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Chapter 1172 - Tea Party ⑦

Isis-sans table is, how should I say this…… very comfortable. Not only do I enjoy spending time with Isis-san, my angelic lover, but I also find it easy to talk to Isis-sans subordinates.

Im already acquainted with Iris-san before and knew that she was a good listener at the bar in the basement of my house.

Polaris-san, although a little nervous, was able to converse me in a very normal way, without any conversation difficulties. Its just, Im really wondering why Im feeling this strong sense of respect from her…… Well, unlike the Ten Demons, her respect isnt strange affecting me, so its not a problem.

Sirius-san is like a knight with an honest character, and her seriousness comes through when she speaks. Many of the topics of conversations shes active in are related to training, so I think she would be able to converse well with War Kings Five Generals and his other subordinates.

Well, everyone had such good personalities and were easy to talk to, and Iris-san did a great job of connecting the conversation, which made it a lot of fun.

[……Hmmm, Id like to stay here if I could, but Id also need to talk to Lillywood-san and the others since they invited me, so Id better be off.]

While I would like to stay a while longer, I also want to visit other places. In particular…… Although it isnt really necessary to say hello, I would still like to talk to Lillywood-san as well.

So, even though Im feeling quite reluctant, I notified them and got up from my seat.

[……Unnn…… Alright…… Well be…… in this seat for a while.]

[Yes. Ill come back if I have time after visiting the others.]

After bowing lightly to Isis-san, who nodded with a smile, I also spoke a word or two with Iris-san, Polaris-san and Sirius-san before leaving the table to go elsewhere.

……Errr, I wonder where Lillywood-san is sitting I cant see her from here, so I guess Ill just move around and look for her…… If I meet an acquaintance along the way, Ill talk with them then.

Sechs-san was here, so its possible that other people I know have also been invited, so Im a little excited to see who I can meet…… I dont have to worry about Lilia-sans stomach anyway……

After Kaito left, Isis and her three subordinates continued peacefully conversing with each other and enjoying their tea.

And then, staring at their table from a distance with curiosity…… Rather, some of them looked as if they were thinking about something.

The Death King, Isis Remnant…… Let alone on a worldwide basis, she is one of the top feared beings in the Demon Realm, and is renowned as the Symbol of Death.

Therefore, being kept at a distance on such occasions was a usual occurrence for Isis, and now that she had become Kaitos lover and had multiple subordinates, she wasnt concerned about this at all.

Its for this reason that Isis herself was not aware of it yet. That the surrounding eyes looking at her have begun to change…… and feelings other than fear have begun to dwell within them……

To begin with, Isis almost never participated in festivals and events like this one, except for the Festival of Heroes. When she attended such events, she was deeply aware of the fact that she was rejected……

However, this also meant that many people didnt have the opportunity to know about isis. As a result, although her magic power of death and the rumors about her make her the object of overwhelming fear, truth is that…… few people, even though among Peerage-holders, have ever had a direct conversation with Isis.

Of course, its also due to the fact that until she met Kaito, the frustrated Isis had always strongly intimidated those around her.

However, after being saved by Kaito, Isis herself began to change…… and the effects were beginning to be felt in various areas. In other words, the big cogwheels that had been frozen in place began to move, and in tandem, the nearby cogs that should have remained motionless began to move as well……

[……That is the Death King, Isis-sama, right]


[Unlike the rumors, she doesnt look scary at all…… I could certainly feel her great magic power, but she looked kind with her smile.]

[She certainly does feel different from what I thought.]

The two people conversing a short distance away from Isis table are Viscount-ranks under World Kings command…… and seeing Isis calmly enjoying conversation with her subordinates, unlike what they had imagined, they looked curious.

In fact, the way others looked at Isis also began to change. Those who saw Isis at the Six Kings Festival, the White God Festival and the tea party this time around often commented along the lines of “She dont seem as frightening as rumored. Rather, she seems kind.”.

The gradual process began to lead to action…… and after the two subordinates looked at each other and exchanged nods, they timidly approached the table where Isis and the others were sitting.

Then, deeply bowing their heads to Isis, who tilted her head at their approach, they spoke.

[U- Ummm, excuse u for interrupting. D- Death King-sama…… Errr, we are World King-samas subordinates……]

[If its not too much trouble, would it be alright if we talked with you……]


At their words, Isis looked truly astonished. After all, this is something that had never happened before……

But after a bit, her happiness outweighed her other thoughts, and Isis nodded her head with a kind smile on her lips.

[……Unnn…… Id like to talk to you too…… If youd like…… sit down.]

[ [ Thank you very much! ] ]

Seeing Isis, who willingly agreed, the two of them sat down with happy expressions on their faces. Their actions were strikingly reflected in the eyes of those around them.

Of course, with Isis magic power of death, its not possible for everyone to approach her, but some of the Peerage-holders who are capable of withstanding her magic power of death would like to talk with Isis as well.

As if the gears were meshing together…… With the Singularity Miyama Kaito as the starting point, the happiness that Isis had wished for in the past was becoming a reality.

Serious-senpai : [In fact, since she was feared for factors other than her personality, the views of the people around her became narrow, so I wouldnt be surprised to see a change as those factors are resolved.]

: [Right now, Isis-san is so happy that the pressure that her magic power of death exerts on her surroundings is quite weak, so if they really are Peerage-holders, they would be able to have a normal conversation with her.]-

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