fairies. The crowd before my eyes was comprised of far more people than in that temple we had visited to receive our blessings.

But when I thought about it, this festival was being held in this entire city, so it would make sense that it would look like this when all the participants were gathered in one place.

However, when I looked closely, there were not many people near the central tower. I mean, could it be that this place I was in is off-limits for them

……Lets quickly move away from here.

Realizing that I was standing in a place where people were clearly avoiding, I tried to head for the crowd a few distance away, but at that moment, I heard a familiar voice.


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[Eh Lilia-san]

When I turned around, I saw Lilia-san approaching me while waving her hand.

[Arehh I thought it was gonna be hard for us to meet up……]

[No, thats the thing. Apparently, the rank of the invitation determines where you can attend the opening ceremony.]

[Is that so]

[Yes. It seems that the area around this Central Tower is only for those with Gold-rank or higher invitations, while their companions and those with lesser invitations arent allowed to enter before that flag is raised.]

From what Lilia-san told me, this huge plaza was acting as a ward itself, and that the invitations restricted where we could enter.

I see, thats why there were so few people near the Central Tower……

[So, Ive left Luna and Sieg in charge over there, and Ive come to meet up with Kaito-san.]

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[Thank you. To be honest, I was worried that I wouldnt be able to find anyone I knew……]

I was really grateful that I was able to meet up with Lilia-san, her presence makes me feel calmer. Just as I was about to express my thoughts to her, I heard someones voice.

[……Mhmm That youth over there……]


When I looked in the direction of the voice, there was a mermaid with marine blue hair…… The same person who had helped me with Dr. Viers matter, Her Majesty Laguna.

[Ohh! As I thought, its young Lilia and Kaito!]

[If it isnt Her Majesty Laguna.]

[Ohh, young Lilia. We havent met since that time, right Well~~ Ive thought of it back then, but youve gotten a lot stronger, havent you If I get negligent, young Lilia might just take the title of the strongest of the Human Realm away.]

[No, no, Im still inexperienced. Im still no match against Her Majesty Laguna.]

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When Her Majesty Laguna saw us, she approached us with a happy smile on her face and exchanged a few words with Lilia-san.

……I mean, arehh Did I ever tell her my name No, well, even though it wasnt my intention, I apparently became famous for all sorts of things, so I guess it shouldnt be surprising that she knew me

W- Well, anyway, now that weve met…… I guess I should give her my thanks for her help back then.

[Errr, Her Majesty Laguna. Its nice to meet you, my name is Miyama Kaito. Thank you very much for your help the other day.]

[Unnn What, dont worry about it! “Were quite close”, so helping you with that much is nothing…… Rather than that, Id like it if you could stop talking to me like Im a stranger. Just call me Laguna.]


Arehh Somehow, doesnt it feel like Her Majesty Laguna…… No, Laguna-sans reaction is strange This should be the second time weve met, but shes acting all familiar…… or rather, its as if weve already met before.

Lilia-sans eyes narrowed in response to Laguna-sans words, but I hurriedly shook my head. No, seriously, I wasnt hiding it from you, Lilia-san! I dont know what shes talking about either!!!

When I conveyed this to Lilia-san with gestures, it seemed like she understood, making her tilt her head.

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[……Errr, Her Majesty Laguna Can I ask if youre acquainted with Kaito-san]

[Ohh! Thats right, we even fought together against a formidable enemy…… hes my comrade-in-arms, if you will! Well~~ Ive always thought he was a good man, but now, I like him even more! Hey, Kaito. “As I had asked you before”, how about you become my husband]

[……Huh Eh N- No, wait a moment! Your Ma…… Laguna-san…… Didnt we first meet at that time with Dr. Vier]

[……What O- Ohh, come to think of it, thats right!]

I really didnt understand what Laguna-san was saying, so when I hurriedly asked her that, she puzzledly looked at me…… and a few moments later, she clapped her hands as if she noticed something.

[That was the case, right My bad, my bad. I certainly didnt have this appearance back then…… Im the old man who fished with you back in the Hydra Kingdom!]


[Well~~ I forgot that I had a different appearance at that time!]

[Eeeehhhhh! Y- Youre the grandpa from that time!]

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The grandpa I chatted with almost every morning while fishing during my stay in the Hydra Kingdom. He seemed kind of important, so I thought he was a senator…… So, he was just Laguna-san who had changed her form……

Ahh, I see…… When she said that we fought against a formidable enemy together, she was talking about that fish.

[……Kaito-san. Where should I direct these feelings now I understand that Kaito-san wasnt lying to me but…… in the end, you met her…… With this, youve met all the top of the three realms…… Kaito-san…… youre scary.]

[N- No, how should I say this…… Im really sorry.]

Dear Mom, Dad———— Unnn. As it turns out, Lilia-sans fears were completely correct. Well, it isnt a situation where she could get angry at me. Well, even so———– Im sorry.

, the Six Kings Festival starts…… Also, a few chapters later, “Bacchus, One Punch Incident All Over Again”-

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