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Arriving at Washuzan Highland, although there was some trouble that happened at the ticket booth, we were able to peacefully enter.

As soon as we passed through the main gate, we could immediately see the Samba stage was set up, making me feel the passion of the Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland had for Samba.

But unfortunately, I'm a Japanese and don't have a burning passion for it, so I decided to skip the Samba stage and go straight to the attractions.

Incidentally, Washuzan Highland has the standard merry-go-round and Ferris wheel, but the most eye-catching thing in the pamphlet…… would be their 4 different kinds of roller coasters.

There is the Ultra Twister, which, as the name implies, spins sideways in the middle of the ride. And then, there's the Standing Coaster, which is ridden standing up, and the Back Nanjya, which is a roller coaster that runs backwards…… and lastly, the Chupy Coaster, which is a simple but a ride that gives its customers "a different kind of scare". Washuzan Highland has quite the history, and Chupy Coaster definitely shows it to their customers with the sound of rusty iron it gives out.

In fact, about a third of the park's attractions are roller coasters. I'm still not sure which part of the park has a Brazilian feel to it though……

The symbol of the Chupy Coaster, Chupy, is also the mascot of Washuzan Highland. Don't be mistaken though. He may look like a mouse, but he has nothing to do with the mice in that certain dreamland. There is the male Chupy-kun and the female Chury-chan in the Washuzan Highland, but I repeat, they are completely different from the mascot of a certain amusement park.

Incidentally, according to the official website, Chupy-kun's favorite food is yakiniku, and his specialty is bungee jumping…… He feels like a wild and strong mouse, but he was born and raised in Washuzan Highland. According to his profile on the official website, he was born on January 1, 1994, which means he should be quite old already…… but let's just not think about that.

[So, Kuro…… Where do you want to start]

[Hmmm…… I want to try riding this "Sky Cycle"!]

[……U- Unnn. Alright…… Let's go then.]

I don't know if I should say as to be expected from Kuro or not…… for her to choose that first, she has quite the keen eye.

The Sky Cycle is one of the most famous attractions at Washuzan Highland, and is often mentioned in many articles on the internet.

As the name suggests, the attraction is a two-seater bicycle-like ride on a high rail.

(T/N: It's a bicycle ride on 16m above ground level, about as high as a 4-story building, according to the official website)

There is a similar called "Cycle Monorail", which is heartwarming and fun to ride, and is often found in amusement facilities for children, as it doesn't cost any money for the passengers to pedal on their own, but the Sky Cycle at Washuzan Highland…… is a completely different thing.

The Sky Cycle is installed on a "steep mountain slope". If the thing you're riding on is firm enough, you will be able to enjoy a spectacular and elegant view…… but that's not the way it works here.

Your ride on the Sky Cycle is made up of the handlebars, the saddles, the pedals, and the chains…… and the frame that connects them is the "only" structure, and it is built as if it were just two bicycle frames attached to each other.

Well, to put it simply, "if you step off the pedals, you might fall off".

Click to open image >>

Click to open image >>

Some people might think that attractions like this must have some "safety devices" placed somewhere…… but once you actually get on board, you will find your hopes shattered to pieces.

The only safety device on this skycycle is a "very loose belt", and there is no fall prevention net either.

I heard that this attraction was even introduced once on TV as a very frightening attraction, as it looked like anyone could fall down from their seat from any angle.

I think I might have to prepare myself for me to ride this.

[……Kaito-kun You look pale, are you okay]

[……U- Unnn. I- I'm alright.]

[Even so, uwaahh~~ It's a nice view, isn't it You can even see the ocean from here!]

I knew this was going to happen, but it really was scary! Why the heck does it feel like this thing is swaying sideways! The wheels won't come off, right! It's going to be okay, right! Also, this place is much higher than I imagined, and it's really scary, you know!

Moreover, the handlebars and other parts are so low that I have to lean forward, probably because they are adjusted for children, and also, I think I saw some tree branches sticking out of the course, which is making me feel a bit uneasy.

Arehh Was I this scared when I rode this back as a kid If I remember correctly, Dad said something like "I'll never ride it again.", but I'm pretty sure I felt really happy riding it and should have wanted to ride it over and over again…… Now that I'm on it as an adult, I understand exactly how Dad felt.

This is a little bit seriously scary…… especially the part where we have to pedal near the ocean……

However, in contrast to me, Kuro seemed to be having a great time. She was looking at the scenery, happily holding the handle……


[Wait! Kuro!]

[I used too much strength in holding it…… and "accidentally pulled off the handle"…… Tehe~]

["Tehe", your face! W- What should we do about that!]

It's easy to forget since she's usually so perfect at controlling her strength, but Kuro's power isn't on the level of a human's understanding. She could easily crush a steel handle with the force one would need to break a noodle.

However, even if that's so, for her to accidentally lose control of her strength now, of all times……

[Here we go.]

[……Arehh You…… fixed it]

[Unnn, I can easily fix something like that!]

[I- I see…… That's great.]

[Well then, let's get back on track…… Kaito-kun! Can we go a little faster]

[No! Don't! I have a feeling about that! This ride isn't designed to withstand Kuro's strength, you know!]

