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It seems like it would be a long story, so Alice prepared a cup of tea, which I accepted and then faced her in the living rooms table.

[……I wonder where I should start……. I guess it should be who I am, right]


[Im like Kaito-san, a being that came to this world from “another world”…… Well, its a different world from the one Kaito-san was in.]


The fact that Alice is a being from another world clears up the phrases she has used so far.

Since I had come here from my world, there is no reason why others also couldnt come, and I wasnt surprised about this.

However, I was surprised by the words that followed.

[And also…… Im “human”…… No, I guess it would be better to say that I was human.]

[ ! }

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What does that mean At the very least, Alices physical and magical abilities far surpass her limits as a human.

Does that mean she was reincarnated from a Human to a Demon like Neun-san No, its too early to assume that. Lets just listen to Alices story first.

[……I lived in a world that was a little less civilized than this one now, where Humans like elves and dwarves dont exist, only humans.]

[……Thats similar to the world I was in.]

[Yes, thats right. The only difference is that…… compared to this world, there were a lot more monsters in my world, and there were a lot of adventurers and guilds.]

Slowly, as if remembering the past, Alice talks about the world she used to live in.

I only had a hunch about it, but the world Alice was in…… it had an image of what I had imagined a fantasy other world would be before I was summoned to this world.

[I was an adventurer in that world with my “partner”……. Well, if I do say so myself, at that time, I was weak and had no talent…… At best, I would be someone among the mid-to-low-end tier.]

[……Eh Alice was]

[Yes, it was a magical world, so I was able to use magic, but I didnt know what to do with it either.]

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I honestly cant imagine it. To me, I thought of Alice as a bundle of talent, someone who could do anything, and a being with power that is near the top of this world.

However, Alice talks about herself as having no talent and being weak.

[Its just, well, our world has the power of magic that overturns talent…… Its through the power of the “Heart Tool”.] (T/N: 心具 / Shingu.)

[Heart Tool]

[Theyre magic created by humans, who lack the strong bodies and sharp fangs of the monsters, to fight against these beings……. Its a “magic that generates your heart(shin) as a weapon”. The stronger the belief that the user had in her heart, the stronger her Heart Tool is. Just as the humans mind(shin) holds no limits, its also a weapon that grows along with the mind.]

[……T- That kinda sounds amazing……]

[Ahaha, it looks great on the surface, but in my world, 90% of the adventurers could use this magic…… The Heart Tool is the heart of the user herself, and each persons Heart Tool has different shape and ability……. Incidentally, my Heart Tool is the Ἑκατόγχειρες that Kaito-san saw yesterday.]

Alices Heart Tool, Ἑκατόγχειρες…… Was it those meteor-like lights swirling around Alice Thats kind of cool, its like having your own special ability in a certain battle manga. I wonder what kind of ability does Alices Heart Tool has though

When such a question popped out of my mind, Alice explained with a smile, as if she understood it.

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[My Heart Tool, Ἑκατόγχειρες…… It has the ability to temporarily use the ability of the people I have weaved a bond with……. those I care about, and also cares about me.]

[A- Amazing……]

[Ἑκατόγχειρες by itself has no fighting power…… It cant do anything by itself, but the more bonds I weave, the stronger it becomes…… I had such an ability back then.]

That really sounds like an ability that a protagonist would have…… Hmmm, as a boy, hearing such an ability really gets me excited.

[Now then, going back to the story…… Back when I was an adventurer, Ive always been searching for a person.]

[A person]

[Yes…… Its my “little sister who lived apart from me at an early age”.]

[ ! ]

[Ahh, incidentally, its nothing that serious. My parents just got divorced and my father took custody of me while mother took care of my little sister.]


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I thought this might be the core of the story, but it wasnt at all huh…… H- Hmmm. I wonder what this feeling of disappointment upon hearing something unrelated……

[Well, even if it was me, her big sister thats saying this, my little sister was an angel! Shes so cute, so talented, and yet, she isnt haughty at all! My little sister is the most beautiful woman in the world! Shes a real angel! If I was a man, I would definitely have asked her hand in marriage!!! I mean, my little sister even told me when she was little that “she would be Big Sisters wife”! By the way, she also told me that when we met again! Geez, her gesture looks so cute at that moment……]

[……A- Alice]

[……Ah, excuse me. I couldnt hold myself back……]

……She was a siscon. Moreover, she has quite the serious one at that…… Her love isnt on the level of just love for family.

