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After the mock battle between Isis-san and Iris-san, Iris-san became Isis-san's subordinate. And with that, it seems that Iris-san is moving in to Isis-san's castle.

However, not wanting to abandon the work she had once undertaken, she declared that she would continue to run that bar in my home, to which Isis-san agreed.

The only change is that the bar will only be open at night, until Iris-san learns the magic to create clones.

[Errr, ummm, I don't know how to say this…… That's great, isn't it, Isis-san]

[……Unnn…… I'm really…… really…… happy…… All of this…… is thanks…… to Kaito.]

[N- No, I didn't do anything this time……]

Isis-san talking with a really happy smile on her face looked very cute, but this was Alice's idea and it was Iris-san's decision to become her subordinate, so it's not like I did anything.

[No, as a matter of fact…… What she said isn't necessarily wrong though.]


As I was thinking about this, Alice affirmed Isis-san's words.

[This is just my opinion, but the reason Isis-san couldn't get a subordinate until now…… it was because "even though she couldn't get what she wanted most, she wasn't skillful enough to turn her eyes to other things. She didn't do things like Kuro and I did, as even though we have things we wanted, we still did other things in parallel.]

[……Unnn…… I think…… it is…… as Shalltear said.]

[And then, Kaito-san, the person Isis-san wanted the most, appeared. Thanks to this, Isis-san became mentally composed enough to focus on other things, which led to a good outcome for her. Putting it in another way, if it weren't for Kaito-san, the current Isis-san wouldn't have existed, so saying that it is thanks to Kaito-san might not be wrong.]

[……Kaito…… is amazing.]

H- How should I say this…… I'm receiving quite the praises. I'm starting to feel a little embarrassed here. Isis-san is looking at me with sparkling eyes, and Alice had a gentle smile on her face.

[W- Well, anyway, I'm just glad that it turned out well for both Isis-san and Iris-san.]

[Umu, I'd also like to say my thanks too. Both to you and Alice…… Oops, speaking of which, I have now become a subordinate of Isis-sama. If that's the case, it is necessary that I should pay respect to Isis-sama's fellow Kings…… Should I speak to you with honorifics, Alice-sama]

[Ueeeeggghhh, gross! Seriously, stop that. I feel like throwing up.]

[Oya Are you alright, Alice-sama If you're not feeling well, might I suggest……]


When Iris-san spoke in a teasingly respectful tone, the effect seemed to be enormous as Alice shouted, looking really grossed out.

[Pfft… Hahaha, I'm just kidding.]

[……You freaking evil flattie.]

[My body is based on your body, b*stard!!!]

[What a shame~~ According to Alice-chan's eyes, mine are comparably bigger!]

[Isn't that just your opinion!]

It seems that Iris-san really was just joking, as she immediately returned to her usual tone and started arguing with Alice.

Feeling happy seeing them getting along so well, Isis-san and I exchanged glances and chuckled.

In the middle of the night, on the day that brought a great change for both Isis-san and Iris-san, I unexpectedly woke up just as the date was about to change.

I don't know if I hadn't slept well, or if I was a little stimulated after seeing such a tremendous battle, which I normally wouldn't have been able to see before thanks to the glasses Shiro-san had given me, but despite waking up in the middle of the night, my eyes were rather clear.

Once I got out of the bed, I picked up the levitating Lighting Magic Tool in my pajamas and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen.

I was slightly hungry…… I didn't really want to gorge myself on food or alcohol, but I still wanted to eat something light before I went back to sleep.

I usually eat my meals at Lilia-san's mansion, but of course, my home also has a dining room and kitchen as well. I did have food in my magic box, so I can actually just munch on something in my room, but since I'm in the mood, I thought I'd make something for myself for dinner.

Though I say that, I really just want to eat something light…… so thinking that I should make some thinly sliced bacon and scrambled eggs seasoned with salt and pepper, I arrived at the kitchen…… I noticed that there's light leaking through the crack in the door.

When I opened the door, wondering if there's anyone there, I found someone I didn't expect inside.

[M- Master!]

[……It's quite a coincidence, isn't it, Anima]

The person in the kitchen was Anima. She had a towel wrapped around her head and an apron over the pale blue pajamas I had bought for her back then…… It was a different look than usual, but her outfit certainly is refreshing.

[Y- Yes. Ahh, m- m- m- my apologies! S- Showing up dressed like this……]

[Ahaha, you don't have to mind it. I'm in my pajamas too, you know…… Is Anima also having a midnight snack]

[Y- Yes…… My duties took quite a while, I just finished bathing and thought I'd have something to eat before bedtime……]

[I see, thank you for the good work.]

[I- I'm unworthy of your praise.]

The slightly flustered, yet embarrassed look on Anima's face looked kind of charming that I couldn't help but smile.

Since we've stumbled upon each other like this, I guess it might be a good idea to have my midnight snack with Anima……

I have been repeatedly getting the same questions, so I'll answer them here.

Q : Can Iris increase the number of other Heart Tool Users

A : She can't. Strictly speaking, Iris and ἀποκάλυψις are "part of Ἑκατόγχειρες", so only Alice can increase the number of Heart Tool Users.

Q : Can Demons also use Heart Tools

A : No, they can't. As Alice slightly explained when she gave Kaito a Heart Tool, the Heart Tools can only be given to humans. However, once it is summoned within one's heart, it can still be used even if one's species changed.

Q : Ozma showed his power in the final battle, but will he still be a Count-rank

A : Alice-chan will soon be expanding the title ranks, so there is going to be making some major changes to people's rank soon (Some of the Count-ranks will be upgraded to Duke-ranks, while the current Duke-rank will be upgraded to a rank higher than that), and Ozma-san is going to be changed to a Duke-rank at that time.

Q : Two years have already passed, why can't they change it then

A : A certain maid said "There's no need for anything more. In the first place, I'm only in this position for convenience because you insist on it, and I don't need any sort of peerage. In fact, I'd rather be considered outside of that criteria of yours, if you don't mind.", and Alice-chan was thinking of a way to persuade her. Rather, "I did think of an idea", but Alice-chan, you see, has been having second thoughts if she should make "that" as a rank higher than Duke-rank.-

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