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In a dream where my consciousness was strangely clear, a woman I have never met before declared that she's my mother……  Seriously, what the heck is this

I don't recognize this woman in front of me who calls herself Makina, and more importantly, I know who my real mother is……

[Ahh, sorry, I'm not saying I'm your blood-related mother, but I'm your mother in a much broader sense. You're a child born in the world I created, which means you're my child.]

[A- Ahhh, so that's what you meant…… Arehh Are you saying that you're the God of the world I was in]

[Unnn, that's right.]

I was surprised when she suddenly called herself my mother, but she's talking about it in a broader sense huh…… Arehh However, I think I've heard that kind of story somewhere before…… Perhaps, I may have even known someone who said the same thing…… "I can't remember though".

It feels rather strange. I can't remember anything about a particular person, as if the part of memory regarding them is completely missing.

[Oops, sorry about that. I had my own circumstances, you see So, I made it so that you can't remember "the me over there".]

[U- Unnn]

[Well, how should I say this…… Remember how my child thought it was a dream in the beginning This was close in a way, because I'm just temporarily inviting only the mind of my sleeping child into this space. However, rather than being a breach of contract, this is just barely within it, but I'm afraid Shallow Vernal will complain…… so I've put some restrictions so that "you can't remember the me over there" and "you'll forget what we talk about here when you wake up".]

[……I- I see.]

……That was quite the outrageous story, but since she's a God, it's not surprising that she'd be able to do that. Well, I've been through a lot myself and experienced a lot of situations beyond common sense…… I'm kind of getting used to it now, or rather, I'm starting to be able to take such things in somewhat calmly.

Should I rejoice in my growth or lament the fact that I'm getting caught up in so many abnormal situations that I became used to it…… I'm wavering which one it is.

As I was thinking about this, I wondered if I should call the woman…… God in front of me with "-sama" attached to her name

[Ah, no, you can just call me casually. Of course! You can also call me Mother……]

[……Well then, I'll call you Makina-san then.]

[……You can also call me Mama, you know]

[Nice to meet you, Makina-san.]

[Ah, unnn. Nice to meet you……]

I wonder what this feeling is…… She looks like a beautiful, wholesome and gentle girl, and her voice and tone are also gentle…… but for some unknown reason, I feel like she was quite the "dangerous" person.

Especially when I heard her "Call me Mother~~" earlier, I felt a chill run down my spine. It was like my body was unconsciously warning me about something.

I'd like to think that it was just my imagination, but for a moment, I felt like I saw "a muddy-colored heart behind her iridescent eyes"……

[……Errr, going back on track, why did Makina-san bring me to this space From what you just said, does that mean you had some business with me, even if it means violating your contract with Shiro-san]

[Unnn, unnn, my child is clever! My child is quite self-deprecating, but Mother thinks you have a good eye for detail and is quick-witted. Of course, you were rather careless sometimes, but that's part of what makes my child cute, so it's not a negative point at all. In fact, it's more of a plus point. You're intelligent, cool, and you were even cute here and there, which raises your tastiness by twice. Even if it's me that's being asked here, I think such factors garner you quite an amount of lickable points. As expected, I really want to pamper my child, or rather, I really want to lick my child…… Oops, I guess we're getting "a little" off-topic.]

……A little I mean, how the heck can this person say something as weird as "licking people" with a straight face I was just hearing things, right Please tell me I'm hearing things…… The thought of asking such a question to her scares me though.

Also, just as I had expected, I felt that strangely dangerous feeling again. There are times when I feel like the atmosphere is strange, feeling like the surroundings were rather humid, or rather, the moistness I'm feeling was most probably the sweat exuding from my body.

[The reason I invited my child here is, of course, because I wanted to see you in person…… but also because I've wanted to talk to you for a long time.]


[Unnn. Well, but before that, how about we take our time and not talk while standing…… Sorry, wait a moment.]

After Makina told me this, she grabbed my right hand and holding it tightly…… "she punched herself in the face". There was no wind pressure on that punch, but behind Makina-san…… The space itself cracked, making me feel her earlier punch contained an overwhelming amount of force.

I mean…… What the heck is this person doing!

[……U- Ummm, what are you suddenly……]

[I'm sorry. "Love for My Child Big Bang" almost occurred for a moment there…… As expected, if I interfere any further, Shallow Vernal will find out, so I'll have to control myself here.]

[……H- Huhh.]

Hearing her become frightened about something that isn't just on the level of an explosion anymore, I felt a tingling sensation down my spine again.

As I thought…… I think there's some kind of madness hiding behind her wholesome appearance…… But how should I say this…… I'm having this abnormal feeling that "she's still quite proper"…… I wonder why

Serious-senpai : [……So you can properly control herself……]

Makina : [Paradise is just a terminal after all, so I could only temporarily disconnect and take other measures, but since I'm conversing with my child with my own body, it's easier for me to control myself to some extent. Also, if I were to interfere with him even further, Shallow Vernal would find out and complain……]-

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