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25th day of the Earth month. Its been three days since Lilia-san achieved her long-cherished dream at Amalie-sans birthday party.

Im in a bit of a pickle at the moment…… That is because at the party, Lilia-san kissed me, which was very surprising, and I was able to reaffirm my own feelings at the same time as I knew how she felt. At that point, it was good.

……The problem is that after three days, not only has there been no progress with our relationships, but there has been no progress…… It seems that it has made our relationship quite awkward.

Since that day, I dont know if I should say that Lilia-san has been avoiding me or not…… When I talk to her, she flusteredly put an end to our conversation and goes away.

If I had to guess why, Id say it was because of that kiss…… Because for Lilia-san, its like shes already confessed her feelings, and I can understand why the shy Lilia-san is that flustered.

Currently, Im in a situation where she isnt responding to me, and Im sure shes feeling anxious and doesnt know how she should treat me.

However, the problem is that when I try to talk to her about it, she runs away immediately, so the conversation never progresses and theres no chance for me to express my feelings.

Moreover, she isnt just lightly avoiding me, she straight up dashes away…… Just a slight hint of that topic peeking out, she would disappear from my field of sight with frightening speed…… Im feeling troubled.

[……So thats how it is, but what do you think I should do]

[I see, so thats why Lili was acting strange at that time…… Hmmm.]

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Hearing my story, Sieg-san tilted her head, looking troubled.

I consulted Sieg-san, thinking that she was the best person in this mansion to ask for advice, but it really doesnt seem to be easy to do.

[With Lilis personality, shes probably run away even if you pushed her….. Though I say that, that doesnt mean you can just let this drag on and on…… She might be troublesome, but theres a really steady method through this situation.]

[Ohhh, what kind of method is that]

[Yes, that is——- [ I have heard the situation ! ] ———!]

[……Eh Lunamaria-san]

Hearing a sharp voice interrupting Sieg-sans words, when I looked back at the source of the voice, there stood Lunamaria-san…… Why is she leaning against the wall with her arms crossed Also, I dont know why you have that smug smile on your face, but stop that, its kind of irritating me……

Lunamaria-san, who suddenly appeared, spoke with a nasty grin on her face, lightly placing her finger on her forehead.

[……Let this Pilot of Love guide you through this sea of predicament!]

[……Lunamaria-san, arent you ashamed, calling yourself that]

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[Why did you calmly tsukkomi! M- Miyama-sama…… A good man would go with the flow here, you know]

[I- Is that so……]

To be honest, I dont think I can rely on this self-proclaimed Pilot of Love at all, and after silently letting out a smile that really seemed to put on airs, she greatly nodded and turned towards us.

[……I have a great idea!]

[Ah, no thanks.]

[Wait right there! Miyama-sama!]

[So, Sieg-san. The steady method youre talking about……]

[Youll just ignore me!]

……Thats most probably because what she thinks wouldnt work. I dont need to hear about it anymore.

Also, theres simply a difference in my trust between Lunamaria-san and Sieg-san…… I dont even have to think about which one to consult between the kind and sincere Sieg-san or the twisted Lunamaria-san, who teases people so much that it feels like its her purpose in life.

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But well, she seems to have lots of confidence in her idea…… So if its just listening, I guess that should be fine Im not really expecting anything from her answer though…… I mean, thats Lunamaria-san were talking about here.

[……I- I wonder why I somehow feel like Im being spoken ill of within Miyama-samas mind……]

[……Huhh… Fine. Then, please let me hear your idea just in case.]

[Ive brought the keys to My Ladys room, so you——- [ Rejected. Thank you, next. ] ——– Isnt that too fast!]

[……Luna, cant you be a bit more serious……]

Suggesting me to go night-crawling, I knew that she would be suggesting a stupid idea…… It was stupid of me to think that theres even a chance that she would make a serious suggestion.

Deciding that I should ignore Lunamaria-san once again, I called out to Sieg-san, who is just as dumbfounded as I am.

[Sieg-san, can I ask what your suggestion is again]

[Eh Yes, though I say that, my suggestion is normal…… I think you should give her a present. It would be Lilis birthday soon, and I think it will be enough of an opportunity to talk.]

[……Eh Lilia-sans…… birthday]

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I couldnt help but ask back because I was more interested in what Sieg-san said, being that it would soon be Lilia-sans birthday.

[Yes, its on the 7th day of the Wind month, the month before the Light month.]

[……Isnt that real soon already!]

[Fumu, thats a pretty good idea, Sieg. Were going to be having a small party at the mansion, and you can give your present at that time……]

[……Youre still here huh, Lunamaria-san.]

Although I was dumbfounded since Lunamaria-san still joined the conversation, I felt that it was indeed a good idea.

Including today, there are only twelve days until the 7th day of the Wind month…… I think thats plenty of time enough for me to prepare my present.

Besides, Lilia-san has always been a big help to me, and she even gave me that formal suit the other day…… I was just thinking about getting her something in return…… Since it would give me a chance to talk to Lilia-san and thank her, I think it was like killing two birds with one stone.

[It certainly is a really good idea…… Thank you, Sieg-san! Im really glad that I consulted Sieg-san!]

[I- Is that so I- If youre glad about that, then Im happy too.]

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[Sieg-san has really always been helping me……]

[Thats not true. Im the one whos always being helped by Kaito-san instead.]

[……If youre going to flirt, could you please do it somewhere else]

Feeling really glad that I consulted with Sieg-san, I held her hand, and Sieg-san bashfully smiled at me, her cheeks blushing red.

When I was feeling somewhat happy seeing her cute actions…… I heard Lunamaria-sans voice, sounding somewhat amazed.

[Kaito-san, if theres anything I can help you, please tell me anything.]

[Thank you very much. Hearing you say that feels really reassuring.]

[Well, I guess it cant be helped…… for Miyama-sama and My Ladys sake, this unworthy Lunamaria would also pitch in and……]

[No, thank you.]

[Wait! Miyama-sama, isnt your attitude to me different from your treatment with Sieg! Is your lover that important!!!]

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[Guhhh…… M- Miyama-sama has already come to say such things huh.]

Putting aside Lunamaria-sans dubious offer of cooperation, thanks to Sieg-sans help, Ive decided on an objective and I will now try to work towards it.

Dear Mom, Dad——– Because of what happened before, it seems that Lilia-san has been deliberately ignoring me. In order to solve this problem, and in order to convey my feelings to Lilia-san——– Ive decided to carry out “Operation: Present”.

The theme of Lilias arc is that Kaito will do his best for Lilia.

Starting from the next chapter, Kaito will go around to find Lilias birthday present.

Serious-senpai: [……Not like it matters…… coz in the end…… it will always have a happy ending.]

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