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The battle between the false god created by human hands and the ancient hero that still exists in the present day remains only in the memory of one girl who witnessed it up close, and is never known by anyone else.

Two weeks have passed since the battle, and on the artificial island with only one building on it, Alicia was sitting on a wooden bench, gazing at the starry sky.

The huge walls that surrounded Makina's house had all been destroyed because they were in the way, so they could see the stars more clearly than before.

As Alicia sat in that place, Makina came up to her with two mugs in her hands.

[Here, Alicia.]

[Hmm Thanks~~]

When Alicia thanked her for the mug of hot milk, Makina smiled and sat down next to Alicia.

Their life on the artificial island has returned to the way it was before the artificial god appeared…… but yes, that's only on the surface……

The artificial god has certainly disappeared and Makina is now a free woman. However, that doesn't mean that nothing has changed. No, perhaps…… there may be things that will change now.

[……Hey, Alicia. There's something I need to talk to you about.]


[I should have told you about this sooner, but I'm pretty confused about this myself, so it took me a while to gather my thoughts.]


After seeing Alicia nodding her head, Makina took the mug in both hands, took a sip, and slowly looked up at the twinkling starry sky, she continued.

[……Having been captured by the core of that artificial god and being in contact with powerful magic power…… and I've understood something. I'm talking about "my true power".]

[True power]

[Unnn. My power wasn't clairvoyance…… No, it's more accurate to say that clairvoyance was only a small part of my power.]

While inside the core of an artificial god, having touched great magic power…… the magic power of a being who had once been called a god, even though it was imperfect, Makina's body had undergone changes. No, perhaps, it would be more apt to say that she realized her true power, which she hadn't known until now, and awakened it.

[……The true power that I hold…… is "omniscience"…… If I wanted to know something, I could know about anything. It was a divine power that was far beyond the reach of a human.]

[Heehhh~~ Is that so]

[Unnn…… wait, unnn]

[Speaking of which, I'd like some teacakes. Don't you think that some bitter cookies go with hot milk Errr, I think I have some stored away somewhere……]

[……A- Arehh D- Did I make a mistake in explaining it S- Sorry, Alicia, I'll say it again.]


When Makina spoke, looking like she had made up her mind, Alicia just nodded her head, looking the same as usual. On the contrary, she shifted to another topic, as if to say that she wasn't so interested.

Confused by Alicia's unexpected reaction, Makina decided to tell her the same thing again.

[……The true power that I hold…… is omniscience.]

[Didn't you say that earlier]

[I- I guess so.]


[……No, ehhhhh!]

[Whoa! What's up with the sudden shouting]

When Makina told her about this again with a serious expression on her face, Alicia's reaction was as weak as ever.

[No, no, I just said something pretty serious, you know! Isn't your reaction too light! Isn't this where you should be a little more surprised!]

[U- Unnn I should be more surprised…… Alright. Well then, take three please.]

[Eh Take three U- Unnn……]

And for some reason, when Makina was asked to do a take three, even though she was feeling really confused, she dutifully said it again.

[……T- The true power that I hold…… is omniscience.]


[Could you stop sounding like you're reading in monotone! Heck, you're even eating a cookie while saying your line!!! Eeehhhh! What the heck is with your reaction! I had a hard time deciding whether to talk about this or not, you know!]

[No, even if you say that…… Even if Makina's power is actually omniscience, it's not like that changes anything. No matter what kind of power you have, Makina is still my best friend.]

[Fghh…… S- Saying such a cool line here…… is cheating.]

Makina's true power being omniscience certainly may be quite tremendous. However, that doesn't mean that their relationship will change because of it, and Alicia herself has powers far beyond her own so far, it didn't bother her that much.

[…….Haahh…… I was so nervous that I feel at a disadvantage here. Well, I guess that certainly is like you, Alicia.]

[I'll just take that as a compliment. So, what did you want to talk about]

[……No, well, about that…… I guess this is what I really want to talk about to you.]

As soon as she said that, Makina looked straight into Alicia's eyes and began to speak with a serious expression on her face. There was no unreliability on her face, and she seemed to have a firm will.

[……Hey, Alicia. I've found something I want to do.]

[Something you want to do]

The words Makina said may have been a response to when Alice once asked her if she wanted to run away, telling her "she doesn't even have anything she wanted to do"…… She had no reason to leave the island back then, having no purpose, but now, she had found her answer.

