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The 21st day of the Earth month. Im currently getting ready in front of the mirror.

In the mirror, Im dressed in a gleaming black-based formal attire, and my hair set so slickly that I looked like a noble…… perhaps.

This outfit was given to me by Lilia-san the other day, and it looks like she prepared it for the place were heading to this time.

Today, Im supposed to attend the birthday party of Amalie, the first princess of the Symphonia Kingdom, at the royal palace.

Amalie-san is the first in line to the throne, so this party seems to be quite the prestigious one, so I have to dress appropriately to attend.

While I was checking in front of the mirror a few times more, I heard a knock on the door and along with Sieg-san, who came to pick me up, were going to the carriage that had been prepared for us.

As we continued down the corridor side by side, Sieg-san looked at me with a serious expression on her face and spoke.

[……Its finally time, isnt it]


Of course, Sieg-san knows what this party means. No, since shes one of the people concerned with this situation, she would obviously know about it.

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The purpose of this party was not only to celebrate Amalie-sans birthday, but theres something of great significance that would happen on this day.

For Lilia-san, Sieg-san and Lunamaria-san, its the day to settle a past feud…… Today, Lilia-san brought the evidence Alice has gathered for her and would use it to expose the crimes of the nobles who once entrapped the Second Division of the Knights Order.

The scenario seems to have been assembled by Alice and has already been passed on to Lilia-san, as well as to Ryze-san and Amalie-san.

I dont know the details that much though…… To be honest, Im not a great actor, and so that I wouldnt accidentally slip it out, I decided on not asking anything at all.

Its just that my only regret is that…… The fact that this party is a very prestigious one means that the number of people allowed into will be considerably narrowed down.

[……Luna and I will not be allowed in the assembly hall. Kaito-san…… Please take care of Lili.]

[Yes…… Though I said that, its not like I can do anything special……]

The people that can attend this party are limited to the head of the house with a peerage within the Symphonia Kingdom, the heads marriage partner and their child who is first in line to being their successor, and the rest of the limits were restricted for guests from other countries, and since Lilia-san is the head of the house, shes eligible to attend, but Im originally not allowed to attend.

Thanks to Ryze-san arranging for me as a substitute for Mitsunaga-kun, who was playing the role of Hero, I was able to enter the assembly hall as well.

No, well, even without that, Im sure it would work out if someone like Kuro arranged it for me but…… I cant make myself conspicuous at all, since the leading actor of this play is Lilia-san.

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[Just the mere fact that Kaito-san is accompanying Lili makes her voice as a noble stronger, and that alone is more than enough support.]

[Is that so…… Well, if I can help Lilia-san, Ill do my best.]

[Yes, Ill be waiting for the good news.]

More than a dozen minutes of travel by carriage…… We finally arrived at the royal castle, and what I saw was an overwhelming sight of gleaming carriages lined up in rows.

Just the fact that there are lots of authoritative personnel gathering in this place, is enough reason as to why the security in this place is so tight…… Many knights were lined up around the gates of the castle, ready to move when needed.

We presented our invitation to the gatekeeper and entered the castle. Only those with an invitation are allowed to enter the assembly hall, but each person may bring up to three guards to the assembly hall.

As for Alice, I decided not to count her as she would make a scene if she showed up, so I asked Anima, Eta and Theta to follow me as my guards.

All three of them had been instructed by Sieg-san and Lunamaria-san beforehand, and so, they were following behind at a distance from Lilia-san and I, who were walking side by side.

[I knew that this was supposed to be such a place that would have tight security, but the atmosphere is different from the last time we came here.]

{Yes, the First Princess is that important to this country.]

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[……I wonder if its alright though Shes letting us use the assembly hall that was supposed to be for an important occasion……]

I whispered to Lilia-san, who was dressed in a beautifully decorated, luxurious dress instead of the simple one she always wore.

Pursuing the sins of the past in a place where a great number of nobles gathered…… This should be very effective, and hopefully, public opinion will be on Lilia-sans side.

