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The restaurant that Alice led me to was indeed beautifully constructed, but let alone a high-class restaurant…… It didnt even look like a restaurant at all.

The lavishly decorated door certainly looks like it belongs to a high-class restaurant, and the beautifully crafted glass windows, which cant be peeked through from the outside, also felt nice to the touch…… However, “its small”…… No, it really is small.

To be honest, this one was so small that I even felt that a stall may have been larger than this.

[……A- Alice Are you sure this is the place Looking from the outside, it looks like just a table and chair would occupy the whole place……]

[Ahh~~ Its alright. We went to the right place.]

Mnhh, Alice looks composed even after seeing me looking anxious.

Ahh, I see! There must be something magic related in this restaurant, something like the interior being super spacious just like what Alice did in her inner room.

With that in mind, I opened the door of the restaurant and walked in, and I immediately realized that my expectations were off.

The inside of the restaurant…… looked just as big as it was from the outside. However, I see…… It certainly was as Alice said, it looks like it really was alright.

[……I see, a Teleportation Magic Tool huh.]

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[Yes, thats right.]

Yes, inside the establishment, there were several people who seemed to be guides and a magic tool with a huge magic crystal on it.

This place is kind of an entrance to the main restaurant, and customers have to use this magic tool to teleport towards the restaurant.

Teleportation Magic Tools are very expensive, so it wouldnt be a wonder if a restaurant thats making use of it is a super high-class one.

[Welcome to our establishment…… I beg your pardon, but our establishment is “by appointment only”, but does customer-sama have an appointment]


By appointment only That means we would have to make a reservation in advance to get in, right

Eh What do we do now ……No, no, wait, wait, Alice was the one that referred this restaurant, so Alice would properly book a reservation, right……

[Reservation I didnt book one.]

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You didnt book a reservation! Then, wouldnt we be unable to come in!

[Is that so…… Even after taking the time to visit our establishment, please accept my apologies but……]

Just as the elderly gentleman that would guide us to the restaurant is about to politely and mildly tell us to leave, Alice snaps her fingers.

[……This is, please excuse me. It was No Face-sama huh.]

[The best seat you have…… Theres no problem with that, right]

[Most certainly. Ill prepare it at once.]

Somehow, she managed to quickly settle it…… Eh Does that mean, hes also one of them This person is also Alices subordinate

The elderly gentleman deeply bows his head to Alice and then goes next to the Teleportation Magic Tool, where he bows again and stays in that position.

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After seeing this, Alice and I moved to the front of the magic tool and teleported to the main restaurant.

The restaurant we were teleported to was very large, lined with elegant and high-class-looking tables and chairs, and it definitely looked like a super high-class restaurant.

Moreover, it seemed to be located by the sea, and we could see the sea in the evening through the large windows.

Then, Alice and I were guided and seated in a balcony-like area on the second floor of the restaurant, where we could see an amazing panoramic view.

[Hey, Alice…… I know that hes one of your subordinates but…… Is it really alright to just ask him for the best seat]

[Of course, its okay. All the “people in charge” are my subordinates after all.]


[Well, to put it frankly, this is “my restaurant”.]


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When I asked her about it, perplexed by the fact that we got really great seats…… As if it was obvious, Alice said that she owns this place.

[Establishments that provide food and beverages are quite convenient in gathering information. Ive also got a few other restaurants under my command.]

[I- Is that so.]

[Well, Alice-chans main store is my miscellaneous goods store though!]

[That place isnt able to sell a single thing though.]

[Couldnt you just wrap it up with the others already!]

While gazing at the magnificent scenery and chatting with Alice, a woman in a cooks uniform approached.

[Sorry to interrupt you, No Face-sama. Thank you for coming today.]

[Ahh~~ Cut it out with the greetings. Please bring us something tasty.]

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[Please leave it to us. Even though we may be unskilled compared with No Face-sama, well serve you the best food that we could.]

[Im looking forward to it.]

Shes probably the head chef. She seemed to come to say her greetings to Alice, the owner, but Alice just quickly dismissed her.

Next, a woman dressed in a tight-fitting waitress outfit arrived, pushing a cart.

There was a wine on the cart, so I guess shes a sommelier

When the sommelier lady comes close to our seat, she bows, opens the wine, checks the aroma of the wine, before placing a glass in front of Alice and pours a little.

[……This is for tasting.]

[Lets see……]

Alice tipped the glass with familiar movements, gracefully checking the color and aroma before sipping it.

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[……Hmmm, this is quite lacking. Dont you have a Shallow Grande]

[We apologize. As expected, acquiring Shallow Grande is……]

[……Shallow Grande]

I believe that was the name of a wine but…… As I only know the name of more famous high-grade wines like Romanée-Conti, I wouldnt know what wine they were talking about. No, to begin with, the name of the wine in this world may not necessarily be the same as mine, so I would have to ask her anyway.

