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After watching the flow of the events from the Sanctuary, the two Gods, Shallow Vernal and Eden…… and the first meeting between Nebula and Kaito, Eden muttered with a pale look on her face.

[……I see, that alteration ability of yours…… It was quite frightening. For that Absolute Nebula to be so obedient to my child…… What exactly did you alter]

[A downgrade to his ability and a limitation to her unique ability.]

[No, it's not that, I'm talking about her personality. You must have altered something in her personality that made her that obedient to my child and friendly to the people around him……]

[I didn't do that though]


When Shallow Vernal tilted her head at her with a wondering look on her face, Eden looked really surprised. She had thought that Nebula had been altered in some way by Shallow Vernal's Epilogue, and that was why she was acting in a friendly manner towards Kaito.

Otherwise, Nebula, who had reigned at the pinnacle of multiple words, wouldn't have thought of interacting with a single human being properly……. However, her prediction didn't receive an affirmative answer.

[You haven't altered Nebula's personality in any way What about any restrictions on her]

[I made sure she won't harm Kaito-san. Thus, if you were talking about mentally harming him, Nebula is unable to even insult him. However, that's really all there is to it.]

[……In that case…… Errr…… What's that about Nebula calling my child "Milord" and socializing with everyone with a bright smile]

[That's something she does by her own will.]

[………………..Is……………….. that so.]

Eden looked up at the sky again. She was unable to describe the emotions she felt at that moment. She had never met Nebula in person, but she knew that she was a tremendously powerful being who reigned at the top of many worlds.

She does feel a bit of admiration for the overwhelming power and charisma that allowed her to govern a vast amount of worlds and their World Creators…… but she felt like that admiration was being shattered to pieces.

[……I feel tired, so I'm going home. Since you've downgraded her abilities, I don't think it would be a problem, but the possibility of her revolting isn't zero, so please remain vigilant.]

With those words, Eden left the Sanctuary while holding her head. For the time being, she felt like having a good rest.

Looking at such an Eden, Shallow Vernal curiously tilted her head.

In the evening, after a flurry of greetings to the people in the mansion, Nebula was sitting on a branch of the World Tree. Even though her abilities have been downgraded, she was still Quasi-Omnipotent and didn't need to sleep.

No, it was inevitable that she would have a body that didn't need to rest since in the first place, she was assigned here as a guard dog. Anyhow, Nebula, who didn't need to sleep, was thinking as she stared at the mansion without any lights.

(What a humiliation! Why is the situation like this! For the Absolute me to have bowed down to these lowly creatures…… Gununu, but this is only for a moment. Yes, now is the time to remain in obscurity, this Absolute me…… will definitely return to my rightful place…… Hmmm)

In the middle of her thought, Nebula noticed something and flew from the branch she was sitting on to a room with closed curtains, and slipping through the window…… the window of Kaito's bedroom, she went inside.

Then, seeing that his blanket was pushed aside after he turned over while he slept…… Nebula raised Kaito's blanket back over his body, before slipping through the window again to sit back on the branch of the World Tree.

(First of all, I should get the current situation right. Annoying it may be, but my power is currently just Quasi-Omnipotent…… weakened to the point where I'm no better than even a mere Omnipotent. Well, even against someone Omnipotent and Omniscient, when it comes to battle, the power of this Absolute me to encompass everything assures my victory. However, it's inconvenient that I can't use it unless the opponent is hostile, and restricted even if the opponent is intentionally acting hostile.)

To put it bluntly, the current Nebula has been weakened to a tremendous level…… but she does make the strongest watchdog. When someone invades, she's able to use her power to encompass everything, allowing her to trample anyone under her absolute superiority.

However, other than that situation, she has only Quasi-Omnipotent ability. But still, her power is on the level of a World Creator…… Considering the power she once had though, such a level isn't really worth mentioning.

(……The question though is whether or not the power I have gained will still be mine after my all-encompassing power has been activated and the opponent has been dealt with. In the past, it would have remained mine. That is to say, if an Omnipotent being attacked, I could retain their Omnipotence within myself…… However, I don't think she would be as foolish as not put a limit to that, but if that's the case, as I had expected…… Mhmm)

Thereupon, Nebula stopped thinking again, flew away from her branch, slipped through the window again, entered Kaito's room and fixed the blanket that had been moved to the side again.

(……Aren't you turning over a little too often It's alright if you're just tossing and turning for a bit, but too much tossing and turning is also a problem…… No, I suppose this is still within the margin of error Just in case, should I inspect him That should be easy even for the weakened me…… With the Absolute me by your side, there's no way I'll allow Milord…… my manservant to fall ill. Such a thing happening would be a blunder of mine, so you must be careful…… Fumu, it doesn't seem like there's any problem. I'll also have him have a good dream.)

After exhaling, looking a bit relieved, Nebula returned to the branch of the World Tree and sat down to think again.

In the Sanctuary, Shallow Vernal was curiously tilting her head as she recalled Eden's state today.

[I wonder why Earth God was so restless today. Rather, I felt like she was very anxious.]

Eden was worried about Kaito, almost as if she was afraid that Nebula would explode when displeased. Many times she had asked if it would really be alright to make Nebula a guard dog, and if perhaps, it would have been better to just make another person a guard dog.

But to Shallow Vernal, such worries are but a mystery.

[……I don't think she needs to worry that much though…… Hmmm]

There was a difference in the information and impressions that both of them had in mind. To Eden, Nebula was the pinnacle of several multiverses, the Absolute who wouldn't see herself inferior to a human.

However, the impression of Shallow Vernal, who chose Nebula as Kaito's guard dog was……

[From what I know though…… I chose "the most benevolent and kindest person", so I don't see the problem…… How mysterious.]

~ ~ Nebula's thoughts ~ ~

・ It's only natural for lowly creatures with inferior abilities to cause trouble to the Absolute her, and she wouldn't blame nor punish them.

・ It is alright for the Absolute her to be inconvenienced, but never shall she inconvenience others.

・ Being the Absolute her, she is the one who bestows upon the lowly, and she sees no need for lowly creatures to force themselves to pay something in tribute.

・ If a lowly creature under the patronage of the Absolute her is injured or falls ill, it's the responsibility of the Absolute her and a matter that shouldn't be allowed to happen.

・ Being the Absolute her, she's obligated to protect the lowly creatures under her patronage, so when a battle occurs, she should be the one to take the initiative.

・ It should be given for the Absolute her to be perfect, but it's a mistake to demand that of the lowly creatures with inferior abilities, and it is within the capacity of the Absolute her to laugh and forgive others' disrespect.

・ There is no need for lowly creatures to devote themselves to the Absolute her. It's the lowly creatures who should receive blessings, conferred upon by the Absolute her.

Serious-senpai : [……So, she's just a good girl]-

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