[Unnn. The world certainly is filled with suffering, sorrow and pain. But, as Alicia showed me, there is also hope. Lots of emotions shape the world. And to such a wonderful world…… I thought I wanted to also "create" such a world.]

[Creating a world, the conversation suddenly turned big.]

Creating a world. It would have been something that would be laughed at as ridiculous. But Alicia didn't laugh at her words. Caught by the core of the artificial god, she had read the negative emotions of the world, but she had also found her own wish. There was no reason to laugh at that.

[……I want to be a "god". Whether it's their joy, sorrow, pain or anger…… I want to be a god who can affirm all of them and love them for what they are……]


What had Makina learned and thought in the two weeks since she had awakened to the tremendous power of omniscience Alicia, who doesn't have omniscience, doesn't know.

The only thing that she is certain…… is that "becoming a god" is the future and goal that Makina wished for the first time in her life.

[Is it possible]

[I dunno, that's not for me to decide. If Makina has the answer in your mind, all I have to do is cheer for you to do your best.]

[Unnn. Thanks, Alicia.]

That's why, Alicia affirmed her dream. The result of her dearest best friend's wish…… Even though she was quite clear "about what her words meant", she still pushed her back forward.

[……However, is it possible for you to become a god just by wanting to]

[I understood how to do it with my omniscience. It's just that I needed something. And that is…… something Alicia possesses.]


[……That's why, please, Alicia. Will you give me…… the "Great Evil god's Core" that you hold Ah, no, I don't mind if you just lend it to me, okay]

Listening to the words Makina quietly said, a serious expression…… didn't appear on Alicia's face, and digging into an empty space, she pulled out what looked like a large crystal ball.

With the recovery of the last 20% of the shards used on the artificial god, Alicia held the Great Evil god's core in its complete form……

[Alright, here.]

[Unnn, I know it's not something you can just easily part with! That also holds Alicia's precious memor——— Eeeeehhhhh!]

[You sure scream a lot today~~]

[Of course, I will scream! Why did you nonchalantly take it out! What about the nervousness I'm feeling when I'm asking this to you!]

[No, I mean, to me, this is just a crystal ball with a large amount of magic power in it, so I don't really need it.]

[……What is this Even though this is just going according to what I wish, but my heart doesn't really feel content……]

With a complicated expression on her face, Makina received the Great Evil god's core from Alicia.

[So, how do you become a god]

[Errr, I'm going to reproduce the Great Evil God's core inside my body while analyzing it with my omniscience. Ahh, but I'm going to reproduce it for my own use, so it might not be quite the same as duplicating it.]

[……Will it be ready soon]

[About a month.]

[I see.]


The atmosphere between Alicia and Makina turned somewhat somber. They understood, for it is something obvious…… Makina, saying that she would "create a world", meant that the two of them would part ways.

Alicia continues to search for something in this world, and Makina tries to create a new world…… The two of them couldn't walk the same path.

The both of them felt that the time to say goodbye was approaching, but they didn't say anything about it. However, the month that had passed since they had talked about it seemed to have gone by faster than ever.

Exactly one month later, they were sitting on a bench, looking up at the same starry sky.

[You know, even if you say that you've become a God, I don't feel like you've changed much.]

[Fufufu, that's true. My standing right now is just on the level of someone "who just rejected humanity". I guess the only thing that's changed is that I've become immortal I can't use most of my abilities as a God yet.]

After exchanging such words with wry smiles on their faces, Alicia's expression turned serious as she asked.

[……Are you going to leave this world]

[Unnn. I can't create a new world if I stay in this one after all…… it may have a different form, but I'm now a traveler just like you, Alicia.]

[I think the scale is quite different though…… Well, I guess we are the same in that both of us are traveling.]

[Unnn. I think I will try to travel around various worlds first. Then, after I do that and finished mastering my powers as a God, I'll try to build my own world.]

[Sounds like a solid approach. The interesting times would be short though……]

When Makina told her that she will hone her power as a god as she travels around the world, Makina responded to her words with a kind smile on her face.

As if she's holding dear the time that they have left to spend together…….

[Fufufu, you're right. So, one day, I'd like Alicia to see the world I've created.]

[That would be…… if I'm still alive by then.]

When she heard Alicia's words, Makina slowly got up from the bench. Then, with a lonely look on her face, she turned to Alicia and slowly spoke to her.

