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Chapter 1212 - Duke-Rank and Maid-Rank ⑦

After we finished conveying the information to Camellia-san, we decided to visit Lillie-san. It seems that Lillie-san isnt at this forest though, and is often in the Great Forest near Yggfresis.

However, it wasnt far from where we were, and after moving to the entrance of the forest, we arrived at our destination after about 15 minutes of walking around the forest, admiring the green scenery.

The path to our destination was well-maintained and easy to walk in, but the place we arrived at was also quite beautiful. In the center of the open space was something that looked like an altar, a mysteriously bright area, where the light of the sun shines through.

[The place is called the Forest Haven. This place is often used for various events, and Lillie-san often spends time here.]

[Heehhh…… This place is beautiful…… However, there are surprisingly not that many people here.]

[This place is basically treated as the place where Lillie-san works, so theres a tacit agreement that people who dont directly report to Lillie-san dont go near this place.]

[I see.]

As I moved along, listening to Alices explanation, I saw the back of Lillie-san as she stood in front of that altar. Lillie-san standing in front of the large stone altar illuminated by the light was very picturesque, or rather, the atmosphere around her looked somewhat magical.

[……Hello, Miyama Kaito-san. Also, Shalltear-sama.]

[Hello, Lillie-san.]

[Hello, were here today because I have business with you.]

[Shalltear-sama does Oh my I wonder how I can be of help]

After we returned a greeting to Lillie-san, who turned and greeted us as we approached, Alice began conversing with her, but Im a bit curious about their earlier exchange.

I mean, Lillie-san could read the surface thoughts of others, so questions like “How can I be of help” wouldnt be something she would ask…… but I guess it isnt possible for her to read the surface thoughts of Alice, one of the Six Kings huh

[No, Im sure that with Shalltear-samas skill, it would have been possible to prevent me from reading her surface thoughts…… but Shalltear-sama is hiding her thoughts with other methods.]

[Other methods]

From what Ive heard from Lillie-san, who has read my surface thoughts, Alice apparently hasnt made it impossible for Lillie-san to read her thoughts…… However, shes using some other method.

[When Shalltear-sama was around me, she would usually use the method of “creating false surface thoughts”, giving me false information instead.]

[Eh Is that so, Alice]

[Well, its one of the popular countermeasures against mind-readers. Its like covering up your thoughts with other thoughts. On the other hand, against someone who reads your thoughts as deeply as Shallow Vernal-sama, if you split your thoughts into tens of thousands of different thoughts…… even if they read through all these thoughts, they wouldnt know which one is the truth.]

For her to say that shes able to do such a thing while talking like normal, I guess I should say that its to be expected of her…… Especially when it comes to exchanges involving information gathering, Alice is probably on a level that makes her the strongest.

[……Sometimes, as in this case, shes creating surface thoughts that I immediately know are false, but there would also be times that I get confused by thoughts that dont seem very false.]

[Unnn Is she making some kind of gag-like surface thoughts this time]

[Yes, easy-to-tell jokes like adjustment of the Peerage system, creating a Maid-Rank on top of the Duke-ranks, and raising me to Duke-rank……]

[……No, Lillie-san. Unfortunately, thats the truth.]

Ahh, I see…… Theres also a pattern where she would pretend what shes allowing her to read was false surface thoughts, but it was actually the truth huh……

After hearing my words, Lillie-san looked shocked for a moment, before she tilted her head.

[……H- Hmmm Truth Huh No, but from what I could read from Miyama Kaito-sans thoughts, indeed…… H- Hmmm I- Is it just that Im clueless about the society…… and Maid is actually a noble peerage title]

That was…… a surprisingly straightforward tsukkomi. Its as she said, right Thats how you would usually feel, right…… On the other hand, me, who didnt feel like that title is out of place at all, may have been too infected by that Maid Ideology. Lillie-sans reaction is the one thats normal.

[……Well, I can understand why you dont believe it. I dont want to accept it either……. but the fact is that we now have a Maid-rank above the Duke-rank.]

[……Errr, Shalltear-sama Im sorry for asking a lot of questions…… but why is it Maid-rank]

[Because thats the only way I could convince Ein-san.]

[Ein-san I- Is that so]

I wonder why I kinda feel like Lillie-san still doesnt understand it even when she hears Alices words. For me, Alices explanation is very easy to understand but…… Arehh Could it be that Lillie-san……

[……Lillie-san, have you not talked with Ein-san that much]

[Let alone talk to her, I think the times Ive met her could be counted by hand. Ein-san rarely appears in public. Since she doesnt go out in public even during the Festival of Heroes, I dont get to see her nearly as often. Camellia seems to be close friends with her though……]

Come to think of it, I think Bacchus-san did say something like “I never thought I would meet someone who rarely appears in public~~” when he first encountered Ein-san.

Also, thinking about it again, Ein-san certainly didnt appear publicly at the Six Kings Festival or the White God Festival, and I dont know if its also something shes quite particular about, but I think shes the type that works behind-the-scenes.

[As Kaito-san thinks, people dont often meet Ein-san. Even if someone visits Kuro-sans castle, it would basically be Funf-san who handles them…… In the first place, visitors to Kuro-sans castle are usually those invited by someone who lives there, so the person who invited them will be the one receiving them, so Ein-san rarely appears.]

[I see, so its just that I see her frequently, and it isnt like she would usually appear when theres a visitor huh……]

[Yes, I mean, the reason why Ein-san, who is the de facto head of Kuro-sans camp, that is if you were to exclude Kuro-san, comes out frequently and immediately receives you is because its Kaito-san.]

I see, Ein-san is widely known by name, but shes someone that people outside of Kuros family and Maid-related people almost never meet huh.

Now that she mentions it, I guess it makes sense…… but because I had the impression that shes someone I meet frequently, I was a bit surprised.

Serious-senpai : [……Now that you mentioned it, I dont think she appeared in public at all at the Six Kings Festival, the White God Festival, or the Harmonic Symphony. Her maid-related comments left too much of an impression, but when I looked at the scenes in which she appeared, I realized that she basically was completely working behind the scenes, and only comes out when Kuro calls her……]-

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