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In a very ordinary house in a corner of the royal capital of Symphonia. In a house that was neither small nor large, a certain mother and daughter were cooking in the kitchen.

[Lu-chan, that wont do. You have to mix it more carefully.]

[Ah, yes. What about your chocolate, Mom]

Under the guidance of her mother…… Noir, who was shorter than her, Lunamaria is making chocolates for tomorrows upcoming Valentines Day.

Within her acquaintances, she knows that cooking is Sieglindes specialty, but with the way she usually acts…… She couldnt help but feel embarrassed to ask Sieglinde to teach her how to make chocolates to give to Kaito, and this is how her mother is currently teaching her.

Her mother, Noir, who is a married woman and has raised Lunamaria by herself, was also a top-notch cook and is carefully teaching her how to cook in ways that is easy for her to understand.

[Mine Ive already “completed mine” though]

[Eh T- That was fast…… wait, whats that]

[Its chocolate.]

[N- No, I know its chocolate but…… this doesnt look “solidified” though……]

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When Noir tells her that she has already finished the chocolate that she would give to Kaito, Lunamaria turns to Noir, surprised at how quickly she has finished.

However, what was there was just liquid chocolate in a bowl…… which was just being warmed by the hot water the bowl was immersed in, and it can hardly be called a finished product.

[Ahh, thats just because I added a little something so that “it would be hard to solidify even at low temperatures”~~]

[……Errr, did you add raw chocolate in it But then again, that still doesnt make it complete……]

[Its already completed, you know All thats left is…… to have Miyama-san “smear it all over my body”……]

[What are you thinking, Mom!]


Lunamaria immediately shouted at the outrageous statement that her mother just said, but Noir just tilted her head in wonder.

[S- Smearing your body in chocolate and eating it…… T- Thats dirty!!!]

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[Im properly bathing myself clean before he could eat it, so it should be alright, you know]

[Thats not the problem here, you know! You cant do that! You definitely cant do that! Men are beasts. If you do that, Mom will be eaten too!]

[……Miyama-san, turning into a beast, that seems like it would have a wonderful charm thats unlike the usual him.]

[……Ahh, my mothers no good……]

As if it had no effect and was just a waste of effort…… Hearing Lunamaria-sans words, Noir only leisurely replied to her with carefree words.

Seeing her mother in such a state, Lunamaria held her head in her hands…… Still, she somehow managed to open her mouth to try to get her mother back on track.

[A- Anyway, such an obscene act is no good! Dont you feel sorry for Dad!]

[I still love him though]

[If thats the case……]

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[However, I love Miyama-san just as much.]

[……No, well, I dont remember Dads face anymore, so its not like Im supporting him but…… Cant you be a bit more indecisive]

[Is that so]

Looking at her mother, who casually told her that she loves both her deceased father and Kaito, Lunamaria looks tired.

[……I mean, if you do that, no matter how much Miyama-sama is such a person, I think that even he would make his move.]

[……Ahh, its alright. Ive already “asked him” before to reach out his hands to me.]

[Seriously, what the heck are you doing!]

[As expected, the young ones are amazing……]

[I dont want to hear that kind of information!]

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As Noir calmly says a series of dangerous remarks, Lunamaria shouts at her with her face blushing red.

Certainly, she too knows that her mother feels love for Kaito. However, she never thought that they had already progressed to that point, even in her dreams.

[……Lu-chan, why are you that angry]

[Of course, I will be angry! My own mother is talking about a man I know with a completely “face of an adult woman”! How exactly can you expect me to calmly react to thaaaaat!]

[……However, Lu-chan was also “being spoiled a lot” by Kaito-san, didnt you]


Lunamaria lets out a heartbroken cry, but stiffens at the unexpected words that her mother said.

And then, with her face gradually turning redder, she flusteredly spoke.

[W- W- What are you suddenly saying……]

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[It wasnt that you two were usually doing it, but when youre alone with him, youre getting spoiled a lot…… like getting cuddles and headpats.]

[H- How did you know that! C- Could it be that you saw……]

[I never saw it,, you know However, Lu-chan has always been a spoiled child, so I think she would want to be spoiled by her favorite Miyama-san~~]

[A- Aaahhhhhh……]

What Noir talked about……. is true.

In the presence of other peoples eyes, Lunamaria usually teases Kaito or acts like she doesnt care but……. Whenever they were alone in a room, she would always act spoiled.

She had slept on his lap, calling her “Kaito-san” when theyre alone, and is being gallantly taken care of by him.

Lunamaria, who had these things pointed out by her own mother, crouches down with her face bright red.

She feels so embarrassed that she wants to die from shame.

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[Ahh, thats right…… Lu-chan can also have chocolate smeared all over her body with me……]

[I absolutely wont do that! Absolutely not!]

[I- Is that so…… I think Miyama-san would have been happy about that though……]

[Ughhh…… A- Anyway, Ill just continue with my chocolate!!!]

Cutting off the long conversation, Lunamaria resumes making chocolate, ignoring Noir who was tilting her head.

That night…… In Kaitos room, the figure of a certain maid with light blue hair asked “K- Kaito-san, do you dislike that kind of way of eating chocolate”……-

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