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Finished talking with Chris-san, I gave her my thanks…… And promised to hang out with her again next time, I walked out of the room.

[Sorry for the wait.]

[No, are you done talking with her Majesty, Chris]


The room that was prepared for Chris-san, the Emperor, so the soundproofing seemed to be perfect, and Lilia-san, who was just outside the room, couldnt hear what Chris-san and I were talking about.

I dont think our conversation would be something troubling for Lilia-san to hear, but since the topic is Lilia-san herself, it may somehow be embarrassing just standing guard at the door like that.

And once again, together with Lilia-san, we began walking until we arrived in front of a door that is so big that it could be said to be the most distinctive door in the royal palace.

On the other side of this door awaits the former King and his wife…… Lilia-sans parents.

I dont know why, and its not like Ive done anything wrong, but Im somehow nervous.

However, Lilia-san doesnt seem particularly nervous, and after knocking on the door, she opened it.

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[Excuse me.]

[W- Well be intruding in.]

When I followed Lilia-san inside, there were four people waiting for us.

[Welcome back, Lilianne…… No, it was Lilia now, wasnt it I havent seen you since the New Years evening party.]

[Its been a while, Mother.]

A tremendous beauty with the same light blonde hair as Lilia-san, spoke with a gentle smile on her face. She looked like what Lilia-san would look like if she grew up a bit more, a beauty filled with adult sex appeal.

Eh Shes Lilia-sans mother She looks young though!

W- wait, hold it right there, Lilia-san is 22 years old, right And it took a long time for the former queen to be blessed with a child…… At least, by the time Ryze was born, she would have been the queen already.

……So, doesnt that mean shes about 50 years old No way…… She looks like shes in her 30s, no, I would even believe it if she said shes in her 20s.

[Its been a while, Lilia. Im glad to see you here.]

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[Im relieved to see that Father is doing well.]

The man who just spoke was a white-haired man with an elegant beard.

An austere, elderly dandy man with eyes that shows his deep experience. I could easily imagine that he would be quite the handsome man in his younger days.

Lilia-sans family is full of people with really high specs…… Should I say that its to be expected from them who carry the royal blood

After greeting Lilia-san, the former king then turns to me and slowly bows his head.

[Thank you for coming, Miyama-dono, its an honor to meet you here. My name is Lotus Lia Symphonia. If its fine with you, I would be pleased to be your acquaintance even in the future.]

[My name is Dahlia Lia Symphonia. I have long heard of you, Miyama-sama. Its my pleasure to see you.]

[Ah, yes! I- Im Miyama Kaito. Its nice to meet you.]

When the former king and queen greeted me very politely, I nervously replied to them as I straightened my back.

As if they were waiting for the time we finished our greetings, the remaining two people took a step towards me.

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[Elder Sister Lilia, welcome back. Also, Miyama-sama, its nice to see you for the first time. Amalie Lia Symphonia…… Symphonia Kingdoms First Princess and the first heir to the throne. I am Elder Sister Lilias niece.]

Plucking the hem of her beautiful dress, a beautiful girl with long, dark brown hair in loose curls gracefully greeted me…… Her bright red eyes remind me of His Majesty, the King.

This person……. Princess Amalie is the first in line to the throne.

It may be a little uncomfortable for others to hear this, but I had this narrow prejudice about how I assumed the prince would be first in line for the throne, but in this world where there are many women, it doesnt seem to be unusual for women to hold the authority, like how Chris-san is the Empress of the Archlesia Empire.

[Last but not the least, Elder Sister Lilia, welcome back. Miyama-dono, its a pleasure to meet you. Im the First Prince, Orchid Lia Symphonia.]

Having the same dark brown hair as Princess Amalie, a very handsome young man politely bowed his head and introduced himself to me.

No matter how I look at them, Lilia-sans family is really filled with beautiful people…… I feel really out of place here, its like the feeling of being an ordinary person suddenly being thrown in the middle of an idol group.

[Nice to meet you. Princess Amalie, Prince Orchid.]

[Miyama-sama, you dont have to call me Princess. Please just call me Amalie.]

[Same for me.]

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[Ah, yes. Well then, Amalie-san and Orchid-san…… Ahh, you can just call me by name Kaito too.]

F- For some reason, I cant calm down…… Even though the people I was dealing with were royalty, the most distinguished people in this country, it was very unbearable that they were speaking to me politely, as if I were higher than them.

