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Perhaps, because we really had lots of fun playing the VR game, before I knew it, it was already nighttime. Thereupon, I received a message from Lilia-san through Illness-san.

[Tre-san, Cento-san, Cien-san…… Lilia-san…… Errr, the Head of the neighboring Duchy would like to have dinner with everyone if you don't mind.]

Of course, I had told Lilia-san about Tre-san's visit today…… but it seems like not only Tre-san, but also Cento-san and Cien-san weren't famous, as Lilia-san and Luna-san didn't know them at all.

According to Sieg-san's assessment, Cento-san and Cien-san should be around high Count-rank…… but they probably weren't moving in public at all.

[N- No, that is……]

[We can't trouble you anymore than this……]

[We having dinner Well~~ I'm looking forward to it~~]

[ [ ……Esteemed Sister Tre, come here for a moment. ] ]


I usually have my meals at Lilia-san's mansion. I get along with her head chef reasonably well, and there's no need to hire separate cooks for the houses that are right next to each other. I also made sure to pay for the food expense for our share.

Well, of course, my house has its own dining room and kitchen. This time, through Lilia-san's consideration, she asked Illness-san to bring the food to my dining room.

Cento-san and Cien-san seemed to be feeling reserved…… but of course, Tre-san didn't hesitate at all and decided to eat together with us without any hesitation.

It seems that Cento-san and Cien-san are scolding her for it, but Tre-san is a mentally strong person, so she will definitely have her way in the end.

After watching for a while, it seemed like the two gave up and said they were going to eat with us with apologetic looks on their faces.

Of course, I had no problem with this, so I decided to bring the three of them to the dining room.

Thanks to Tre-san's cheerful personality, the conversation at the dinner table was very lively and the meal proceeded in a friendly atmosphere.

[……Speaking of which, do you also work at Seditch Magic Tools Trading Company, Tre-san]

[You can say I work there…… but I don't really have any particular position.]

[Esteemed Sister Tre works in a somewhat special department, with a highly confidential job.]

[……I see.]

Cien-san interjected upon things that Tre-san was unable to explain. Well, as the world's largest trading company, it was natural that they would have a secret or two.

I guess I shouldn't ask too many questions here when she deliberately spoke ambiguously by calling it a highly confidential job.

[I can change the purity of magic crystals by pouring my magic power into it, so it's my job to make high purity magic crystals!]

[……Esteemed Sister Tre.]

[Eh It's not like I really have to hide it from Kaito though]

[That's so but…… Just now, even though Cien and Miyama-san were being mindful, you instantly wasted it.]

I see, I have a pretty good idea of what they're talking about. The purer the magic crystal, the rarer and more expensive it is…… and that is what Tre-san was making.

Moreover, from the sound of it, it isn't something that just anyone can do. I think it's probably due to that magic that changes the ratio of things that she mentioned earlier.

That makes things a lot of sense now. So that's what Cento-san and Cien-san meant when they referred to themselves as her guards……

Tre-san herself isn't a fighter at all, but she has a special ability that is rare and would generate considerable wealth. That's why she has powerful guards with her…… and since there's no guarantee that no one will have ill-will upon hearing this, they must have been keeping this information confidential.

I guess this is why Lilia-san and the others didn't know about Tre-san and the twins.

[……Tre-san is actually an amazing person huh.]

[Arehh That's strange, the way you said that, it sounds like you thought I was just an idiot until you heard about this.]

[That's right.]

[Ahh~~ That's cruel~~ You're cruel~~ I was deeply hurt. That's why, I'll be taking your ham!]

[Ahh, wait!]

Because we happened to be sitting next to each other, Tre-san quickly snatched the ham from my plate and quickly brought it to her mouth.

As she ate it with great relish, I couldn't see how hurt she was with that big smile on her face.

[I will take your ham as compensation!]

[You've already eaten it……]

[I've taken your ham as compensation!]

I couldn't help but smile when I saw Tre-san dutifully reiterate her words, puffing out her chest with her exclamation. It was a childish gesture, but how should I say this…… each of her actions looked like she was really having fun.

She was smiling when we were talking, she was playing the game as enthusiastically as she could, and she seemed to be really enjoying her interactions with me right now.

If I had to describe her, I'd say she's like the sun…… She's bright and cheerful, and above all, when you're with him, she makes you smile……

Tre-san, holding such dazzling charm, was a slightly…… No, a rather unusual girl.

However, well…… After getting to know her, I feel like it was really great that I got to meet her.

Serious-senpai : [Fluffily enjoyable, it was a great story…… Well then, I bid ya adieu.]

: [Where are you going The real thing is coming next, you know]

Serious-senpai : [HANDS OFF! You knew that I don't want to be around that date, so why do you think I would be waiting for it! I'll  be having a paid day-off tomorrow!!!]

: [……No, no, you don't get paid nor have a day-off here in the Afterword……]-

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