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17th Day of the Wind month. In the Forbidden Lands, in the center of the Demon Realm, a meeting between the six kings, which had recently increased in frequency, was being held.

The agenda for the meeting was to discuss the details of the Six Kings Festival, which was previously decided to be held, and since it was the first time that this festival would be held in history, it was necessary to compare and adjust the basic aspects of the festivals.

In all likelihood though, only five of the kings were participating in the meeting as usual, while the War King Megiddo was drinking alcohol and “leave the decision to Kuromueina”.

[……So, the festival that each of us will be producing will have a total of six days of festivities, and at the end, well have the seventh day of festivities that will be like a big banquet for all of us to get together, making the festival have a total of 7 days.]

[I see, I dont disagree with that but…… theres something Ive been worried about since this agenda came up…… What about the location of this festival Putting the 5 of us aside, if Magnawell-san is going to be there, were going to need a pretty open space, right]

“Fumu, indeed…… My subordinates also had bigger statures.”

[……Is this place…… no good]

“Wouldnt it be difficult This place is feared as the Forbidden Lands for the people of the Demon Realm because this is the place used for our battles. The residual magic power left around this area is too dense and the species that are sensitive to magic power will be afraid of coming.”

The Six Kings are currently discussing where to hold the Six Kings Festival.

Since Magnawell will be there, a place of an ordinary size would be impossible, and there isnt much time left before the end of the Light month, which is when they were planning to conduct the festival.

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They prefer places where the festival can be held immediately, close to the transporter gate, and large enough for large Dragon species, including Magnawell, to participate…… Even the Six Kings who were familiar with the Demon Realm couldnt immediately think of a place that met such conditions.

However, as Shalltear, Magnawell, Isis and Lillywood are discussing this matter with troubled expressions on their faces, Kuromueina, the one who had initiated this matter, opened her mouth with a confident look on her face.

[As for the location, its alright already. Ive already taken care of it……]

[……Kuromueina did]

[Unnn. Well, the additional “7th day” was added as a requirement to get that place ready though.]

“Come to think of it, you originally said it would be only for six days……”

As for the place that Isis and the others couldnt think of, it seems that Kuromueina had found a possible location, and as a condition for securing that place, the Six Kings Festival that was originally scheduled to be in 6 days changed to 7 days.

[Well, its better to see rather than just explaining it. Lets move towards that place.]

Saying that, Kuromueina conjured a Teleportation Magic circle so huge that it enveloped Magnawell, and transferred the Six Kings to her desired location.

[……Kuro-san…… Can I ask you one thing]

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[Unnn What is it]

[…..Where is this place Was there ever an “island” in the Demon Realm that was so absurdly large and scenic, and even had a gate!]

“Fumu, this place certainly fits all the criteria…… but even I dont know where we are……”

The place they arrived at with Kuromueinas Teleportation Magic is a very large island, and the grasslands are spread out without any obstacles all over the place, and for some reason, there are even several gates that the other members of the Six Kings have never seen before.

Frankly speaking, this place is perfect, but its hard to believe that such a large and well-located island exists untouched.

[This island is located in the furthest east, around the easter edge of the Demon Realm.]

“……If I remember correctly, this area is supposed to just have seas, and I dont think there was an island like this one in that place……”

[Unnn, “this island wasnt here until yesterday”.]

[……What do…… you mean]

[I got this from our “sponsor”.]

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[……Whoa there, is it just my imagination I just had a horrible feeling about this. Specifically, she isnt supposed to be someone who would get involved with this sort of things, but I feel like a certain top-ranked person is getting involved here……]

By Kuromueinas words…… This is an island that didnt exist until yesterday and it appeared today, and its a place with the best conditions for the Six Kings, and before they knew it, there were even multiple gates built here.

Just hearing the word “sponsor”…… The other members of the Six Kings had an idea of who the being who could do something as nonsensical as that, possible, completely ignoring common sense.

“……Could it be, that sponsor is……”

[Unnn…… Its “Shiro”!]

[……What are you doing…… Top of the God Realm.]

As they had expected, it seems that the one who created this island in one night is the God of Creation, Shallow Vernal, and realizing that it is indeed the truth, the Six Kings, excluding Kuromueina and Megiddo, have stunned expressions on their faces.

Its true that Shallow Vernal could easily make an island like that without any difficulty. However, she originally doesnt have that kind of personality…… that would help with the Six Kings Festival, an event in the Demon Realm……

“However, Im just glad that the God of Creation is cooperating with us. I thought she wouldnt care about this matter……”

[Ah, unnn…… The reason why the festival would be held for 7 days, the condition why she would help us out is that “she would be going around with Kaito-kun” on the 7th day.]

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[……As expected…… of Kaito…… amazing.]

“No, Isis…… I know that you like Kaito-san, but you just agreed on that reasoning too fast.”

Its not that Kaito actually did anything, but there is already an equation in Isis mind, where “Thanks to Kaito, Shallow Vernal cooperated with them”, though it isnt really wrong in some ways, and thinking about Kaito, Isis has a happy smile on her face.

[Well, thats why, if we have any trouble regarding the Six Kings Festival, Shiro will help us!]

[……Wouldnt that just end up as Shallow Vernal-sama doing everything here]

[Its just when were really troubled about something, okay If its something basic, we should handle that ourselves.]

[……Roger that.]

After receiving Kuromueinas explanation, Shalltear was also convinced, although she couldnt hide her surprise, and the Six Kings, with the exception of Megiddo, began the meeting again.

[So, regarding the “invitations”…… Have you all decided how much you give out]

[……Ill send…… to Kaito.]

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“To a certain extent……”

“Thats also the case for me.”

[Me too…… What about you, Megiddo-san]

[Ahh Ahh, I let Bacchus handle it.]

[……I guess thats the right decision.]

As this is the first time that the Six Kings Festival is held, it was decided that the Six Kings Festival would be held by invitations only.

It seems that everyone has already decided who theyre going to send their invitations, other than Megiddo, who wasnt good at thinking about such details, left it up to his subordinates, so that would mean that preparations are in order.

[Then, lets send the invitations on the 1st day of the Light month as planned…… As for those invitations, could we leave making them to you, Shalltear]

[Yes, its no problem with me.]

[Im counting on you with that then. Then, Lillywood, Ill leave the construction of the establishments to you.]

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“Please leave it to me.”

[Magnawell, develop a transportation means…… to help the invited guests who live in area far from the Gates.]

“Umu, Ill remember that.”

[Ill let Megiddo pick the guards for the duration of the event, so make sure you pick a strong and serious child.]


Kuromueina gave instructions one by one, but the last remaining member of the Six Kings…… Looking at Isis, she has a slightly troubled look on her face.

Isis is better at destroying things than creating them, and her death spell makes it impossible for her to negotiate with others, but if she doesnt do anything, she would get depressed.

After thinking for a moment, Kuromueina glanced at Lillywood, and with an apologetic look, she spoke.

[Isis…… errr, Isis…… “You go hellp Lillywood”.]

“Wait, Kuromueina!”

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[……Unnn…… Alright…… Ill help her.]


Lillywood, who understood what Kuromueina was trying to say, had a look of despair on her face, but she couldnt say anything to Isis, who was clenching her small fist, looking so motivated, and with a resigned look on her face, she hanged her head down.

For the first time in history, a festival will be held by all the Six Kings…… 36 days to go until the date of the event……

With the appearance of the Intermission that hasnt appeared in a long time, the preparations for the Six Kings is steadily in progress.

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