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The 24th day of the Wind month. The day after receiving the invitation to the Six Kings Festival and was shocked by the contents of the invitation…… I decided to not think anymore about the headache-inducing memorabilia for now.

Ill just ask Isis or the others about their intentions the next time I see them though……

As I finished my daily routine of brushing Bell with these thoughts in mind, I was leisurely looking around the large garden when I heard a voice.

[Good morning, Master!]

[Good morning, Anima…… Are you also working today]

Anima, dressed in her usual black military-style outfit and wearing a fur cloak, greeted me with a neat salute.

Anima is apparently…… or was supposed to be according to the person herself, my servant, but since I dont have any particular work for me to give her, she usually helps out with the work in Lilia-sans mansion.

Sometimes, shes in charge of the mansions security and sometimes, shes the gatekeeper. It all depends on the day.

Perhaps, because shes naturally serious about her work, Ive honestly never seen Anima not working or training.

[No, I dont have any work today, so Im going to train!]

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[……Errr, do you ever take a break]

[……Take a break Ahh, you mean rest! Yes, I get some rest for about “four hours a day” to sleep and eat!]


Thats weird…… What Anima just said was completely weird.

I mean, if what she said is true, that means Anima is working or training for almost 20 hours a day…… No, what kind of black company is this place

Lilia-san has made sure that her servants have a good amount of days off and break time, and Im sure they even have proper work shifts established…… So she shouldnt be working in that ridiculous amount of time.

[……Anima, what do you do during your breaks]

[Hahh! Im making use of it to temper myself!]

[That…… Even on your day off]

[Yes! So that Master wouldnt ever be ashamed to call me his subordinate, Im always devoting my time to improving myself!]

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Im now convinced…… This woman isnt getting any more rest than Lilia-san does. Shes saying that other than when she sleeps and eats, shes either working or training…… N- No, would it be fine if the person herself likes it

[Anima, dont you have any hobbies…… other than training]

[……Hobby No, I have dedicated my everything to Master, and I have no need of time that is spent on my own preferences!]


This is no good, this woman is too serious. Hmmm…… For me though, Id like it if she relaxes a bit more…… This is difficult.

Im sure she will obey if I order her to do it, but in that case, she would completely not know what to do with her breaks.

[……Anima, you dont have any work today, right]


[Then, since Im going to the city, will you come with me]

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[Hahh! Roger that! I will carry out my duties as baggage carrier and guard will all my might!]

[No, this isnt some kind of duty…… Hahhh……]

To begin with, I have my magic box, so I dont need any to carry my luggage or anything like that…… Well, for the time being, lets go out.

And thus, thats how Anima and I went out to the city……

[……No, Anima. Why are you walking behind me like that]

[Eh H- However, as your servant, its rude for me to stand next to Master……]

[No, youre not being rude…… rather, Im being bothered by it, so walk beside me.]

[……U- Understood. If Master says so……]

I called out to Anima, who was really acting like my guard, or rather, my servant, walking in a distance from behind me, and told her to walk next to me.

Thereupon, I incidentally glanced at Animas attire…… the black-military-styled clothing that she usually wears.

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[Hey, Anima…… Dont you have any other clothing]

[Other clothing I have six identical outfits like this though……]

[Okay, lets go shopping for some clothes!]

[Eh Y- Yes! Ill be with you!]

It seems that Anima really doesnt have anything in mind other than work and training, as even her clothing was just multiple copies of the same clothes.

Maybe Im just being prejudiced, but it feels like shes a soldier in many ways……

[Rather, if thats all you have…… What do you do when you sleep]

[Im not really wearing anything when I sleep though]

What did she just say…… Anima is sleeping naked N- No, well, I know that there are people like that, and if I think about it, for Anima who is a former Black Bear…… I guess its more natural for them to not wear clothes, right

Well, what she wants to do when she sleeps is for the person herself to decide, but I might as well buy her a nightgown.

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In the meantime, we ended up at the clothing store.

I could have gone to Alices miscellaneous goods store but…… these days, I feel like all the clothings in her store are only for men…… or rather, it feels like she narrowed down her target audience to just me, so there wouldnt be that much womens clothing found there.

