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It was the morning of my fourth day in Rigforeshia. Im now standing in the kitchen with Sieg-san by my side.

[……What do you think about this Sieg-san]

[Yes, its skillfully made. However, you could have let it fry a bit more……]

[I see.]

With Sieg-san giving me advice while shes by my side, Im making breakfast.

What Im currently making are sunny-side-up eggs…… However, the egg Im frying now is somewhat different from normal. The eggs are so big, its almost like Im frying ostrich eggs.

The fact that Sieg-san and I are currently cooking is like a thank you to Rei-san and Fia-san.

To be honest, my cooking skills are really amateurish, and I dont think I can compare to Fia-sans cooking skills, but Rei-san and Fia-san were really happy when I suggested that I make them breakfast.

Well, it seems like theyre acting the same as usual, as the two of them teased us by saying that what were making is a “married couple collaboration breakfast”, and Sieg-san scolded them for it.

It was supposed to have only been four days, but a lot of things have happened…… Just like that time with the Sacred Tree Festival, I feel like my day is intense when I come to Rigforeshia.

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The first day I was here, as Id become famous in Rigforeshia, I was surprised at how welcoming the atmosphere really was…… I later heard that the elite of the elves had planned to hold a big party for the whole town the night I arrived, but Rei-san and Fia-san refused for me. Im really grateful for that.

On the second day, the most memorable memory I have on that day would be that I have made great progress with my relationship with Sieg-san, and we became lovers.

I wasnt sure how to answer her back then, but now, here I am, cooking side by side with Sieg-san…… I feel peaceful and happy.

I really think Im a lucky person to have a lovely woman like Sieg-san as my lover.

On the third day, generally speaking, Rei-san and Fia-san were causing a great ruckus.

The fact that Sieg-san and I are now lovers, I guess thats what brought the two of them out of control…… But they were trying to make us wear pair attires, trying to show off our relationship to the whole city, deliberately trying to get Sieg-san and I to be alone, and was trying to get me to take a bath with her, they were getting very aggressive.

Well, for the great ruckus they caused, they received Sieg-sans iron fist and scolding but…… I dont think those two are going to learn their lesson.

It really has been an intense day for the past four days, and the thought of going home today makes me feel kind of sad.

[Oohh, they look great.]

[They really look good.]

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Thanks to Sieg-sans help more than half the time, the breakfast somehow came out looking great, and Rei-san and Fia-san happily smiled as we lay them out on the table.

And then, the four of us took our seats at the table and started eating our breakfast…… Unnn, I think I did an okay job.

[Heehhh… Miyama-kun is skillful at cooking too huh.]

[No, I dont think I would have been able to make them this great without Sieg-sans help……]

[Thats not true. Kaito-san is skillful already, and after you practiced more, you should be able to steadily improve.]

[Thank you.]

Thanking Fia-san and Sieg-san for their gentle praise, we then went on to eat breakfast while chatting.

[……Speaking of which, when are you two going to return to the royal capital]

[Errr, we plan to return by noon…… but since were going to return with my Teleportation Magic Item, the time we return is rather adjustable.]

[Eh Miyama-kun, you have a Teleportation Magic Tool Thats amazing…… If youre going to use a Teleportation Magic Tool that could transfer you from here to the royal capital, I guess it would be about…… 10 white gold coins]

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[It would fluctuate depending on if its reusable and the time needed to reuse it, but the price wouldnt be below 1,200,000 R, but beyond that, the techniques used for the Teleportation Magic Tool would be complicated and difficult to acquire. It would be very hard to get a hold of it without costing a fortune, so it would be very valuable.]

It seems that Teleportation Magic Tools really are very expensive, and the oes that can go back and forth between Rigforeshia and the royal capital are at least 120 million yen…… I wonder how much this one on my arm would cost……

[Errr, this was made for me by someone I know……]

[ [ Someone you know ] ]

[Kuro…… Underworld King, I mean.]

[ [ Bfuhhh! ] ]

When I explained that my Teleportation Magic Tool was something that Kuro gave me, Rei-san and Fia-san looked astonished, their eyes wide open.