[……I'd like to always keep talking to you like this, but I don't think that would be possible, right]

[……Well, I guess so.]

[That's why, I think it's time I get going.]

[Unnn… "Rejected".]

[Alicia, you should also take care of your———– Eh]

Makina told Alicia that it was time for her to leave this world, but the words Alicia said…… was an unexpected refusal. After a moment of shock at the unexpected words, slightly confused, Makina spoke.

[A- Arehh This is strange…… Isn't this the situation where we're going to do that Werent we supposed to have a touching goodbye or something here]

[That might be so. However, I reject it! Makina still has some unfinished business!!!]

[Eh I- Is that so!]

[That's right! In the first place, it's ridiculous for you to think of going around various worlds to build your one, when "you don't even know this world very well"!]

When she saw Alicia pointing at her with such force that it felt like it made a sound effect, a puzzled look appeared on Makina's face. And at the same time, the thought "Ahh, I'm going to be pushed around like this" popped out of her mind.

[H- However, I have my omniscience.]

[Haahhh…… This is why naive island girls are no good. Bear this in mind, okay! "Knowledge without experience is meaningless"!]

[W- What should I do…… You're very persuasive…… Errr, in short…… What are we going to do Heck, what are you planning to make me do]

[Unnn, that's why, I announced the start of "Doki! Round-the World Trip for two"!]

[Eeehhhh! I- I see, so that's what you're talking about…… Is it too greedy of me to ask you to not just brush aside the determination and resolution of the solemn me]

[Makina would also have a nip slip event of her own!!!]

[Like hell, there is! There won't be such a thing!!!]

The parting of the two girls, Alicia and Makina, is a future that will definitely come. But at least, their parting isn't today.

When Alicia declared something out of the blue, Makina was a little taken aback, but smiled gently, as if to say "It can't be helped".

[Then, with that decided, let's immediately depart~~]

[You're doing things all of a sudden again. Well, I don't really have any luggage to prepare, so it's fine———– wait, arehh Hey, Alicia What are you doing Why are you suddenly carrying me]

[I'm thinking of moving immediately.]

[……That's weird. This doesn't look like we're going to move at all.]

As soon as the decision was made, Alicia lifted Makina up. Moreover, it's not in a princess carry, as Alicia carried Makina like a sack on her shoulder…… Even in this state, it certainly would be easy for Alicia to carry Makina. However, being in that situation filled Makina's heart with anxiety.

That was because Alicia's current smile…… looked like she was about to pull off some prank.

[Well, you see, Makina can't use your divine power at all yet, so I thought I'd carry you here.]

[U- Unnn, that's right. I'm not going to argue with you about that…… but you see, is it just my imagination "You're not planning to throw me, right" It was just my imagination, right]

[I've enclosed you in a barrier, so it's alright.]

[I don't see anything alright with that though! Hey, what's going to happen to me now]

[……Can't you just look at your fate with your omniscience]

[I don't want to look at it. I don't want to see it. I have a bad feeling about it. I have a reeeeeally bad feeling about this……]

[Well, whether you see it or not, it's not like the result would change.]

After exchanging these words, Alicia held Makina up her shoulder aloft. Seeing this, Makina looked as if she had given up for a moment before she inhaled and prepared to scream.

[Makina, launch!]


As Makina was thrown with tremendous force into the night sky, Alicia ran after her.

In addition, as a side note, a man in the distant future will be transported just like this.

On the deck of a luxury cruise ship going through the night sea, Makina could be seen leaning against the fence, breathing hard, with Alicia smiling from behind.

[Well~~ It sure is nice traveling by boat at night.]

[……I have a lot of things I'd like to complain about…… but for the time being, please explain where we're going and other stuff I need to know.]

[For the time being, we're heading for Asia…… more accurately, to Japan, the country I was originally planning to visit.]

[Japan What kind of country is that]

[It's a small country, but it's a nice place. Errr, I think I have a guidebook here……]

She wanted to complain about the fact that she was on a ship before she knew it, but it was obvious that Alicia would just brush it off again. She had already given up on that aspect after a few months of living with Alicia, so she decided to put that aside and just decided to ask about the place they're going to visit.

Pulling a guidebook out of nowhere, Alicia then spread it out in front of Makina and pointed.

[It's autumn now, so the scenery over there is beautiful and there are many delicious foods.]

[Heehhh…… It does look like a beautiful place.]

