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After Alice suddenly ended my clothing selection, I waited for Lilia-san as I drank a cup of tea, as recommended by the clerk.

This store mainly caters to the nobles, and it seemed like it was common for them to take a long time to choose their clothes, so there were several tables and chairs set up in an open space. It kind of reminded me of those shops that deal with cars…… Well, Ive never bought a car before, so this was just completely something I imagined.

As I sat down on the soft chair, a little while later, a different clerk brought me a cup of tea.

[Here you go, Miyama-sama.]

[Ahh, than……]

I accepted the tea offered to me and was surprised to see the face of the clerk. It wasnt the fact that she called me by my name…… Shes undoubtedly Alices subordinate, so it wouldnt be surprising for her to know my name.

What surprised me was the clerk herself.

She had deep dark blue hair, her bangs are very long and flowed down her face, hiding her left eye. Meanwhile, her visible right eye had unusually dark circles beneath it.

I considered her face to be very well defined, but with her gray eyes and the deep dark circles beneath them, combined with her pale skin…… She looked very unhealthy.

However, it wasnt her appearance that surprised me. No, her appearance only slightly surprised me, what surprised me more…..

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[……Ummm, arent you…… “Fake Phantasmal King”-san]

[……How surprising. Even though Im far from reaching Shalltear-samas skill, I was still quite confident in my disguise……]

[Ahh, then, the face you have now is also……]

[No, this is my “real” face.]

[Ah…… I see.]

Yes, this clerk was the fake Phantasmal King who had appeared before me twice in place of Alice…… I didnt expect that I would meet her again here.

I mean, is it really okay for this person to be here Shes obviously Alices close retainer…… Wouldnt that make her one of the upper echelons……

As if sensing my doubts, Fake Phantasmal King-san spoke with a thin, elegant smile on her face.

[Ive decided that the people assigned to this store are a bit lowly and arent suitable to serve tea to Miyama-sama, so Ive come to serve you myself.]

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[I- Is that so…… T- Thank you for taking the trouble of serving me tea, errr……]

[My name is “Pandora”, Shalltear-samas confidant. Pleased to make your acquaintance……]

[Y- Yes. Im Miyama Kaito…… E- Err, Pandora-san Ummm, a- are you feeling unwell]

[Ahh, you mean how I look huh……]

Being Alices confidant, I guess its safe to assume that she was the one with the most authority among Alices subordinates.

H- Hmmm…… Thats something I understand, but she really looked insanely unhealthy, and I couldnt help but notice the deep shadows beneath her eyes.

[Im a Hell Nightmare. I was born with this skin color and dark circles below my eyes, so please dont worry about it.]

[I- Is that the case…… Im sorry.]

[No, it is my honor to have received your concern.]

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[E- Errr……]

I see, she wasnt like that because of her health condition, but because that was how she originally looked like……

E- Even so, Pandora-san……arent you being too humble

[We, the Phantasmal King Corps, are in absolute obedience to you, Shalltear-samas master. Of course, if Miyama-sama orders us to, we will carry out any mission you give us, even at the cost of our life. If you need us for anything, please dont hesitate to give us the order.]

[……Y- Yes. T- Thank you for your hard work.]

After clearly stating such with a voice filled with her firm intentions, Pandora faintly smiled……. Somehow, theres something about her that makes her look a little creepy.

Its different from the scariness Eden-san gives off, its as if Pandora-san was someone straight out a horror movie.

Or rather, the entire Phantasmal King Corps are in absolute obedience to me, she said…… Does that mean, I can do that If I say “Assemble!” just like Alice did before, a bunch of people in black would show up The heck is that, thats scary.

As I was thinking about this, Alice, who had somehow appeared in the seat across from me, sipped her tea and spoke.

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[Well, Im here beside you, Kaito-san, so you wouldnt need to call for them…… Just in case though, Pandora-san over there is “a High-ranking Demon thats closest to being a Duke-level”, so she can be quite useful.]

[I- Is that so…… No, errr……]

[By the way, “assasination” is my specialty.]

[Theres no way Im going to order something like that, okay!]

Even if you say that youre good at assassination with such confidence, I have no plans to assassinate anyone, and I never will. If youre going to appeal your strong points, please show me your other specialties instead.

[……I can also destroy a targets spirit by showing them “eternal nightmares”.]

[……Please make it a little less disturbing.]

[……”Theyre average in size, but I have beautiful breasts”.]

[Is that information really necessary in this situation!]

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[If Miyama-sama desires, you can rely on me to take care of your “nightly needs”.]

Stop right there, Pandora-san Can you please stop saying that to a virgin Even if Im not going to ask such a request, Id be strangely conscious of it……

After all, Pandora-san was a beautiful woman, and once you get used to seeing her pale skin and the dark circles around her eyes, you could say that she was a mysteriously bewitching beauty.

No, no, what the heck am I thinking about Im reacting to her words too much……



[It seems like you need some re-education…… Please come here for a bit.]

[Huh No, but I still havent……]

[Come—– here——!]

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[Y- Yes! A- As you will……]

While I was feeling flustered by Pandora-sans statement, Alice spoke in a rather unhappy tone.

[A- Alice]

[Im sorry, Kaito-san…… It seems like this girls loyalty to you has gone a bit “crazy”.]


[……Pandora-san, who is Kaito-san to you]

[Hahh! Kaito-san is Shalltear-samas master, he whom I should “dedicate my body and heart, and love for eternity”!]


It kinda feels like she said something outrageous. Eh What the heck is this person, is she someone like Eden-san

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[……No, I ordered you to obey Kaito-san…… I guess shes applying all her loyalty she has to me directly to Kaito-san. Thats why, Im going to go re-educate her a bit.]

[U- Unnn.]

Letting out an unusually tired sigh, Alice dragged Pandora-san away.

……Well, errr…… Why do all the powerful people in this world have such strong personalities

[……Good luck with her re-education, Alice clone #12…… Ill leave Kaito-sans chastity in your protection.]

[And you just ruined everything again…… Also, dont just leave my chastity to others hands without asking me.]

Dear Mom, Dad———- While waiting for Lilia-san at the clothing store, I met a new acquaintance. Pandora-san, the Fake Phantasmal King. Her appearance was distinctive, but her personality was also quite something———— Im suddenly really tired.

The creepy beauty, Pandora-san…… Ein was one, and Vier was also the same case. It seems like the Six Kingss confidants have quite strange loyalty.

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