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Chapter 1266 - The Founder's Invitation ③

I take a sip of hojicha and eat a cookie. I also like black tea. but Japanese tea is good too…… and as a Japanese, I feel relaxed drinking it, making me feel at home.

Olivia-sans skill at brewing tea may be one of the reasons for it, but the taste of this hojicha is pleasant on the tongue.

[……Come to think of it, Olivia-san. How did you feel about actually facilitating a wedding]

[Lets see. There really is a difference between having the knowledge about it with actually doing it. I had the procedure in my mind, but timing and aspects like the atmosphere of the place couldnt be inferred from book knowledge alone.]

[Ahh~~ Indeed, I dont think I would have known things like the atmosphere of a wedding until Ive actually attended one.]

[Yes, but thanks to the High Priestess precise guidance, we were able to proceed without any problems.]

After a pause there, Olivia-san took a sip of hojicha and let out a sigh. Then, after seemingly thinking about something, she spoke.

[……It really is as Miyama Kaito-sama said, actually experiencing something was a big deal. I feel that I have gained experience, and that I have grown in a small, but definite way.]

[I think thats a very good thing, but how should I say this…… Theres a part of me that worries that Olivia-san might be trying too hard…… I think you need some time to take a breather, like right now.]

[I see, Im learning a lot.]

[Im sure I could at least be a good person to talk to, so Im always willing to keep you company if you ask, you know]

[ ! ]

Olivia-san, hearing my words, vigorously stood up all of a sudden. Her expression was a mixture of surprise and perplexity.

Ah~~ Olivia-san was humbling herself to me quite a lot, so perhaps, saying that would make her feel obliged instead

[I wonder if shes feeling strangely obliged when it comes to me……]

[T- That isnt the case!!!]


[Ahh, m- my apologies.]

It was the loudest her voice had been today…… No, since the time I had met her. It was unexpected and quite surprising to hear Olivia-san speak that loudly.

[The time I spent talking with Miyama Kaito-sama, for me, is irreplaceable. M- M- My thoughts do end up strangely heading towards worldly thoughts sometimes, but never do I feel displeased about it, and rather, Im feeling happy instead…… A- Anyhow, I would be honored if I could have the opportunity to talk with Miyama Kaito-sama in the future.]

[I- Is that so…… It makes me happy to hear you say that. Well then, lets have tea together again.]


If anything, Olivia-sans ability to assert herself this much may be a major growth compared to the past. At least, she seems to be enjoying her time with me, so Im really happy about that.

When it comes to Olivia-san, there are times when I have to be forceful with her, so I was a little worried that I might have caused her to shrink away from me.

While I had such thoughts in mind, Olivia-san glanced at me with some hesitation on her face. Its just my hunch, but I somehow felt like she had something she wanted to say, but was being reserved about it.

[Olivia-san If you have something you want to say, please dont hesitate to say it.]

[……W- Well then, this might be very rude of me to say this, but I have a question Id like to ask.]

[A question Yes, if I can answer it……]

[I would like to know Miyama Kaito-samas preferences.]


……Preferences about what Its Olivia-san asking this, so Im sure she isnt talking about my type of women or anything like that.

[……Errr, when you just say preferences, I think I have a lot of them, but what preferences were you talking about]

[My apologies. I would like to ask you about your preferences in teacakes. On an occasion like today, if I could offer such……]

[I see……]

Arehh Doesnt this feel like a good time to bring that out With this flow, I can introduce Japanese confectioneries naturally without hurting Olivia-san.

[I may have wanted to eat cookies this time, but when you drink Japanese tea, Japanese confectioneries would be a great match to it, so I like them.]

[Japanese confectioneries…… Ive read about them. I found it mentioned in the book about tea, but I havent gotten around to learning about it yet.]

[Errr, theyre something like these.]

I take out various types of Japanese confectioneries from my magic box and put them on the table. Incidentally, I bought these Japanese confectioneries at a store Neun-san had introduced me to.

As a confectionery store that was opened by someone who used to play the role of Hero and has since been passed down from generation to generation, it has quite a lot of authentic Japanese confectioneries.

[What gorgeous pastries…… Their aroma isnt very strong.]

[You can try them if you like.]

[Well then, if youll excuse me…… It has a very elegant taste. Manjuu filled with red bean paste…… No, it tastes a little different. Theres a hint of fruit…… Perhaps it was made as such for the fragrance, but even though its colors are different, theres no difference in taste…… I see……]

She somehow started examining them like a gourmet. Speaking of which, Kaori-san said that Olivia-san can easily notice subtle differences in the taste of miso soup, so perhaps, her sense of taste is quite acute.

Just like that, with a serious expression on her face, Olivia-san started mumbling to herself as she ate the Japanese confectioneries little by little, and watching her exuding such diligence made me smile a bit.

Serious-senpai : [It feels like its the first time theyve eaten something with white bean paste huh…… Also, this saint-looking woman is adapting more and more to the Japanese diet…… In a way, could you describe it as some sort of gap moe-

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