[My recommendation would be their onsen. There's nothing like taking a bath while looking at the beautiful scenery!]

[Fufufu, I see…… I'm looking forward to it then.]

[Well, leave the sightseeing to the travel expert, Alicia-chan!]

[Unnn, I'm counting on you…… but get a hold of your jokes, okay]

[……Let's keep a positive view about the future and say I'll do my best.]

[That doesn't really sound reassuring.]

As they exchanged casual conversation, the two of them had natural smiles on their faces. It was unknown whether one should say they have good chemistry or not, but they felt that they could enjoy being with each other even when they weren't doing anything special.

After chatting like that for a while, as if she suddenly had an idea, Alicia smiled and suggested.

[Alright, Makina! Let's go to the onboard casino!]

[Again with the sudden stuff……]

[Despite appearances, I'm actually a pretty good gambler.]

[Despite appearances, you say…… Well, that aside, Alicia certainly looked like you'd be good at gambling.]

[Well, it has been my strong point back in the day. If you want, how about we play a game]

[……Alicia, you do understand what you're saying, right I'm omniscient, you know Isn't that quite a reckless challenge you're doing]

Receiving Alicia's provocative smile, Makina answered with confidence. Even though she answered like that, Makina is completely new to gambling.

[Then, the loser will face a punishment game. Ahh, but no roulettes. Winning 36 times in a row might make people suspect cheating.]

[Fufufu, alright. If I lose, I'll do whatever one thing Alicia says!]

[That's a lot of confidence for someone who never gambled before.]

[…….Fufun, even if it's Alicia…… There's no way you can beat the omniscient me!]

And then, a few hours later…… in one of the top-quality, spacious rooms of the cruise ship, Makina was shaking with a blushing red face. She was currently wearing a bunny suit instead of her usual dress, and was being photographed by Alicia, who looked like she was really having fun.

[Unnn, unnn, it looks good on you. Yes, look this way~~]

[……Why…… Why did I lose ……Even though…… I'm omniscient……]

[No, no, it was a good game. It was a really close match~~ Yes, then please wear this uniform next~~]

[Rather, Alicia, isn't it strange! Fundamentally, you're too lucky! Is it possible for a royal straight flush to happen so quickly!]

[Well~~ I guess I'm quite lucky I've always had very good luck, so I'm glad that this casino offers different payouts depending on the game. If it wasn't for that, I'd have lost.]

[……Fghhh…… That's cheating. I was using my omniscience to choose the best moves…… Even in blackjack, I would only get perfect 21s……]

[……The cheating one is that omniscience of yours. Well, come on, since Makina was the one who suggested it, the "wear various costumes and have a photo session" will still continue~~]

[Since when is this going to continue! Geez, I feel like my face is going to burst into flames, you know!]

[About 40 more outfits, I think.]


Makina : [Speaking of which, that technique used in the last chapter…… It's quite rare for Alice to use a technique with a name, isn't it]

: [There's actually a small hidden story behind it, but that technique "Pierce Hope" had been renamed to "Pierce Death" in the Extra Chapter: The Visitor's Beginnings. This is also a metaphor for Alice…… Alicia's change in her mentality from "having hope for the future" to "clinging on the past and wishing for death".]

(T/N: The technique names are actually in engrish, with a small description beside it in Japanese. Don't see the need to include it. Also changed c765's "Fierce Hope" to "Pierce Hope" because of this.)

Makina : [Heehhh… Such backstories are kind of interesting…… Also, I like that technique. It's like you're gathering the light of hope for a strike, that sounds really cool!]

: [Eh Ahh, errr, isn't it!!! You're right! That technique is a super-advanced technique that uses complex skills.]

Makina : [……That is a curious reaction…… Let's check with my omniscience———- Eh That technique is just "throwing a knife filled with magic power" and the reason why it looked like you were gathering the light of hope is that Alice's magic power during Ἑκατόγχειρες's Ultimate Battle Form is magic power of hope!]

: […………………….]

Makina : [……………………….]

: [Let me explain! Pierce Hope and Pierce Death is…… in short, an "all-out knife throw"! Though to be honest, "I can do the same thing by picking up some random rock and throwing it at people".]

Makina : [……What is this…… This kinda feels like when I saw what's inside the mascot costumes of amusement parks…… Just knowing it destroyed my dreams…… This is something I want to know……]-

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