When Kuro asked if we can go a little faster, I did my best to show my disapproval. I mean, I could only see the future where we're flying off to the moon, you know!

After that, while desperately dissuading Kuro who wanted to speed up, struggling with a new fear that Kuro would destroy the pedals this time, we somehow managed to finish the lap.

[Ahh~~ That was fun! Let's ride it again……]

[Kuro! I heard that the coaster over there is really famous for being fun! Let's go over there! Let's try it out!!!]

[U- Unnn If Kaito-kun says so……]

T- This is, seriously…… If I'm not careful, I feel like things would be quite dreadful.

After that, Kuro and I looked around Washuzan Highland.

[Kaito-kun, what's this]

[Ahh, there's a height limit on this attraction. 140cm…… I guess Kuro won't be able to ride it huh In that case, let's check out other attractions……]

[Eh That's not the case though! My height is above the height limit.]

[……Arehh Kuro, why is it that you got slightly…… no, rather than slightly, "didn't you just grow 10cm taller"]

[……Must be your imagination.]

[Why are you looking away then]

(T/N: Kuro is 137cm.)

Seeing Kuro trying to get on a height-restricted attraction with her freely changeable body, I felt astounded……

[K- Kaito-kun Are you alright]

[I- I'm going to fall over…… I- I'm seriously going to fall over!]

[Come on, hold on to my hand.]

[T- Thanks…… I mean, how is it that you're able to skate really well, Kuro This is your first time in-line skating, right]

[Eh I'm just skating like normal though]

[……D- D*mn it, it's kind of frustrating.]

Seeing Kuro's high specs, I felt slightly envious……

[Kaito-kun! I- It's already cooked, don't you think]

[Not yet. Wait a bit more……]

[……Is it done yet]

[Like I said, not yet……]

At Kuro's request, we had lunch at an okonomiyaki restaurant, even though we've come to a Brazilian Park……

[I did it! Kaito-kun, look! Look! I "broke" all of them!]

[You aren't supposed to do that! You're just supposed to knock down the pins with your bowling ball! You aren't supposed to smash them to pieces!!! Quickly fix it!]

[I- Is that so…… There.]

[I mean, in the first place…… you aren't supposed to "throw the ball over head"…… you're supposed to throw it underhand, letting the ball roll to the pins……]


And shuddering at Kuro, throwing a 16-pound bowling ball at bullet speed……

Even though things were quite frantic, I managed to forget about the time and enjoyed myself.

After visiting various attractions, when it started to get dark, so we went to the Ferris wheel…… the Rainbow Warp, to finish off the day.

Washuzan Highland is an amusement park on top of a mountain, so the view from the Ferris wheel was truly spectacular.

[Uwaa~~ What a beautiful view, isn't it The sea is glittering in the evening sun.]

[Unnn, riding the Ferris wheel is the best way to end the date after all…… What do you think, Kuro Did you have a good time today]

[Unnn! I had so much fun! Everything we've been in today were things I've seen for the first time…… Kait-kun, thank you for bringing me here!]

When I asked her as we stood side by side, admiring the view from the Ferris wheel, Kuro gave me a dazzling smile.

It was also my first time going on an amusement park date…… but it was so much fun that time flew by before I knew it.

As I gazed at the scenery in a daze, thinking about how I'm really happy to be here with Kuro…… I suddenly felt a soft, warm touch on my arm.

Turning my head towards that direction, I met eyes with Kuro, who was leaning against me, holding my arm in her embrace.


[Ehehe…… Hey, Kaito-kun]


[……I love you.]

[……Unnn, I love you too……]

A Ferris wheel, just the two of us, and the beautiful view of the sunset. I guess this that so-called good mood huh.

My heart feels warm, and I felt so peaceful…… and my heart was naturally filled with my love for Kuro. It seemed Kuro also felt the same way, as she looked straight at me with a bashful smile, and told me words filled with her love.

I don't know if the redness of her cheeks may be due to the sunset, or perhaps due to other things but…… I think my face was probably just as red as hers.

In the quiet, yet very comfortable silence, as if we were drawn together, we brought our faces close to each other…… and conveyed our emotions with each other.

: [Hey, this is just Kuro-san's extra chapter's first part, right Isn't Kuro-san flirting with Kaito-san too much Shouldn't there be more flirting in Alice-chan's extra chapter as well]

Serious-senpai : [……Please stop, I'll die.]

: [Incidentally, I don't know how many chapters Author-san would take if they seriously write about Washuzan Highland in detail, so I'm going to run through the script. The first part would have about 1 or 2 chapters more…… So they started with the most famous huh It seems like the next one is going to be a sword museum.]

Serious-senpai : [……Ummm, can you listen to what I was saying Hey……]

: [Also, I heard that sky cycling is really scary. If you're curious about them, go google it.]

Serious-senpai : [Listen to me! Care about me more!!! I'm having a hard time right now, you know! I'm even having second thoughts on myself, being the Seriousness Incarnate!!!]

: [……Don't worry. No matter how many thoughts you add on your mind, know that you've been a gag character from the start.]

Serious-senpai : [……Eh]

T/N: 81/271-

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