Although they stiffened for a while, they started moving a little later.

[……W- Well~~ As expected of Miyama-kun. For Underworld King-sama herself to make you a magic tool……

[T- Thats right. Ive heard that youre close…… lovers with the Underworld King-sama, but Im surprised again.]

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[Incidentally, Father, Mother. The bracelet Kaito-san is wearing on his left arm right now is that magic tool.]

[……Eh No, what are you talking about, Sieg No matter how great, clean and wonderful Underworld King-samas technique is…… Teleportation Magic consumes a great deal of magic power, so theres no way a small magic crystal like that could……]

I can understand Rei-sans thoughts when he said he couldnt believe it. Because, as I recall, the magic crystal used on my magic tool is a substance with a completely new property compared to ordinary magic crystals.

Rei-sans reaction is normal. Its just that Shiro-san is beyond the norm……

[By the way, that magic crystal was a gift to Kaito-san from God of Creation-sama.]

[……Huh N- No, w- what kind of absurdity are you……]

[H- Hes right, Sieg-chan…… The God of Creation-sama giving something to anyone, Ive never heard of anything like that before……]

[……I can understand why you think its unbelievable.]

[ [ ……Seriously ] ]


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[ [ Eeeehhhh! ] ]

Its unusual for the God of Creation Shiro-san to give something to a human being…… or perhaps, its even unprecedented in the past.

When I saw them looking so surprised, I realized once again what an amazing person she is…… Its kind of hard to think like that though, as my image of her is an amazing person whos a bit of an airhead.

(Ill have some fruit sticks as a souvenir too.)

Why did you just say that now! You know that I went shopping for souvenirs yesterday, right! Why didnt you just tell me that yesterday!!!

(I dunno)

……Let me correct that. Shes an amazing person whos one heck of an airhead.

Things got busy at the breakfast table, explaining things and such, and before I knew it, it was getting close to the time we were scheduled to leave.

[Well then, Rei-san, Fia-san, thank you for looking after me for the past few days.]

[Yeah, we also had fun while youre here.]

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[Yes, come visit us again anytime you want.]

[……You and Sieg are now officially together anyway, so we consider you family. Dont be shy, feel free to visit us.]

[……Yes. Thank you.]

There are some aspects where they would joke around and they would cause a ruckus, but I still think that both Rei-san and Fia-san are great people.

Feeling the corners of my eyes heat up a bit at the warm words echoing in my ears, I deeply bowed my head and said my thanks.

Then, following us on the front door while Sieg-san and I left the house, they saw us off while greatly waving their hand.

Incidentally, I decided to buy a souvenir for Shiro-san before we left…… In some ways or another, Ive always been in her care, so if the person in question wants it, theres no reason for me to not buy it.

Its just that Im not sure how Im going to give it to her. Does that mean Shiro-san is coming to visit the Human Realm again

(Then, I invite you to the God Realm.)

Ehh Ah, wait…… What are you suddenly saying I mean, is it really that easy to get there

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(Ill have the God of Time and Space arrange it.)

And thus, I should have known, it was typical for Chronois-san to have the duties thrown towards her…… Shes really pitiful.

Dear Mom, Dad——- And thats how my second visit to Rigforeshia came to an end…… I have experienced many precious memories—— and I sincerely want to come back here to visit again.

Airhead: [Go invite Kaito-san here.]

Troubled God: [……Huh N- No, but, thats unprecedented……. It would also need to go through lots of procedures……]

Airhead: [I leave it to you.]

Troubled God: [……Y- Yes. By your will……]

Airhead: [Also, Im thinking of going into the onsen with Kaito-san…… You can come in too.]

Troubled God: [Bfuuh!]

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That wraps up Siegs arc.

And also, a light teaser for the next chapter (Its the usual spoiler)

Being spoiled by the little girl (1 chapter away) ⇒ It seems that Mama is coming (2 chapters) ⇒ It seems that hes going to come visit the airhead (A few chapters later) ⇒ It seems that spring is coming for our Duchess-sama (Lilia arc) ⇒ It seems that Seigi-kun is going to make his entrance again (several chapters later)

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