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The second meeting between my parents and Fate-san……which is in the form of a tea party, started with a very heavy atmosphere from the very start.

No, it's not that there's a stormy atmosphere around us. However, I could feel that both of them were so tense that it was visible in my eyes.


From Fate-san, I could feel her impatience, as if she was trying to get even closer to them even more than the first time they met, while I could feel confusion from Mom and Dad, as if they wanted to find some conversation to break the ice.

To describe it simply, both of them were nervous, and since they felt it in each other's eyes, they were unable to take action.

Hmmm, this is rather difficult. It's possible for me to interject here and there, but I don't think it would do any good to talk about stuff while they're that nervous.

I think I should ask them to calm down a bit to make things work, but the long the silence continues, the harder it will be to get them to talk.

Just as I was about to open my mouth, thinking that I should start the conversation, even if I was being a bit forceful, unable to stand the silence, Mom awkwardly stood up.

[……Ah, errr, I'll get you another cup of tea!]

There were no other people in the room this time, partly because it was expected that the room would be filled with an awkward atmosphere. Illness-san had left a pot of tea and some teacakes on a cart for us.

Thereupon, as Mom went to refill the tea…… something that looked like a memopad fell to the floor.

[……Akari, you dropped something …… Unnn These are otherworldian letters, right…… Errr, "Dream Note"]

Fate-san picked up the memopad that Mom dropped and tilted her head when she saw the Japanese characters written on the cover. Immediately afterward however, she placed her index finger on her forehead, and after that finger glowed for a moment, Fate-san easily said the title written in Japanese.

Is that the Translation Magic that is automatically granted to summoned heroes

[Ah, errr, that is…… It's a memo that summarizes all my dreams and goals.]

[Mom always used to write down her goals and mark them when they came true. She said that this was a way of remembering what she wanted to do and what she had accomplished.]

[……Hmmm…… Ah, no, errr…… can I look inside]

When Dad supplemented Mom's words, Fate disinterestedly murmured…… but as if she thought about something, she asked Mom if she could look inside.

She probably thought that just muttering "hmmm" would end the conversation, so she hurriedly spoke more. I could tell from this that Fate-san was trying her best to step up. It would be great if it turns out great……

[Ah, yes. H- However, its contents were just hastily written from what I remembered after I came back to life…… so I don't think it's that interesting.]

[I see…… Heehhh…… There sure are a lot here. I guess the ones with the flower-like mark were the ones that came true……]

Fate-san muttered and continued to read the contents of the memopad, but judging by her facial expression and the emotions I feel with my Sympathy Magic, it didn't seem like its contents interest her.

Fate-san continued flipping through the memopad like that…… before she suddenly stopped and began to stare at a page in the memopad.



Tilting my head at her different reaction, I walked behind Fate-san and looked at the page she was looking at…… a page talking about Mom's most recent dream.

There, "I'll do my best to get along with Fate-sama!" was scrawled in Mom's handwriting.

Fate-san stared at those words for a while…… before she sighed with an amazed look on her face.

[……I see…… so that's how it is.]

[Errr, Fate-san]

[Kai-chan, Shallow Vernal-sama had talked to me earlier. She said that there was something I lacked for me to be interested in Kai-chan's parents…… And now, I finally understand what she meant.]

After saying this in a quiet voice, Fate-san looked up to the skies with her hand on her forehead.

[Ahh~~ Geez, I'm such an idiot. I've lived for a long time, but I never realized something so simple. Just because I can use my authority to make others move however I want…… "doesn't mean I know everything about them"……]

[Was that what you were lacking]

[……Isn't it quite obvious I won't be interested in someone if I don't even try to get to know them. What I should have done isn't just try to be vaguely interested in them…… but to make an effort to get to know them.]

After letting out a smile as if she had been freed from something boggling her mind, Fate-san turned to the confused Mom and Dad…… and vigorously bowed her head.

[F- Fate-sama!]

[W- What are you……]

[I'm sorry! I hadn't been interested in you two at all until now, and I didn't feel the value of having interest in you at all. No, I just arbitrarily decided that there's no value in having it. Even though I'm acting high and mighty because I'm a God, I was too inexperienced that I didn't even realize this. I think I made you two feel a lot of frightening thoughts…… so I'd like to apologize for that first.]

I wonder why I felt as if a stagnant stream had suddenly started moving, as if the gears that had been misaligned were now perfectly meshed.

In order to change the values you have held for a long time, one would need time or a big catalyst. Even though it was just a coincidence, that catalyst came tumbling in.

She kept her head down for a while, before she looked up and spoke to Mom and Dad.

[……I know it's selfish of me, but I want to be able to care about the people important to Kai-chan too. So, I know it might be a bit late, but I really want to get to know you two…… Can you tell me]

[……Then, in return, can you tell us about Fate-sama as well We, too, would like to know more about you, Fate-sama……]

As Fate-san's atmosphere softened, Mom and Dad's also smiled. When Fate-san heard what Mom had said, she also smiled somewhat happily.

[Okay~~ Then, I guess let's talk about this together then]

The flow of the conversation really is good. I've been thinking that this catalyst might solve this problem…… Then, I'll just make sure to follow up with them at key points to keep the conversation going.

With that thought in mind, I smiled and joined the three of them in their conversation.

Airhead God : [Doyaaaaa.]

Serious-senpai : [S- Shut it there…… Ah, it seems like God's Growth will end in the next chapter. Next chapter, it's a battle! It's serious time!]-

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