She might have made it if I requested, but since Alice is busy with the Six Kings Festival, Ill just buy it at a regular store this time.

Then, when we got to the front of the store, with neat movements, Anima moved into a suspended posture.

[Well then, Ill wait here myself until Master finishes your purchase.]

[……Eh No, what are you talking about, Anima Were here to buy clothes for you. Dont worry, Ill go buy it with my money.]


Perhaps, she didnt expect my words, as Anima froze with a blank look on her face.

When I pulled Animas hand while she was like that into the store, Anima regained her consciousness and flusteredly shook her head.

[M- Master! I dont need any of that for myself! Much less, letting Master pay for it……]

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[Ahh, excuse me. Can you fit some outfits for this child]

[Youre not even listening!]

I already expected Animas reaction, so I decided to ignore her and talk to the shopkeeper, asking her to fit her some clothes.

I guess its to be expected from a professional, as she quickly picked out a few clothes and told Anima to try them on, but Anima looks at the clothes in her hands with a puzzled look on her face.

[……M- Master…… For me to wear clothes like this……]

[Thats alright already, so just try it on.]

[……H- However, for me to dress up is……]

[……Its an order.]

[R- Roger that.]

I dont think this would go anywhere, so Ill just go command her, something that I seldomly did.

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After a short wait in front of the fitting room, the curtains are slowly opened to reveal Anima, dressed in a black-based, pants-style outfit.

Her top is a beautifully embroidered shirt, with a very beautiful hue that matches Animas black hair.

I can clearly see when shes dressed in light clothing like this, Anima has a very good style.

The lines of her body are well-defined and toned, her legs are especially beautiful and slender, while her large bulging chests accentuate her overall appearance, and her bear ears accentuate her cuteness.

[Unnn. It looks good on you. You look cute.]

[C- Cu—! T- T- To call this m- m- me something like cute……]

[No, I think youre really cute. Anima is beautiful and has a great style.]

[W- Wha……]

Anima has a tendency to think that she has no femininity, so when I compliment her appearance like this, she turns bright red and shaken, which is kind of charming.

While I was enjoying Animas cute reaction, the clerk who helped me picked out the clothes came up to us and spoke.

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[Your girlfriend looks beautiful, customer-san must have been quite happy with her.]

[Wha! Y- You! What rude things are you—— [ Yes, thank you. ] ——- Master!]

Its just a simple sales talk, so if I try poorly in denying, it will only be complicated…… Or rather, I could see a future where Anima, thinking that I was insulted, would punch her in the face, so I noncommittally matched her words and ended the situation right there.

Then, Animas face turned bright red and her mouth opened and closed, not being able to speak anything, so I took this opportunity that she was being absentminded to go buy her some more clothes.

After a while, Anima recovers from her state of absentmindedness and looking somewhat flustered, takes out a pouch that seems to be her purse.

[I- I cant let Master pay for me! Ill pay for these clothes myself……]

[Ahh, I already paid for it.]


[Ah, thats right, I already bought those clothes youre wearing, so thats what youre wearing for the rest of the day…… And with that, Im going to put the clothes you just came in in the magic box.]

[Eh Ah M- Master!]

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I ignore Anima, who isnt completely following the conversation, and quickly put away her military-style outfit.

[Now then, how about we go eat something!]

[Eh I- I thought that were already going home……]

[The day has just begun. Now, lets go.]

[M- M- M- Master! Y- Your hand…… P- Please wait! Please listen to me!!!]

I knew clearly that it was better to force Anima to take her around with me by this point already, so I walked out of the shop, holding the flustered Animas hand.

Dear Mom, Dad———- Anima has been working so hard on a regular basis, and Ive been meaning to take her out for a good meal for a while now, so I think today is just the right time. Its a great opportunity, and for the sake of my lovely servant——— Lets go splurge.

Its a rare chapter where Kaito is the one dragging around someone.

You probably didnt expect to see Anima appear here…… Perhaps, Im sure…… The beast-eared, military uniform-wearing, serious servant is cute.

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Serious-senpai: [……Its another sugary chapter huh……]

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