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When I reached the front of the temple with Fate on my back, two women were waiting for us there.

One is slender and tall, with bright pink hair neatly pulled back in a neat bun, and has an image of a reliable woman.

The other was a slightly smaller woman, around 150 cm, with a slightly petite body and white sidelocks that are longer than the rest of her hair…… Shes wearing a black robe over her dark green sailor uniform…… Why is she wearing a sailor uniform

[Thank you for the wait~~]

[No, thank you for gracing us with your presence, God of Fate-sama.]


Fate-san, who is still on my back, called out in a lackadaisical tone, and the pink-haired woman bows her head with a smile, while the woman in the sailor uniform silently looked towards another direction.

As Fate-san gets off my back, the pink-haired woman comes up to me and deeply bows to me.

[Its nice to meet you, Miyama-sama. Ive seen you in person at Duchess Alberts home, but this is the first time weve spoken like this. I am God of Fate-samas subordinate, and the low-ranking God in charge of this land…… Im the God of Love, Heart.]

[Ah, yes. Im Miyama Kaito. Its nice to meet you.]

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[Pleased to be your acquaintance.]

The pink-haired woman…… The low-ranking God who governs romance, Heart-san, seems to be the God in charge of this area.

My impression of her is that shes a capable person, and with her crisp and clear way of speaking, it feels like shes a great career woman.

[Come on, Senpai too……]


After greeting me, Heart-san called out to the woman in a sailor uniform next to her, calling her Senpai, but this Senpai still didnt speak.

No, in fact, she wont even make eye contact with me…… Shes been staring at the sides, 45 degrees diagonally at the bottom side for a long time, with a glare on her face as if shes being told to greet her enemy who killed her parents.

Staying like this wont get anywhere, so I approached the woman in sailor uniform and bowed to her.

[E- Errr, nice to meet you, Im Miyama Kaito.]


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This persons amazing…… This is the first time Ive met someone like her for all my life. Shes being so blatantly repugnant to someone she has never met before…… With a face that completely reads “I will never speak to this guy”……

[……U- Ummm……]

[……God of Disasters……]


[Im the God of Disasters…… “I hate you”, thats why I wont tell you any more than this.]

[Wait, Senpai!]

I- Ive been told that they dont like me from the first time we met…… T- This is quite the shocking event.

The atmosphere around her was so hostile that I couldnt help but take a step back, and Fate-san, who was standing next to me, spoke.

[Hey, God of Disasters!]

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[Im sorry, Kai-chan. Shes a really excellent girl but…… She has fear of strangers and doesnt really open up to people she doesnt know.]

[……H- Huhh……]

No, it isnt like she wont open up to me, shes completely hostile to me, you know! What the heck is happening Did I do anything to her

[U- Ummm…… God of Disasters…… -sama]


[Have I done something to you that you hated]


……Silence. Isnt this too unreasonable Its fine if she has fear of strangers but…… Suddenly being told that they hate you, and even now, the person wont even make eye contact with me, as expected, I would think there would be some other reason other than her fear of strangers.

As I continue to stare at God of Disasters-san while thinking that, she clicked her tongue again before glaring at me.

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[Its your fault…… Its your fault……]


[How many times do you think God of Fate-sama had forced her work on me, saying “Im going to go visit Kai-chan~~”!!! Its all your faaaauuuullllttttt!!!]


The reason was Fate-san! Or rather, God of Disasters-san is completely tearing up now, you know! How much work did you push to her!

I see, so thats why she was that hostile to me……. Unnn, it was all Fate-sans fault, but I cant help but feel sorry for her.

Moreover, with her anger towards me, it may not be possible for me to repair our relationship…… As expected, thats a bit difficult to do.

With that in mind, my shoulders slumped down and I spoke.

[……Ummm, it may not be something that you can forgive me for but…… Im sorry. I think the reason why God of Disasters-sama is angry is justified.]

[Eh Ahh, thats not it!]