I mean, the reason why Im being placed on a higher pedestal isnt because Im an amazing person, but because Kuro and Isis-san are great people, and Im kind of feeling sorry because Im just a mere fox with a tiger behind my back.

The former king and queen also wanted me to call them by their names as well just like Amalie-san and Orchid-san, so even though I felt uneasy, I decided to call them Lotus-san and Dahlia-san.

[……Miyama-sama, Lilia has always been in your care. As her mother, please let me say my gratitude.]

[N- No, Im the one whos in her care instead……]

[This child is a genius in academics and military prowess, but shes always been a bit of a tomboy…… She hasnt even married yet, and as her mother, I was worried for her.]

[……W- Wait, please stop right there, Mother…… W- What in the world are you saying……]]

When I thought the greetings were all over, with her gentle smile still on her face, Dahlia-san said that with a gentle tone of voice, while Lilia-san somehow looked flustered.

[Please love Lilia even as your “second wife”.]

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[Mother! What are you talking about!]

[Its alright, Lilia. Mother perfectly understands. Even just by talking to him like this, I can feel Miyama-samas personality……. With him by your side, you will achieve happiness.]

[You dont seem to understand anything at all though!]

Hearing Dahlia-san calmly talking about her shocking statement, Lilia-san turned red and exclaimed.

[As a father…… No matter how old I am, its a sad thing to see my daughter go off to marry…… but if its for Lilias happiness, Father will put up with it. Lilia, come home and see us once in a while.]


[Miyama-dono, please take care of Lilia.]

[Ehh Ah, errr, yes.]

[Kaito-san too, could you please not let yourself get swept along with them!]

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Reflexively nodding to Lotus-san, whose face completely turned into that of a father as he deeply bowed to me…… I got scolded by Lilia-san.

W- What the heck is with this situation…… I feel like theres a big misunderstanding going on……

[Elder Sister Lilia, how enviable. To win over such a dreamy gentleman like Kaito-sama……]

[Amalie…… Listen here, youre just making a big misunderstanding……]

[Ahh, Kaito-sama! Of course, if Kaito-sama wishes it, Im willing to dedicate myself to you!]

[What the heck are you talking about!!!]

I feel like Im somehow being really left out here.

As Im dumbfounded watching Lilia-san desperately scream as she tries to clear up the misunderstandings of her family, who started talking about stuff that has leapt away from the present, Orchid-san calls out to me.

[Kaito-dono, please take a seat over here. Since theyve already started doing that, they would probably take a while……]

[T- Thank you very much, Orchid-san.]

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[I wont mind it if you just call me Orchid though You dont look that much older than me, so you can just speak with how youre comfortable with.]

[……Errr, Ill call you Orchid then. In exchange, Id also like you to call me that too.]

[I understand. Ill call you Kaito from now on.]

With a picture-perfect ikemen smile on his face, Orchid moves to a smaller table and sits down facing me.

Lilia-san and the others still seem to be arguing with each other, and I can hear their loud voice quite clearly.

[……Are they always like that]

[Yes, well…… Lotus-sama and Dahlia-sama are always worried about Elder Sister Lilia not being married while…… as for Elder Sister Amalie…… Well, shes just the kind of person who likes to get into peoples love affairs.]

[……I see.]

For the time being, as were both people who were outcasts from their conversation, I exchanged some idle talks with Orchid while waiting for the four of them to settle down.

Orchid was just like a prince straight out of anime, an ikemen with a refreshing and good personality……What the heck is with his popularity factor that doesnt show any opening…… Is he a riajuu Hes a riajuu, right!

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Alright, then you can go expl…… Ah, no…… I guess Im also one of the riajuus now since I got the affection of a certain ridiculously beautiful girl with the name of Isis-san……

Dear Mom, Dad——- I met Lilia-sans family and had a few conversations with them. I feel like Ive gotten along with them, especially with Orchid. But even so, for their family is only filled with beautiful men and women, Lilia-sans family all have——- really high specs.

Eh Serious-senpai Whos that

On a side note, Lilias family is all named after flowers.

Lilia (Lilianne)…… Lillian (Lupine)

Ryze…… Moonrise (Hibiscus)

Dahlia…… Dahlia (Asteraceae)

Lotus…… Lotus (Sacred Lotus)

Amalie…… Amaryllis (Daffodil)

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Orchid…… Orchid (Orchidaceae)

…or something like that.

T/N: The next one or even this chapter may be the last one for today. I feel sluggish today. Im still translating, but Im kinda slow and getting distracted.

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