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Relaxing my flushed body on the couch in the changing room and letting out a deep sigh, I wondered if this tiredness I was feeling was because of the onsen or because of some other reason.

The air that passed through the gaps in my yukata slowly cooled my hot body, making me feel somewhat comfortable.

But well, seriously…… It was a long and arduous battle. I dont know how many times I thought about just giving up…… Even so, I did it. I surpassed it.

It wasnt really just Alice, I think I was also traumatized by the bath. I dont really know why Im fated to have events happen while Im in the bath…… I even kinda missed those times when I first came to this world, thinking that there was no such thing as lucky pervert.

As I was absentmindedly thinking about this, a bottle of milk was held out in front of me.

[Kaito-san, would you like some cold milk]

[……Thanks. Wheres Kuro and the others]

[Ahh, I heard they wanted to play with some “fireworks”, so they headed out first to get them ready. Im in charge of picking up Kaito-san.]

[……I see…… Ahh, this is great.]

[You really need to drink a bottle of cold milk after a bath after all.]

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Apparently, Kuro and Isis-san were so excited about the fact that we were all staying together that they even went to prepare for fireworks.

Alice, who had come to pick me up, was wearing a yukata and her usual mask, giving her a somewhat unbalanced appearance.

She said she was here to pick me up, but she took out another bottle of milk from nowhere and sat down right next to me.

[……Pfuhaa~~ Well, it looks like young Kaito-san is tired, so lets take a breather first before we go.]

[Youre right. Im certainly in the mood for a breather right now.]

It may have been because I had just finished taking a bath, but I felt a sense of calmness and serenity flowing through me.

Without saying anything else, Alice drank her milk and after a few while, she muttered.

[……Kaito-san. Theres one thing I really dont understand, so do you mind if I ask you]

[Unnn For you to have something you dont understand, thats quite unusual of you, Alice.]

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[Of course, there are also things I dont know. Like the depths of a persons heart…… Unless the person themself wanted to show it to me, I wouldnt be able to see into it.]

[If its you, I think you would be able to peek into it though……]


[……So, what are you asking]

[Ah~~ Well~~ Its not really that big of a deal…]

After saying that, Alice turned her gaze towards me and calmly spoke.

[……Kaito-san, why are you even trying to “endure” it]

[Ehh Endure what]

[No, well, Im talking about your behaviour. Kuro-san and I did say that we wanted you to wait for a while, and since Isis-san is such a pure person, I can understand why youre reluctant to step into such a relationship with her. As for Ein-san, she isnt even your lover.]

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[……As for Duchess Lilia, I can understand your actions because of her character…… but what about Sieg-san]

I understood what Alice was asking. Shes wondering why I havent had any sexual relations with anyone yet.

[No, well, Im sure Kaito-san also has to prepare your heart for such deeds. Ahh, its not like Im trying to say that you should just do it or something like that but…… I was simply wondering why.]

[……Why huh……]

[Well, I know its too late to say it now, but I dont really intend to hide it, so Ill just say it now…… I also know that Kaito-san sometimes secretly deals with your needs alone. Ahh, of course, in that situation, I would move out of sight.]

[……That certainly is too late to say…… Ah, where did my privacy go……]

This was a topic that would normally have made me blush and hide from embarrassment but…… Alices seriousness right now wouldnt let me do so.

Alice wasnt trying to make fun of me at all, she was just genuinely interested in this question.

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[……Well, anyway. I know that the way I say this may sound bad, but dont you think Sieg-san fits just right with your conditions Her personality is such that she would accept Kaito-san if you asked, and shes also already 38…… She isnt some twisted thousand year old virgin like me.]


[You live under the same roof, and have a lot of topics to talk about, like taking care of your pets. Unlike Kuro-san and Isis-san, the elves also have a decent sex drive that stems from the preservation of species.]


Well, if she puts it that way, I guess you could really say that Sieg-san was the perfect match for me. In fact, Sieg-san was a kind, older woman, and in that sense, she was just too good of a lover for me.