Incidentally, as far as timing apparently goes, the most effective time is right before the party starts, and thats where were going to do it.

[Its alright. That child is much tougher than I am. Anyway, I have no doubt that she will definitely use it to successfully solidify her own position.]

[I- Is that the case]

[Yes, the call of the most likely candidate for the throne isnt that much before she herself becomes the king after all.]

When I met her before, she looked like a bright and elegant princess, but that was just the way she interacted with her family, and apparently, she behaves differently in official assembly halls. I guess I should say that its to be expected from royalty huh……

In the meantime, we reached the entrance of the assembly hall and at one end, we were separated from all the guards here.

[Well then, master. We will wait on standby in the vicinity of the assembly hall. If anything happens, well immediately rush over, so dont worry.]

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[Unnn. Im counting on you, Anima.]


[Eta and Theta too, Im counting on you two.]

[ [ Yes! ] ]

Encouraged by their firm responses, I took one look at Lilia-san next to me, who was also being encouraged by Sieg-san and Lunamaria-san, and then, we walked into the assembly hall together.

Inside the assembly hall, it looked like an extravagant room that Ive only seen from anime and games.

It was such a dazzling and overwhelming sight that I felt as if the entire hall was shining. Everywhere I looked, I could see wealthy-looking…… people that seem to be nobles.

Ah, this is bad…… Im starting to get nervous now. Its not like Im going to do anything directly, but a place where so many people are gathered together is still a hard hurdle to overcome for a former loner like me.

While I was thinking like that, I felt the hem of my clothes being lightly plucked. Turning around, I saw Lilia-san, looking at me with a slightly anxious expression on her face.

[……This is no good. I have been away from social circles for a while now…… and standing here makes me strangely nervous.]

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[It certainly is a pretty amazing sight, isnt it …… Im also strangely nervous.]

[Even Kaito-san is nervous]

[Wait right there, Lilia-san What the heck do you think I am]

[I- Im sorry!]

I dont know what kind of being with a spirit of steel Im being made to be in Lilia-sans mind…… I think she was just overestimating me, but that also shows how much she trusts me, so Im a bit…… no, Im quite happy.

For all sorts of things, Lilia-san has been helping me ever since I came to this world.

If Lilia-san wasnt the first person I met when I first arrived in this world…… Im sure that I wouldnt be the person I am today.

Thats why Im grateful to Lilia-san from the bottom of my heart, and why I want to be her strength when the time comes.

[……Lilia-san, I know theres not much I can do for you but…… I will be rooting for you. Please do your best.]

[……Kaito-san. Thank you. Those words are really reassuring.]

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Hearing my words, Lilia-san happily smiled, and looked around the assembly hall, her eyes filled with a strong light…… and silently stared at a certain spot.

Dear Mom, Dad——– I came to the royal palace to attend Amalie-sans birthday party. Lilia-sans dearest wish…… to confront the people who once tormented Lilia-san and the others——- is just around the corner.

At the same time, a light fills the building behind the temple in the Symphonia Kingdom, where the gate leading to the God Realm is located.

[……Now then, according to Phantasmal Kings letter, its about time……]

The Goddess begins to leisurely walk, her deep blue hair fluttering with the wind and her differently-colored eyes staring forward.

The scenario written by the Phantasmal King…… And she plays an important role in it. Shes Lilias trump card.

[Well then, I guess I should head towards the royal palace……]

After muttering that, the Supreme God who governs time…… Chronois went to her friend to stand by her side.

And thus, Lilias Arc starts.

The source of this content is lightno_velw_o_rl_d.com

Serious-senpai: [I- I wont be fooled…… I wont be fooled by this candy-like chapter in front of me…… It would probably be that way again, right It would head towards that pattern, right You know, the one where you start with “This is it!” feeling, only to be quickly resolved in the next chapter!]

Serious-senpai: [D*mn youuuuuuuuuu!!!]

T/N: Sorry, a bit late. I was reading Ookumo-chan Flashback and couldnt put it down until I caught up with the latest chapters so…-

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