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One afternoon, I was meeting with an unexpected person in the reception room.

[Fumu, as expected of good tea leaves, this is very tasty.]

Sitting in the seat opposite me, taking a sip of her tea with a smile, was Laguna-san, the Hydra Kingdom's King.

Incidentally, it's not unusual for Laguna-san to visit my house, and she does so at least once a month. However, when she comes to my house, her main purpose was basically to have a mock battle with Lilia-san, and after that, she comes to see me.

But today, she came directly to my house instead of going to Lilia-san's house first, which was unusual for her.

[Speaking of which, is your work today going to be alright]

[Umu. Rather, my visit today is part of my work. That's why I was sent here to the reception room instead of your room, Kaito.]

This is unusual for Laguna-san, who tends to skip out on everything except meetings. Even so, this is part of her job So, does that mean that this time, she's come to visit as the Hydra Kingdom's King

But if that's the case, I still don't understand why she's visiting me instead of Lilia-san.

As I was thinking about this, Laguna-san, perhaps sensing my doubts, slightly smiled and began to talk about the main topic.

[It seemed like you were wondering why. However, you don't have to be that on guard. It's not like I've brought you any trouble…… Well then, going straight to my business, I'm here to "invite" you.]


[Umu. A few years ago, there was a plan to build a new tourist attraction in the Hydra Kingdom. Well, to put it bluntly, it's a beach. It was supervised by me and the rest of the Mermaids, and with the wonderful scenery around the area, it makes a perfect spot for swimming. The beach will soon be open to the public, but before we do, I thought of inviting you, someone I'm friends with.]

[……I see.]

So, to sum it up, she's talking about a new beach, and she's inviting me to come to visit it……

[But well, that was the official stance! In reality, we also have our own ulterior motive!]

[……Official stance Ulterior motive]

[Umu. It was actually more of that, you know, trying to "put more weight" on what we're doing. The place I'm inviting you is a place I am confident in……. but well, we just wanted to add a sales pitch in our beach stating "Our beach has been visited by the Six Kings and the Supreme Gods".]

[……Is that really something you should proudly declare]

[Ahh~~ I don't like going around in circles. In short, I'm offering you a private beach before it opens. In exchange, I'd like you to invite your lovers to come and play with you!]

How should I say this…… I really like this straightforwardness of Laguna-san. She doesn't try to make things complicated, so it's easier for me to accept her suggestions.

In fact, Laguna-san's suggestion isn't a bad one. The fact that she came to visit as a King, and went out of her way to say that she was reserving the beach for, I'm sure that we'll be able to enjoy ourselves and play without worry.

I haven't been to the beach since the last time I went with Shiro-san, so I'd certainly like to go again. I think it might be a good opportunity for me and my lovers to go together.

[Errr, I'll have to check everyone's schedules…… but since you've invited me, I thought of coming to visit.]

[Ohh, I see! That would be great. Well then, when you decide on a date you'd come to visit, contact me with a hummingbird and I'll be responsible for renting the beach for you.]

[Thank you very much.]

When I gave her my approval, Laguna-san became cheerful. Although she usually says she wants to quit being the King, for her to be happy to do what benefits her country, she really is quite the kingly person.

That being said, I'm still a guy, and the thought of swimming with my lovers excites me to no end. I'd really like to try splitting up a watermelon…… When I went to the beach with Shiro-san, she broke the sea apart along with the watermelon, so I'll be careful that that won't happen this time.

Now then, the most important thing to consider when making plans for swimming is the schedule of my lovers. We would have to plan our schedule accordingly. So, I decided to ask them about their plans and invite them to go swimming in turn.

In terms of location, the closest and easiest people to ask about their schedules are Lilia-san, Sieg-san and Anima but…… the quickest one I could go would be the Sanctuary, which I could reach through the gate magic tool in my room.

Although she didn't directly mention her, I'm pretty sure that Shiro-san is the one Laguna-san wanted to see the most, so let's check her schedule first.

Well, I could just ask Shiro-san in my mind, but that would be somewhat tasteless, so I decided to visit the Sanctuary and invite her.

After her, I think I should talk to Lilia-san, Sieg-san and Anima, and then, visit Isis-san and Fate-san…… No, I guess I should go to Fate-san's temple after going to the Sanctuary I can ask Kuro when she visits tonight, and as for Alice…… Well, she'll definitely have an open schedule, so I can just ask her at the right time……

With this thought in mind, I passed through the gate and arrived at the Sanctuary, and I saw Shiro-san, as if she had been waiting for me…… or rather, she's definitely waiting for me.

[Hello, Shiro-san.]

[Hello, is something the matter today As for me, I'm delighted to see Kaito-san…… Could it be that you have come to specially ask me something]

Saying this, Shiro-san asked me while tilting her head…… she's as shameless as usual.

Wryly smiling at Shiro-san, who was acting just as usual, I told her the purpose of my visit.

[Actually, I've been invited to a newly built beach in Hydra Kingdom, and as for me, I'd like to go swimming with all my lovers. So, I've come to invite Shiro-san.]

[I see, of course, if it's an invitation from my beloved Kaito-san, I will definitely participate. I will leave the schedule to Kaito-san.]

[Thank you. Then, I'll let Shiro-san know when the real date is decided.]

The invitation went smoothly…… or rather, Shiro-san, who surely must have heard the conversation between me and Laguna-san, accepted without hesitation.

After chatting some more with Shiro-san, I was about to move on to visit Fate-san…… but at that moment, Shiro-san spoke to me.

[……By the way, Kaito-san.]


[I was the first one you invited, right]

[That's right]

[Which means…… I'm "number one", right]

[Eh Yes, you're number one in the order.]

As I nodded my head in response to Shiro-san's question, the corner of her lips slightly raised and a really smug smile appeared on her face. How should I say this…… Since we became lovers…… The average change in her expression is now about two millimeters, compared to the average of about one millimeter before, and the change in her expression was easier to read than before.

Well, how should I respond to this…… I don't really know why, but she looked really pleased. I even feel like I'm hearing some kind of smugness sound effect somewhere…… Unnn What's that A meteor

No, it's too slow to call it a meteor…… Rather, aren't those the "three-dimensional letters" that Shiro-san really likes lately The word "Doya!" is floating across the sky like a meteor! Moreover, they seem to be increasing in number, or rather, they even seem to be covering up the sky.

She's created a new variation huh…… Stop it…… Stop with the "Doya Meteor Shower".

Shiro has appeared.

Shiro achieves preemptive attack.

Shiro unleashes "Doya Meteor Shower".

The sky is filled with Doya's.

Kaito becomes bewildered.

Shiro is greatly satisfied.-

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