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I thought it was better to just apologize here rather than poorly argue that it wasnt my fault, so I apologized, but for some reason, immediately afterwards, the tone of God of Disasters-sans voice changed, and when I looked up, God of Disasters-san was flustered for some reason.

[I- Its not like Im blaming you……]


[No, Senpai. You were completely blaming Miyama-sama just now. You were bursting out, you know]

[Eh Ahh…… I- Its not like that, the one at fault here was God of Fate-sama! You have nothing to apologize for!!!]

[Ehh Ah, yes.]

When she told me that in a rather flustered tone, I confusedly looked back at God of Disasters-san.

Thereupon, God of Disaster approached Heart-san, and with a pale expression on her face, she spoke to her.

[W- W- W- What should I do! H- He became depressed…… Did I say too much Thats a bit too much, isnt it Should I apologize……]

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[Then, why dont you just go ahead and apologize]

[Ah, errr…… O- Otherworlder!]

[Ah, yes!]

[Ill forgive you just this once!!!]

[H- Huhh……]

[…….Senpai, that still doesnt mean you apologized, you know]

Arehh Could it be that God of Disasters-san is a nice person

I mean, shes speaking strangely and she still wont look me in the eye but…… The point is, shes being sorry for saying too much, right

[……S-…… Shea.]


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[My name is Shea! I- Ill make an exception and allow you to call me by my name! Youre just an exception, okay!!!]

[Y- Yes. Its nice to meet you, Shea-san.]

[…….Hmph! N- Nice to meet you……]

Saying that somewhat shyly, Shea-san turned away again.

Hmmm, how should I say this…… I think shes a deep person…… I guess its partly because shes afraid of strangers, but anyway, I feel like she would talk so fast and go on and on that Im overwhelmed.

However, shes a nice person deep inside huh…… She also properly returned my greetings…… Hmmm, shes the type of person Ive never met before.

[……Nwahh Are you done talking]

[……Fate-san, who do you think is responsible for all of this]

[Its definitely because God of Disasters! Its all God of Disasters fault!!!]

[U- Uwaaaahhhhnnn!!! God of Fate-sama, I hate youuuuuuuuuu!!!]

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[Yes, its completely Senpais fault. Acting like a child on a tantrum, how pathetic.]

[I hate you toooooooooo!!!]

She started crying…… Somehow, Im really starting to feel pity for her.

Or rather, going on that preparatory meeting with these members, are they going to be alright

The good-for-nothing Fate-san, and the crying Shea-san, who started drawing circles on the ground…… Is the only proper member of their group Heart-san!

Perhaps sensing my uneasiness, Heart-san turns to me and smiles.

[Its alright. It may not be obvious, Senpai is just below God of Creation-sama and the Supreme Gods, and is the number 5 in the God Realm…… You can rely on her when the time comes.]

[I- Is that so……]

What a surprise, Shea-san was apparently the number 5 in the God Realm…… Is the God Realm alright ……Well, looking at the person standing at the top……

(If you suddenly praise me, I would get embarrassed.)

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Im not praising you! You airhead goddess!!!

Looking at the chaotic situation in front of me while quickly slapping a tsukkomi towards the voice that echoed in my brain.

[Ahh~~ Im so tired~~ I dont want to walk a single step more~~]

[……I want…… to go home.]

[Then, why dont you just go back home Come now, Senpai, go home.]

[Shut up! Idiot!!!]

How should I say this…… I feel like the future is really uncertain.

Dear Mom, Dad——— Heart-san, the God of Love and Shea-san, the God of Disasters, who I got to know right after coming to the Hydra Kingdom, were pretty deep people. That said, I feel like the only decent person I know among the authoritative Gods is Chronois-san——– Is the God Realm okay

Serious ===> シリアス ===> 【シ】リ【ア】ス ===> 【Shi】ri【a】su ===> Shea

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Serious-senpai: [Arehh Is this my long-awaited entrance]

Serious-senpai: [Then, what about my turn in the main story]

Serious-senpai: [I hate youuuuuuuuuu!!!]-

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