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It was an impact that wasn't as half-hearted as bursting through the air. If it weren't for an Auxiliary Technique that prevented the impact from spreading to the surrounding area, the surroundings would have vanished long ago.

(D*mn it! You've got to be kidding me! The trajectory of her attacks is monotonous, and her strikes are easy to understand…… But this speed and might, this is the power of one of the pinnacles of the Demon Realm huh……)

The physical attacks of Isis were straightforward telephone punches, but its might was such that even Iris' all-out defense couldn't block it at all.

Her starting stance makes it easy for Iris to read her movements, so she is able to avoid her strikes, but it becomes mentally exhausting for her to keep avoiding the fists that would deal considerable damage if they hit her.

(……That freaking idiot, what kind of mock battle is this! Moreover, this is what happens when she isn't using magic attacks that she's supposed to be specializing in…… There's too much of a disparity in our abilities to even have a proper fight…… That idiot definitely knew that this would happen!)

Of course, Alice knew that the current Isis was no match for Isis, even if she fought her while Isis was doing a handstand. And even though she knew that, she still dared to plan this mock battle. If so, then she must have some other reason here.

(Was this some kind of payback for what happened back at the bar No, she's not the type to hold a grudge for small things like that, and if she wanted to retaliate, she wouldn't have done it this way…… If so, what is her aim Even if this whole offensive and defensive process ends and the mock battle begins, I will be easily beaten down———– Wait, so that's what she's aiming for!)

For Iris who knew Alice well, including her personality, it didn't take long for her to realize her aim.

When Iris looked at her while avoiding Isis' fist…… Alice smiled.

(……D*mn it, I thought I understood in my head that this won't happen. I thought that I'm making sure such a thing wouldn't happen…… However, this seriously happened I——– had "become conceited".)

Biting her lip slightly, Iris looked vexed, but she continued to think calmly.

(……I knew that this was just borrowed power. The power that I have now was given to me by Alice, and not something I honed on my own…… but still, the fact that I've acquired this mighty power made me think that "it's already enough". That if I have this much power, I don't need a power greater than this…… even laziness has its limits.)

Dodging the approaching fist, Iris looked straight at Isis.

(Yes, the me right now is just an ordinary person who happened to gain a lot of power. I've never been able to do anything "with my own power"…… What have I been doing for the past two years The power that I don't own is nothing more than a useless paper mache…… Ahh, d*mn it all, that's how it is after all. During the time that I was dead and only my consciousness remained, my fangs that made me known as the Tyrannical Beast have fallen off huh……)

Yes, without even realizing it, Iris had become conceited about the power she had gained. A body with the same physical abilities as Alice…… That alone made most of the beings in the world weaker than Iris.

That's why, she stopped there. Thinking that she had become powerful enough, she stopped growing. In fact, she hasn't even learned chantless magic yet…… because she felt that she didn't need to.

That was something that Alice, who called Iris her partner, couldn't overlook. She felt irritated seeing Iris standing still and why she hadn't tried to climb up to her level.

(…….After this battle, you want me to say those words, right "Train me"…… Ahh, fine, I'll say it! I will spit out all the words you want and even scrape my head against the ground!!! However, not until the battle is over…… Now, we have the best example right in front of me! Struggle as much as possible, I'll learn as much as I can!!!)

With a ferocious smile on her face, Iris looked at Isis' incoming fist…… and caught it with her hands.

[……How surprising…… I suddenly…… got better…… at Body Strengthening Magic.]

As a result of imitating the Body Strengthening Magic that Isis was doing, Iris succeeded in catching Isis' fist. Even though some of her fingers were bent in the wrong direction and blood was pouring out of her palms……

[……H- Hahaha…… I guess I've forgotten this feeling. I have always hated losing, especially losing without being able to show my strength, it was a humiliation that makes me want to die. But this time, I will accept this humiliation…… all for me to grow my fangs again.]

[……Uhhh…… Unnn]

[If it's not too much trouble, Isis-dono, could you please instruct me on how to properly make use of magic power at a later date It's hard for me to say that I've completely mastered something just by imitating.]

[……Unnn…… If you're alright with me…… I can always…… teach you, you know]

[……I'm in your debt.]

After saying that and slightly bowing, Iris turned her gaze to Alice in the distance, slightly annoyed about how she's being made to dance on the palm of her hand.

Thereupon, as if she finished hitting her aim, as if by magic, Alice's voice reached her ears.

[It's about time, don't you think Then, let's have Isis-san attack with magic this time. Iris can either defend or evade it.]

[Yeah, I'll learn as much as I can.]

[……Unnn ……I don't really know what's happening…… but alright…… Also…… I'll heal your hand…… before that, okay]

Saying that, Isis lightly held up her hand, and Iris' hand, which should have been in tatters, was restored. Seeing Isis fluttering up to the skies, Iris chuckled.

[……Good grief, it's a big world, isn't it Well, this is a different world after all……]

Muttering to no one in particular, she glanced at the huge staff…… ἀποκάλυψις in her hand.

[Tyrannical Beast dwelling within my heart, you also don't find it amusing how I just remained silent, right Let's work together here.]

Hearing her voice, Iris' Heart Tool…… Her heart itself lit up a bit. As if it was nodding at her words…… 

Serious-senpai : [……Doesn't this seem like a move that a protagonist would do]

: [Moreover, the real protagonist is watching their match.]

Serious-senpai : [He's been kidnapped, got rescued, and is now watching over a battle…… Kaito, doesn't it seem more like you have the position of a heroine]

: [Well, that is…… something too late to say now. Well, he's a good protagonist when needed though……]-

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