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Walking side by side with Raz-san on the busy main street in the late afternoon…… Well, Im the only one walking, while Raz-san is flying around, flapping the little wings on her back.

Putting aside if this was just a normal stroll, but what Im troubled about now is that Raz-san and I are currently a couple…… or so we bear that title, as we were going to eat a limited edition parfait…… How do you expect me to be calm like that

Razs height, I dont know the exact number, but I think shes about 30cm…… The height difference between me and her would be about 140 cm.

At least, we dont look like a couple when others look at us objectively the way we look now…… They would only see a human walking with a fairy.

However, if we go to that restaurant and have a couples-only parfait, the people will start looking at us in that way…… If that happens, I felt like really serious damage to my public image……

Thinking about it, Kuro appeared in my mind…… Yep, it was too late now.

While thinking about such unnecessary things, I exchange small talk with Raz-san.

[Heehhh…… Then, Raz-sans field is behind Kuros castle that I saw before huh.]

[Thats right! Raz is raising hypahhh vegetables and fruits!]

I knew that Raz-san was growing rice and vegetables, but from what Ive heard from her, she has a fairly large farm.

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[I see…… Raz-san is amazing.]

[Eh R- Really Raz is amazing]

[Yes. Youre very amazing and I respect you.]

[I- Is that so…… Ehehe, I got complimented! Ahem-desu!]

……What a cute little creature, she is…… Raz expresses her joy with her whole body, moving her little body as best as she can, and shes as cute as a small animal. I guess this is what they meant when they said how small things are cute.

Seeing Raz-san looking happy as she flew around, I felt a smile naturally appear on my lips as I continued walking.

As soon as we reached our destinations, I felt that my fears were unfounded.

There were various couples sitting in many seats, which seemed to be placed outdoors, just like an open cafe.

There was a man who looked like a Demon with a height of nearly 3 meters, and a dwarf-like woman who was less than 120 cm tall, and the difference between their heights was nearly 2 meters.

It seems that in a world where various races live as close neighbors, couples with a difference in height arent particularly rare.

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In fact, when I asked the waiter for a couples-only parfait after she showed us to our seats, she accepted my order easily and without questions.

Since Raz-sans size is also like that, I also decided to ask her to bring us a teaspoon that is used for black tea while Im at it.

[Im looking forward to it~~ Is it ready yet~~ Would they bring it sooner now]

[Raz-san…… We just ordered it.]

[Aya Thats right.]

As if shes looking forward to the parfait that much, Raz-san restlessly moves around the table.

Unfortunately, there doesnt seem to be any chairs for the fairies in this shop, so Raz-san places her small shoes on the chair and sits on the table.

[Raz-san, do you like parfaits]

[Yes! The parfait is so sweet and fluffy, and Raz really loves it…… But the parfaits at restaurants are so big that Raz cant eat it by myself.]

Certainly, given Raz-sans height, a normal parfait is too big for her…… And thats exactly why most of the parfaits would be too much for her.

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And that prediction seems to have been correct, as after we chatted for a while, a large parfait…… the couples-only parfait that was for two people was brought to us.

It looks like its made with lots of fruit and looks bright and delicious.

[Wow~~! Ive been waiting~~! Kaitokun-san! Kaitokun-san! Lets eat quickly!!!]

When the parfait appeared, Raz-sans excitement went through the roof, as she stared at the parfait, that was bigger than her own body, with a twinkle in her eyes.

Soothed by her cuteness, I handed the teaspoon to Raz-san but…… A major miscalculation occurred.

I thought a normal spoon would be too big for Raz-sans size, but even a teaspoon was more than big enough for her, and when Raz-san held it, it looked like she was holding a spear.

[……Raz-san, can you carry that in your mouth]

[Auuu, i- it looks difficult……]

[I knew it…… Please lend me that for a bit.]

As I thought, it was going to be difficult to scoop it up with a teaspoon and carry it into her mouth, so I asked Raz-san to lend me the teaspoon and with a smile, I asked her.

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[Raz-san, which one would you like to eat]

[Eh Youre going to feed me!]

[Yes. This spoon seems to be too big for you.]

[Wow~~ Kaitokun-san is really kind! Thank you!!!]

If its difficult for Raz-san to eat it herself, then I can just feed her.

With that in mind, I ask her while holding the spoon in my hand, and after thinking about it for a moment, Raz-san tells me what she wants to eat, pointing to a fruit that looks like a strawberry.

[Right here Hmm, here.]

[Ahnn…… Whamnn.]

When I scooped up the requested portion and put it in front of Raz, she spread her mouth open and took a bit of the parfait…… Well, she still didnt eat half of that spoon though……

[Hnnn~~ Its delicious!]

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[Really Thats good to hear.]

[Yes! Ahh, please eat too, Kaitokun-san! This parfait is too much for Raz.]

I see. If Raz-san takes a bite and I eat the rest of it, itll be just right huh…… Arehh However, wouldnt that be an indirect kiss…… Well, I guess its fine.

Raz-san didnt seem particularly bothered by it either, so I ate the remaining parfait on the spoon.

Then, I listened to Raz-sans request again, scooped the parfait, and let Raz-san take a bite before eating the rest.

Raz-san twists around and smiles with happiness with each bite, almost to the point of exaggeration. She really is quite a cute person.

As we proceeded to eat our parfait in this way, I was being soothed by Raz-sans cuteness…… when I heard some familiar voices.

[Good grief, why didnt you come with Sis Raz]

[N- No, you also have a sweet tooth too, right Thats why……]

[I appreciate the sentiment, but I feel sorry for Sis Raz.]

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[……Ugghhh… No, well, its true that I did a bad thing to Elder Sis Raz, so Ill get something as a souvenir for her—— Unnn]


[Ah~~! Its Acht-kun and Eva-san!]

When Raz-san and I turned to the direction of the voice, there was a large blue-skinned man and an equally large woman with wolf ears, and when she saw them, Raz-san loudly called out their names.

[Elder Sis Raz! And also, isnt this Kaito!]

[Long time no see, Acht, Eva.]

[Long time no see~~ I see, Kaito was brought here by Sis Raz]

[Yeah, well……]

Hearing Raz-sans voice, Acht and Eva also noticed us and come up to the table we were at.

When I nodded to her question, Eva hit Acht who was next to her with an apologetic look on her face.

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[I see, Im sorry, Sis Raz. My idiot here is quite insensitive.]

[Its fine~~ Acht-kun and Eva-san are husband and wife, so hes right to prioritize you!]

[Thank you for saying that…… Kaito too, thanks.]

[Ah, no, youre welcome……]

Apparently, Eva was bowing to Raz-san, as if she was concerned about Achts refusal of Raz-sans invitation.

But then, Raz-san didnt seem to mind at all though, as she told them not to worry about it with a smile on her face.

Thereupon, I suddenly thought about something that had been bothering me for a while and decided to ask them now.

[Speaking of which, I noticed it from before…… Why do Acht and Eva call Raz-san as Sis]

[Unnn Thats because Elder Sis Raz is “older” than us.]


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[Theres also because Sis Raz is “many times stronger” than us.]


Dear Mom, Dad——– They say that people arent always what they seem, and I dont know if it really is as they say or not but…… The small and lovable Raz-san is actually a great fairy who has lived for a considerable amount of years, and her power makes her——– The greatest among the fairies.

Underworld ☆ King: [Kaito-kun! I heard theres a couples-only parfait, so how about we…… Arehh Hes not here.]

Awaken…… Awaken…… To your fetish of loving 30cm fairies…… Awaken.-

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