You know, I did say that I wanted to know Alice, but I didnt want to know something like this……

Also, Ill just ask this one…… but did Little Sister-san really say that she would be Alices wife when they met again I had a different kind of bad premonition when I heard that one.

[Erhem…… Well, I was looking for my little sister while being an adventurer, and then, I heard that she was a knight in shining armor in a pretty large country, so I traveled to that country with my partner…… Ahh, even if I say partner, she was a woman, okay Im devoted to Kaito-san, okay!]

[……U- Unnn.]

Why do you have to act like a boke every now and then No, she may be deliberately trying to be funny in some places to avoid having a dark atmosphere in her story.

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[Well, along the way, I was chased around by an apprentice knight whos acting like a rabid dog, spared a mass-murdering priest, and fought a wonderful monster called a Seven-Star Demon Beast…… Well, lets put those trivial stuff aside.]

Oi, why do I feel like each one of those would sound like very intense episodes! Damn it, Im very curious about them…… Especially that mass-murdering priest…… Lets ask her again next time.

[As a matter of fact, at that time, in my little sisters country, a villain was sneaking around behind the scenes, trying to destroy her country by holding a ritual called “The Advent of the Evil God”…… and my little sister and her friends were apparently fighting that villains underlings.]

[O- Oohhh……]

[I dont know the details, but I heard that the blood of the royal family was needed for that advent of that Evil God, so my little sister fought a fierce battle against the invading villains. However, the villains were strong, and my little sisters side was gradually being driven to the corner.]

[……I- Im starting to feel really anxious. So, what happened after that]

It was as if a battle was being fought on two stages, making me feel very curious about the rest of the story, so I urged Alice to continue.

Alice, as if she was teasing me, paused at the right moment before continuing her story.

[……After defeating the top brass of the villains, the mastermind finally appeared in front of my exhausted little sister and her friends……. As my sister and her friends were riddled in wounds, the queen presented herself as a sacrifice to protect them! The moment tears fell from my little sisters eyes…… I made my entrance!!!]

[W- What perfect timing that is……]

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[Well~~ Objectively speaking, I was super cool at that time. I dashed into the scene with the moon in the background and theres a really damn cool background music playing around……. Well, the fight actually happened indoors, so I couldnt see the moon or anything like that, and the BGM was also just playing in my head.]


She completely ruined it. Ill say this again because its important, but she completely ruined it.

Why the heck is she making strange bokes in the most exciting parts of the story……

[Well, after that…… As a result, justice prevailed and I won.]

[U- Unnn. Theres a lot of stuff that happened there……]

[If my little sister had run up to me and passionately kissed me right there, it would have been a happy ending but…… The world doesnt always work our way huh.]

[……What happened now]

[In fact, in the confusion of the battle, the mastermind obtained the blood of the queen…… and used his life as a catalyst to summon the Evil God.]

[ ! ]

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T- This is where the Evil God makes its entrance huh. Although her story sounds awesome when you just read it from this novel, in fact, Alices tone of voice is getting tense, so it must have been a pretty bad situation.

I- Im starting to get anxious again…… Quickly continue already……

[Thinking about that Evil God now, it wasnt that powerful. Compared to the Gods in this world, it only had the power of around the bottom of the high-ranking Gods. However, it still held power that was a tremendous threat to us humans.]


[That Evil God resurrected and right at that moment…….]

[Right at that moment]

[……Ahh, weve run out of teacakes. Ill go get some more!]

[Eh Hey, Alice! What happens next!]

Forced to stop the conversation at a very good point, Alice went to the kitchen to get teacakes. Or rather, if you get serious, cant you just go back and forth to the kitchen in an instant! Why the heck are you normally walking!

Dear Mom, Dad———— The past events spoken by Alice, were first about her stories as an adventurer, and it looks like shes survived some pretty awesome battles. Well, thats fine and all but———– Cant you at least be a bit more serious at a time like this!

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: [Drawing the re— listeners are important too. Next Chapter, in a desperate battle against the Evil God, the Magical Girl of Justice Alice-chan awakens! And finally, the tragedy of the perfect beauty Alice-chan is…… Oi, wait! Im still reading my script!]

Serious-senpai: [Oi…… Where did Serious go]

: [Serious I dont know who that is.]

T/N: Wasnt able to post more chapters yesterday because Converge (my internet provider) crashed.-

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