Even so, the reason why I still havent held out my hand to her huh……

[……Ah, no, if its hard to answer, its not like you have to do so……]

[Alice, you also understand it, right That I would return to this world after going back to my world once.]

[Yes, you told me about it before, Kaito-san.]

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[……Unnn. My purpose for returning is simple. I just wanted to say goodbye to the people who took care of me in my original world. Thats all there is to it…… However, thats something very important to me. Only when Ive done that can I say with pride, that “Im going to live in this world”.]

[……Dealing with unfinished business first huh……]


……Sorry, Alice. I just lied to you.

No, maybe “lie” isnt the right word for this…… My uncle and aunt who took me in and raised me are the ones I owe the most.

Before going into such…… Before I get into a deeper relationship with Kuro and the others, I really want to give myself some closure.

However, theres something I intentionally didnt tell her. Its the thing that Im most anxious about right now……

I havent told anyone about it yet. The words that Shiro-san told me when I visited the God Realm before. Shiro-san compared herself to the “Last Boss” in one of the stories I read. Such a Shiro-san told me that she was giving me the final ordeal…… telling me that I should beat it myself.

There was one part of Shiro-sans words that made me feel uncomfortable.

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Shiro-san said that if I didnt make it through her ordeal, my choices would be the same as the rest of the otherworlders…… Asking me whether I would stay in this world, or go back to my previous world.

If it were regarding that, my words certainly werent a lie…… However, “were those really my only options”

From her statement telling me to beat her in her final ordeal, I think its safe to say that it would be a match between Shiro-san and I.

What Im asking her to do for me is to let me go back to my world and then, come back to this world…… This was something unprecedented.

However, by fighting a match against her…… “What will I lose” if I lost against her

Perhaps, I may have just been thinking too much. No, it seems more likely that Shiro-san had simply imposed that ordeal and wasnt going to ask for any compensation from me.

However, I couldnt help but feel bothered about this. When she told me “Show me your true worth.”, I couldnt help but notice the challenging look on Shiro-sans face…… And when she told me “If you wish for more than that, you would need to prepare for what is to come”……

If my worth didnt meet Shiro-sans standards, what would she do with me then

I dont know, and Im pretty sure Shiro-san wouldnt answer if I asked.

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Well, theres always the possibility that Im really just overthinking this……

[Now then, Kuro and the others are waiting for us, so how about we started moving]

[……Youre right.]

Right now, Im not telling anyone about my thoughts regarding this. Its just a hunch, but this trial that Shiro-san is going to put me through…… I think its “something I need to get over on my own”……

(P/R: I conquered the final boss (god) of the world with my amazing womanizing powers and the final boss fight was her asking me for my first. I just came up with a new isekai title.)

Just as I was about to get up from the couch and start walking alongside Alice, she pulled on my sleeve.


[Kaito-san, you know, I asked you to wait for when I found courage, right…..]


[You know, Im a twisted virgin…… so it might take a little while. But perhaps…… Ill be able to “find the courage by the time Kaito-san comes back to this world”.]

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[……Thats why, errr…… When Kaito-san properly says goodbye to your original world and comes back here…… At that time, please take me to that place. To a “romantic cottage with a seaside view”…… Its a promise, okay]

[……Yeah, its a promise.]

Dear Mom, Dad——— Ive often heard from people that I was a terrible liar. Thats why, Im sure…… Alice is aware that I lied to her. She knows Im hiding something, she knows it isnt something simple…… Even as she was aware of this, she still told me that she would wait for me. How should I say this…… Unnn————– Im falling in love with her all over again.

~~ Apologies ~~

This is a serious chapter in between sweet chapters, which accentuates the greatness of the arc. I was even planning to have Serious-senpai do some performance here.

However, it seems like Serious-senpai accepted the urgent mission yesterday and after shouting “Ill crush all the lovey-dovey flags!”…… She was blown away by a very long-distance spell that “crossed from the main story over to the afterword”, and is currently in the hospital.

For this reason, we had to quickly forgo the appearance of Serious-senpai this time. We apologize for that.

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Although she was diagnosed at the hospital as having “total recovery after three chapters”, she has the vitality of a cockroach, so please be rest assured.

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