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The 5th Day of the Wind month…… Its been 3 full days today, but my body is in good spirits thanks to the fruits of the World Tree, and the sleepiness Im feeling is only from mental fatigue…… but I somehow managed to push through with fighting spirit.

The problem is that if I relax, Ill most probably fall asleep but…… Unnn, its fine as long as I dont get distracted. I just have to keep focusing and itll be fine! Unnn I might have been a bit too high.

But well, Ive been working on it like this…… but the world isnt that sweet.

I was trying to get through these difficult times with fighting spirit and will-power, but here I was, sitting in a seiza on the floor of my room, that Im familiar with, feeling more scared than ever before.

[……Kaito-kun. Do you know why Im mad]

[……I- Im sorry.]

[Im not asking your forgiveness here, you know Im asking you if you know why Im mad.]


Currently in front of me is the Shura…… Kuro, who is angrier than ever before.

With her arms crossed in front of her chest, Kuros voice sounded calm as she admonished me but…… her eyes are completely staring at me. Frankly speaking, Im outrageously scared.

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The beginning of this event began when Kuro, who came to supervise me as I embed the technique again today, learned of my current situation.

I thought I was doing a good job of deceiving Kuro, but I couldnt deceive her eyes, and when she questioned me about it, I confessed to her that I had been up all night…… and this is the result.

Yes, I was getting my just desserts but…… T- This situation is seriously frightening. Black mist is leaking out of Kuros body, and I could tell that shes really angry.

[……T- Thats because Ive been staying up all night……]

[Unnn. Thats right. You were up all night “for three days without telling me”, werent you]

[……Y- Y- Y- Yes!]

I feel so terrified that I reflexively returned back to using honorifics, but Kuro only smiles at me, while looking at me with eyes that arent smiling at all…… Im super scared.

[I told you, didnt I I properly told you…… not to push yourself, didnt I]

[Y- Yes. You said that……]

[And Kaito-kun said that you understand, right You told me that you would properly sleep…… didnt you]

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[……I said that.]

[……Should I forcefully make you sleep here]


As my body shakes in fear, Kuro is silent for a while as she looks down at me, sweating like a waterfall.

Wrapped in nervousness that makes me feel like Im being pricked by needles all over my body, I waited for Kuros words, just like a prisoner awaiting his death sentence…… before Kuro lets out a big sigh.

[……Hahh…… Geez, seriously, Kaito-kun is……]

[K- Kuro]

[Didnt I tell you that you would make it if you just keep going at this pace And yet, why are you being this rash…….]

[T- That is……]

It isnt the same voice that sent chills down my spine a moment ago, but shes speaking in an amazed tone of voice.

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It seems that her anger has subsided a bit, as when I timidly looked at her face…… Her eyes that were still completely staring at me, had somehow turned calmer.

[……The Fruit of the World Tree may restore your vitality, but it wont make your mental fatigue disappear, you know]


[Youre going to properly explain this to me, wouldnt you The reason why youre being this rash……]

[U- Unnn.]

If possible, I wanted to give it to her as a surprise, but I couldnt not say anything here.

In fact, I worried her so much that she got really angry with me, and although its been a while since I have last done it, I think my bad habit of not being able to see my surroundings when I concentrate came out.

Ill reflect on that and use it as reference for the future, but first, lets properly explain the situation to Kuro.

[……In fact, in addition to the gift I wanted to give to Lilia-san, I also wanted to give one to Kuro and Isis-san, and to the people who helped me to work on this, so I increased the number of music boxes I will make……]


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[I had to change all the songs and designs, so I was lacking in time…… but I didnt want to put off your gifts, so I figured I should just cut back on my sleep…… Im really sorry.]

[……For me A present The music box]

[U- Unnn…… Ive always been under Kuro, Isis-san and the others care after all…… So I wanted to take this opportunity to properly thank everyone for helping me.]


When I honestly told her why, I timidly looked up at Kuros face again…… and saw Kuro had a complex expression of mixed anger and joy.

She tried speaking a few times, but then, I dont know if she couldnt find the words to say or not, but she remained silent with a troubled expression on her face, she tries to speak again…… after a few moments of that, as if she finally squeezes out the words out of her mouth, Kuro mutters.

[……Thats not fair…… Geez, theres no way I could get angry if you say it like that……]


[Ahh, geez!}

[ ! ]

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With a voice that feels somewhat desperate, my hand is pulled and I am forced to lie down on Kuros lap.

[Im happy for your feelings for me, Kaito-kun, but it would be all for naught if Kaito-kun you push yourself too hard and collapse!]

[Ugghhh…… Its as you say.]

[……But well…… Im sure youre going to somehow do your best again with this…… Hahh…… Geez, it cant be helped……]

[Eh T- This is]

Kuro looked astounded, but still, with a somewhat gentle smile on her face, she held out her hand over me, who was lying on her lap.

Thereupon, a pale light flowed from Kuros hand, and when it touched my head…… My head gradually became clearer and the sleepiness I felt began fading.

[The Fruit of the World Tree wont cure mental fatigue, but I can use Mental Interference Magic.]

[S- So that magic exists……]

[Well, Kaito-kun has Shiros blessing, so youll probably nullify most of the others Mental Interference Magic, so Im the only one who can cast this to you, you know]

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A magic that heals mental fatigue…… If its Kuro, she would certainly know of such magic.

How should I describe this…… Along with the feeling of her hand on my forehead, the feeling of fatigue is being soothed…… It feels incredibly pleasant.

[……For the time being, Ill support you with this magic until Lilia-chans birthday.]

[……Eh I- Is that alright]

[I mean, if I just let this matter go, youll probably still be rash…… So, Ill make sure that youre safe by watching over you.]


Theres no way for me to argue with that. What she said is absolutely right.

Ill probably try to get it done in time for whatever reason…… Unnn, I guess Kuro can see me doing that.

[However, this is just something like a first-aid treatment, okay This magic doesnt completely heal all of your mental fatigue…… So, promise me…… After Lilia-chans birthday, youll get at least three days of rest…… Understand]

[…….Unnn. I understand.]

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[Unnn. Then, thats good.]

When I nodded, Kuro smiled at me like a blooming flower.

Seeing that beautiful, adorable smile, I feel Kuros kindness…… and my heart is filled with warm happiness.

As I laid down on Kuros lap, Kuro gently pats my head and with a smile on her face, she spoke.

[……Hey, Kaito-kun. Is there something else you want to do Say whatever you want……]


Her smile that was like that of the Holy Mother, just looking at her made me feel happy…… but at the same time, I also felt thirsty for a certain emotion.

As the feelings of love and affection overflowed from Kuro…… Her gentle words of encouragement pushed my back, making me silently ask.

[……Can I kiss you]


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When Kuro hears my request, she immediately nods and moves her face closer to mine, slowly overlapping her lips over me.

Were so close that our breaths could be felt by each other, and I can clearly see my eyes in her beautiful golden eyes.



As if to confirm something, we called each others names once…… and the distance between Kuro and I became zero.

Dear Mom, Dad——— Its an old bad habit of mine to only look straight in line when Im focused. In the end, I caused Kuro to worry, and I need to reflect on that. However, it may be shameful to say this…… but when I see Kuro sincerely worried about me like this, even though I should be reflecting—— My happiness only grew.

Serious-senpai: [In the end, it all leads to you two flirting with each other!]

Serious-senpai: [……No more…… This protagonist……]

New novel chapters are published on lightnovelworl_d.com

The Nocturne Chapters continues…… (Big Lie.)

T/N: Nocturne = picture of a night scene. I think thats what the author means here. The word Nocturne is literally written in katakana so…-

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