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Christmas…… Its origin is a festival celebrating the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and is a very famous commemoration in the world in which I live.

However, of course, Jesus Christ isnt in this world…… Trinia, and the event of Christmas isnt supposed to exist.

But in this world, every ten years, there is a big event called the Festival of Heroes, where they would invite a Hero from my world to play the role of Hero, and many of the things from our world have been spread by the Heroes who visited at those times, and Christmas is one of them.

Of course, the Christmas in this world isnt meant to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

There is no Son of God in this world, but Gods are real here, and so, Christmas is regarded as a festival to give thanks to the Gods.

Incidentally, Christmas in this world is on the 25th Day of the Heaven month, which actually coincides with the date of the Festival of Heroes.

Thats why this event isnt held in the year when the Festival of Heroes is held, and so, I only found out about it this year.

And the apex of the Gods, the God of Creation…… Shiro-san, the one who can be said as the ruler of this world, quietly announced in her voice that holds no inflection.

[…….God of Time and Space, please become Santa Claus.]

[…….M- My apologies. Shallow Vernal-sama, I dont understand what you mean……]

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After I was invited by Shiro-san to come to the God Realm…… I thought we would talk about having a Christmas party or something like that but…… When I arrived, I found out that she was just asking Chronois-san unreasonable requests, just as usual.

It was a sight that they cant show to the Trinians who are supposed to be showing their gratitude to such Gods.

[When it comes to Christmas, we need Santa Claus. Therefore, Im ordering you to play as Santa Claus.]

[Y- Yes! By Shallow Vernal-samas will……]

[Well then……]


Even though I feel like Chronois-san is somewhat exhausted, Chronois-san is absolutely obedient to Shiro-san, so she agrees with her command, even though she was slumping her shoulders.

Thereupon, Shiro-san lightly shakes her finger…… and Chroonois-sans clothing changed into a red and white outfit.

[S- Shallow Vernal-sama! W- W- What in the world is this!]

[Its Santa Claus.]

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[No, I dont think it is.]

Shiro-san, that isnt Santa Claus, thats just cosplaying as Santa Claus…… Its even a mini-skirt…… Moreover, its kind of hard for me to look at her because her legs are so long that it looks like shes wearing a really mini-skirt.

[M- Miyama…… Dont look……. For mercys sake……]

[……Good work again today.]

Turning my face away from the blushing Chronois-san who was trying to endure her shyness, I looked at the Sanctuary that was completely dyed in all colors of Christmas.

A giant Christmas tree and beautiful snowfall…… For some reason, the snow doesnt get me wet when my body touches it, but it only beautifully dyes the landscape with its white colors…… Well, it might be early for me to say this, but Shiro-san can really do anything huh.

[Ive also prepared some socks.]

[……Arent they too absurdly large]

[Yes. Thats where Santa Claus puts the presents that you wish for. Im looking forward to it.]

[Eh I- I will do that]

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Whoa there, she made an unreasonable request again, and hearing what she said, Chronois-san is clearly shaken.

I guess thats to be expected, after all, the fact that Shiro-san is looking forward to it is something very important for Chronois-san…… a God, so she cant afford to fail.

However, Shiro-sans present is what shes wishing for…… I wonder what that is To be honest, I cant imagine it at all. I mean, Shiro-san can create just about anything, so I cant imagine her wanting something……

As I was wondering about that question, Chronois-san timidly took out a card from the humongous sock, and checked what was written on it…… and her shoulders slumped.

[……Ummm, Shallow Vernal-sama]

[What is it]

[……I dont think this is something I can do anything about……]

[Is that so, I guess youre right.]

After Chronois-san tells her that she cant do it, Shiro-san nods without seeming to be particularly blaming her.

In front of me, who was tilting my head, wondering what in the world Shiro-san had written on the card, Chronois-san gently…… held out the card to me, with a somewhat pitying look on her face.

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When I received the card that was folded in half, I opened it up to find…… “Kaito-sans Kiss (in a romantic atmosphere)”…… Written in a really neat handwriting, which is typical of Shiro-san……


Oi, oi, wait a moment there, what the heck are you making her do now…… No, if it werent for those parentheses, it would have been fine. However, making me kiss her “in a romantic atmosphere” raises the bar ridiculously high.

I- I never thought that she would throw an unreasonable request to me after I came here…… Shiro-san, how frightening.

[……Im looking forward to it.]

[……Y- Yes. Ill do my best.]

I felt Shiro-sans words, that she said without any inflections, placed a heavy pressure on me, but for the time being, I decided to just enjoy the party.

The participants of the party held in the God Realm were, of course, only the three Supreme Gods and me, and along with Shiro-san, the party was made up of 5 people.

Fate-san was incessantly laughing at Chronois-san, and she seems to be enjoying herself very much…… And Life-san was serenely smiling, but for some reason, she wore a dress that was openly showing her cleavage, and her violent charm unintentionally made me fight against my reason again.

That noisy party had died down, and Shiro-san and I were looking out at the snowy landscape of the Sanctuary.

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[Shiro-san, I had a great time today. Thank you for inviting me.]

[No. I guess…… I also felt the same.]

Shiro-san was still looking at the scenery with her expressionless face as she told me that with her inflectionless voice, but Ive been with her for a while now, and I could tell that she was enjoying herself.

There was an embarrassing silence for a while, though it isnt making us feel uncomfortable, while Shiro-san and I just silently continued watching the snow.

[……Isnt it difficult]

[Eh What is]

[……Isnt dating me difficult]


This is probably because of this peculiar atmosphere, but Shiro-san sounded unusually unsure…… as if she was anxious.

Even though her emotions are hard to read, Shiro-san isnt an emotionless robot. There would certainly be times when she feels insecure, and its natural for her to have at least one thing to worry about.

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Hearing Shiro-sans words, I turned my body towards her and looking into her beautiful golden eyes, I spoke.

[Indeed, its difficult, I feel like Im constantly being pushed around.]

[I see……]

[However, I felt more fun and happy compared to that.]


[I enjoy being with Shiro-san. Id like to spend more time with you…… Thats why I dont feel distressed in our relationship at all.]


After I told her how I felt without lying, I smiled, and Shiro-sans eyes slightly widened…… before she slightly smiled.

[……I wonder how many years I have lived now. Ive seen so much, known so much, and even though I had been standing in a position that is near-omnipotent…… I still seem to be far from being omniscient.]


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[No, perhaps, theres no such thing as “omniscience” in this world. The world is shifting and changing, giving birth to new knowledge within the layers and layers of endless dreams.]

After speaking until there, Shiro-san gave me a smile too beautiful and gentle, as if the beauty of the world had been condensed on her smile.

[It seems like a long time ago that I thought I had no emotions…… Now, Im having fun and feeling happy…… And those are things you taught me… Thank you.]

[Then, I should thank you too. Im really happy to have met you, Shiro-san…… Thank you.]

[Fufu….. Yes.]

After letting out a warm smile that captivates all who see it, Shiro-san gently closed her eyes, and I slowly hugged her shoulders and pulled her close to me.

And then, gently…… Filled with all my feelings for her, on this Christmas Eve, I gave my present to my beloved Goddess.

I think its getting sweeter here.

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