[That wine was a gift from the God Realm given by Shallow Vernal-sama to commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Friendship. Its made from a fruit that only exists in the God Realm, so its incredibly rare. Its about 10,000,000R a bottle. As its a prize for an event sponsored by the God Realm for the Festival of Heroes, so it only appears once a decade. Currently, there are less than 100 bottles of this wine in the world.]


That would be 1 billion yen…… That isnt the price of a wine anymore. Its already the price for a mansion.

Moreover, only one bottle of this wine comes out every few decades, and that isnt a wine that you can just order…… Lets not be unreasonable here, Phantasmal King.

However, if its such a great wine, Id like to try it at least once.

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Ive been thinking about this when a bottle of wine suddenly appeared on the table, and when the sommelier lady saw it, her voice was trembling as she muttered.

[S- Shallow Grande……]

I see, this is the Shallow Grande that they were talking about…… Unnn, why did it suddenly appear in front of me I could already predict who its from, but with that message card that says “To Kaito-san” in it……

[It seems to be a gift from Shallow Vernal-sama. Lets gratefully accept it!]

[……Alice…… you planned this beforehand……]

[I wonder what youre talking about I just wanted to make sure that Kaito-san had the best wine tonight.]

Watching Alice gleefully pick up the Shallow Grande, I understood that this development was exactly what Alice wanted to happen.

Alice purposely brought up a top-quality wine that wouldnt be in this restaurant. And if I were to get interested in it, Shiro-san most probably would send it straight to me…… This freaking woman.

Although I was taken aback by Alices behavior, since it was given to me by Shiro-san, I decided to take a taste of the wine.

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Asking the sommelier lady to pour some for me, I held out the wine glass in my hand…… and clinked glasses with Alice.


[Cheers, it is.]

Smiling at each other, lightly clinking our glasses and sipping the wine…… I felt shocked.

With just one sip of the wine, its as if the deep taste of the wine was soaking throughout my body.

It was so delicious, that even I, who wasnt a wine expert, can tell right away that this is the best wine there is……

[……A- Amazing…… What a deep and rich wine……]

[Right Well~` As expected of the best wine in the world. Its really wonderful. Hnn~~ This is happiness!]

[Yeah, this certainly is a delicious wine…… Moreover, the view here is good too.]

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[The sun is setting and the stars are coming out, and the moon can be clearly seen in a few minutes.]

Sipping a good wine and looking at the sea, which is beginning to be dyed by the serenity of the night.

[……This place has a really nice ambiance. Where is this place]

[South of the Symphonia Kingdom. At the end of that sea is the Hydra Kingdom.]

[Heehhh…… Looking at how beautiful this scenery is, this place must be quite a popular tourist attraction.]

[Yes, there is also a “cottage” near here, where at about 10 pm, the “moonlight” comes through the windows and creates a beautiful mood…… Cottage by the sea…… Moonlight……]


The words Alice said somehow sounds familiar. Then, Alice looked like she noticed something…… as right after, her face turned redder than wine.

Perhaps, or rather, Im sure…… I guess she remembered that during our date, she mentioned wanting “her first time in a situation where the moonlight was shining through the window in a cottage by the sea”.

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[T- Thats not it! T- T- T- That wasnt my i- i- i- i- intention for coming here…… I- I- I- Its just for the t- tasty dinner…… T- Thats why, t- t- t- that, ummm, errr……]

[C- Calm down, Alice. Its alright so……]

[I- Its still early!!! A- After spending some more time…… T- Then, it will be alright. I- I will eventually properly give my first time to Kaito-san……]

[Oi! Calm down, idiot!]

[Hyaaahhh! G- Gripping my s- shoulder…… Ahh, n- no…… My heart is still not ready yet…… B- But, if you can be gentle with me……]

[Stop right there! Stop saying anything stranger than that! Were in a restaurant…… So, Im begging you, return back to your senses!]

I tried to stop Alice, who seemed to have completely blown her fuse and began to make very dangerous statements, but it seemed that she was too confused that she wouldnt come to her senses at all.

Please stop alreadyyyyy! Even though were away from where the others are generally seated, there still are other guests, you know! Were grabbing their attention, you know!

Wait! Dont just close your eyes while shaking like that! What the heck are you trying to make me do!!!

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Dear Mom, Dad————- Alice led me to a restaurant, where I had a good wine while looking at the beautiful scenery. However, Alice casually muttered a few words that reminded her of what she had said a while ago. As a result———— I was caught up in a grand self-destruction.

T/N: If the things written in the afterword arent that important, I wont be posting them. Also, I have edited something in Chapter 307. “To start with……” was changed to “My first time”. Both of them are hajimete, so I misunderstood until I finally caught up with what they were talking about kekw.

I will be posting this chapter early coz I will be organizing lots of things with my other novel. Sorry, no bonus chapter today.-

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