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Under Anima's guidance, she led me to the fishing spot in the river. Even though I didn't have that much experience, this wouldn't be my first time fishing, so there weren't that many things I needed to learn, and we both started fishing side by side.

I guess Anima had done a lot of research, as the place she brought me seemed to be a really good spot, and the open space, which doesn't have that many trees unlike forests, was quiet and comfortable.

There was no one else around, and the fishes were less cautious, so I was able to catch fish rather quickly.

However, not everything is without problems…… Less than an hour into our fishing trip, I found myself in a bit of a trouble.

[……H- Hmmm…… Anima, what about this]

[Errr, ummm, a- as expected of Master! F- For you to be able to catch a large amount of that rare Crystal Fishes……]

[T- Thanks. Well, I guess it's more like…… "I can only catch Crystal Fishes"……]

[……I see, Master's exceptional luck could also lead to a situation like this huh.]

Yes, frankly speaking, I've been catching fish fairly well. There are a good number of fish swimming in the small fish tank-like magic tool…… but yes, all I caught were Crystal Fishes.

On the other hand, Anima's magic tool didn't have a single Crystal Fish, but she caught River Fishes that were supposed to be common in this river.

[……Crystal Fish are rare, right]

[Yes, I've only caught a few of them myself. However, the amount of Crystal Fishes I've caught before had already been surpassed by Master in the past hour. I'd say that they were a great catch……]

[But…… You can't eat them, right]


Crystal Fish are expensive, but they aren't edible. This means that they aren't suitable for that scenario where we'll roast fish over a campfire and eat them.

[Master, how about changing the bait Many Crystal Fish are small, so they might not bite if you use a larger bait.]

[Ahh, I see…… Thanks, Anima. Well then, let's try it out.]

With Anima's sound advice, I took the bait that I had been using earlier…… a small dango-like bait, and kneading some of it into a big lump and let it suspend on the string.

[But if I try fishing with this bait, I feel like I would catch a pretty big one.]

[Yes, you can expect big fish. Speaking of big fishes, at this time of year…… I think you can also catch some Striped Fish in this river.]

Striped Fish…… If I remember correctly, they were fish that looked like salmon. That also sounds delicious…… However, I would rather bake it wrapped in aluminum foil than directly grilling it over a bonfire. Well, thinking about it now would be like counting my chickens before they even hatch……

Sitting alongside Anima, I cast my line into the river. A faint breeze tickled my cheeks, and combined with the pleasant sunny weather, the air was quite nice.

[……Even so, leisurely fishing like this is quite good, isn't it I feel like my mind is at peace.]

[Yes. I also don't dislike this feeling of time passing slowly. If I were to hear about this, she might find it hard to believe but…… relaxing is also a good thing.]


As Anima said, this feeling of letting time slowly pass by is very nice. Most of all, with Anima next to me, I can also enjoy exchanging peaceful conversation with her.

As I was thinking about this, I suddenly found my gaze turning towards the nearby Anima. She was looking at the river with the fishing rod in one hand, and just as she had said, her profile looked like she was enjoying her time.

A peaceful time alone with your lover, together basking in nature…… Perhaps, was that the reason why Before I knew it, I had unconsciously put my hand on Anima's free hand.

[Whoeehhh! M- Master!]

[Ahh, sorry for surprising you…… No, ummm, since we're lovers anyway……]

[I- I- I- I guess you're right. W- We're lovers after all, so something like this is……]

She was flusteredly panicking, but it didn't seem like she would shake off my hand…… and on the contrary, Anima turned her palm and grasped my hand, our fingers interlocking with each other.

She is embarrassed, but when she acts, she does it aggressively. That certainly is like Anima.

I also felt embarrassed for a moment seeing Anima's reaction, but after a bit, we both calmed down…… and feeling the comfortable warmth of her palm, I returned my attention back to the fishing rod.

Although we were both silent, there was no awkwardness between us. Rather, itw as as if our feelings were being conveyed without words, and the atmosphere around us was so comforting. As I bask myself in such a happy feeling, wanting to stay like this forever…… I could see the fishing rod I was holding bending greatly.

[……Here it comes! Wait, it's really strong!]


It seemed that I had caught a very big fish, as the rod was pulled with a lot of force, but Anima immediately supported me.

[T- Thank you, that was very helpful.]

[N- No…… Even so, this is quite a big fish.]

[Is it a Striped Fish]

[It's very possible! Master, I will support you, so please slowly pull the rod upright.]

[A- Alright.]

With Anima's arm strength, she would have been able to easily catch the fish…… but she seems to be dedicated to supporting me, occasionally giving me advice on how to pull while supporting the fishing rod.

After a few minutes of struggling with the fish while receiving Anima's advice…… The resistance of the fish weakened, and I was able to catch it safely.

The fish we caught was very nice, probably over a meter long…… It was a "golden-colored fish".

[……I- It sure is big.]

[It's golden-colored though…… However…… This isn't a Striped Fish, right]

[Y- Yes, it's a Goldtail…… Most commonly known as "Golden Fish". For it to actually be able to be fished in this river…… isn't something I know though.]

[……I'm asking just in case, but is this edible]

[……I- It's an ornamental fish…… It's very popular and rare.]

[……I see.]

Why…… the heck do I keep on catching inedible fish…… Isn't my luck a bit too skewed

~ ~ Extra : The difference in fishing probability between normal people and Kaito-kun ~ ~

【Normal Bait】 

Normal People

River Fish : 60%

Other Edible Fish : 29%

Other Non-Edible Fish : 10%

Crystal Fish : 1%


Crystal Fish : 99.9%

Others : 0.1%

【Large Bait】 

Normal People

Striped Fish : 39%

Other Large Fish : 60%

Goldtail : 0.000001%


Goldtail : 100%


Kaito-kun's luck stat is too high, so the rarer the fish, the more often he catches them.

: [Now then, since Serious-senpai is napping…… I'll answer one question. We have been receiving requests wishing for a "Character Introduction", but making it would take a lot of work…… so I'll give you some good information instead. In fact, there is an article in the Pixiv Encyclopedia about YuuShou. It seems that a reader who has been reading YuuShou quite a bit created this article, and although only their names are written for the moment, it seems that even the Pleiades were written on the article. Even Author-san themselves sometimes look at it and refers information to it, so please check it out. Also, I'm going to digress but…… the explanations added to Illness and Eden-san are quite substantial, which makes me think that the person editing this article is secretly hoping to push forward these two.]-

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