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After chatting for some time, we finally got down to talking about the main topic. The first thing I heard from Alice was that she wanted us three to hang out together, but Makina-san had mentioned the word "festival" in her statement earlier.

In other words, does that mean we're going to hang out at a festival No, but the White God Festival is still a ways off, and in the first place, since she invited us here to this place, it doesn't seem like she's talking about a festival in Trinia.

[……Makina-san, what about the festival]

[Fufufu, you don't need to worry! I properly made my preparations…… Here we go.]

With a confident smile on her face, Makina slid her palm in front of her to the side and just like changing a background picture of a phone, the scenery around us changed.

The sky had changed to night, the white space under my feet had been replaced by atmospheric cobblestones, and I could hear festival music coming from nowhere.

The street was lit up by the lights of the stalls, and I could see a building that looked like a shrine in the distance…… Is this a bazaar

[This is quite…… I mean, it feels somewhat familiar.]

[Unnn. It's based on that bazaar Alice and I went to a long time ago. Though I say that, this place is a lot wider and had more stalls opened.]

[Heehhh…… It certainly feels nostalgic. It's like those old-fashioned bazaars.]

This certainly feels like what a festival's bazaar would look like, and the atmosphere around seems to be a bit fun. Well, the place isn't filled with people though, so it felt more like a private event, but this in itself is fun too…… wait, arehh

[……Makina-san, who's running those stalls]

[Unnn Ahhh, I entrusted running them to the Paradises.]

[The heck is that This festival is starting to feel like it's straight out of a horror movie……]

While listening to Alice's words, sounding rather astounded, I took a peek at a nearby stall…… and there stands a wingless Eden-san, wearing a happi coat.

I looked at the other stalls and found another Eden-san there as well…… No matter which stall I looked at, I saw an Eden-san running it…… The heck is this, this is scary. In short, is this like how Alice uses her clones Looking closely, I can see that their eyes are gray instead of their usual iridescent colors, so these Eden-sans may be slightly different from the usual one.

[Well, just like this, us three will be hanging out here! And with that, ei!]

[ [ ! ] ]

With a cheerful smile on her face, Makina exclaimed, and Alice, mine, and Makina-san's clothes were replaced with a yukata. Our shoes were also carefully replaced with something that looked like zori.

(T/N: Zori is thonged Japanese sandals made from various materials.)

How should I say this…… I feel like this place had quite the great mood…… and I think I might be getting a little excited.

[……It's a disaster. My beloved child wearing a yukata can't be this cute. No matter where I look, the lickable points just keep on increasing. W- With him like this, I might not be able to keep calm…… No! Keeping calm in front of such a cute child of mine is the problem in itself!!! That being the case, it's time to unleash———– Ebffuuhhh!]

It felt like a dangerous switch was flipped on in Makina-san's body, but right after that, Alice drove a backhanded chop on her face.

Without even looking at Makina-san, who was greatly blown away, Alice muttered in a dumbfounded voice.

[……Hahhh…… I guess we're back to square one huh. Well, it's better to some extent because I can attack the main body here……]

[……You know, Alice. I honestly appreciate you stopping me…… but a backhanded chop to the face without hesitation How about you try to be more discreet……]

Makina-san, who had been blown away, came back before I knew it and complained to Alice, but after glancing at her with an astounded look on her face, Alice ignored her and spoke to me.

[……Well, I know Kaito-san feels worried, but please don't worry. For the time being, if Makina is about to go on a rampage, I'll stop her.]

[U- Unnn, I'm counting on you. Also, Alice…… You look great in your yukata.]

[T- Thank you.]

Alice was wearing a black yukata, which looked quite pretty with her golden-colored hair.

[My child! What about me What about me]

[You look great too, Makina-san.]

[Ehehe, I'm so happy. My child also looks cool!]

Makina-san was wearing a white yukata, which looked very lovely…… Unnn, I think she definitely is a beautiful girl. If only she didn't have the tendency to go on a rampage……

Anyhow, I feel like we're all set, so how about we just relax and enjoy the bazaar

[……Even so, there sure are lots of stalls here huh.]

[Unnn. I have prepared a variety of stalls, from the standard ones to some minor ones. For example, the staple ringtoss……]

[I think RINGTOSS might be a bit tough with my physical abilities.]

As you can imagine, I'd rather not have that kind of hyper-dimensional battle sport, no matter how popular it is. It's fine if I'm watching, but playing is a bit……

[……My child, are you alright The ringtoss I'm talking about isn't the one from Trinia, okay]

[……Ahh…… Speaking of which, that would be the case.]

That's right. Ringtoss originally wasn't supposed to be played like that…… The impact of the RINGTOSS was so great that that was the first thing that popped in my mind.

No, this is bad, it isn't safe to let my thoughts be dyed by that weird hyper-dimensional sport. It's almost as dangerous as accepting that Maids = Superhumans, so let's be careful not to let myself be brainwashed.

However, I never thought I'd see the day when Makina-san would actually seem like the sensible person…… I don't mean to be rude, but I totally didn't expect this at all.

~ ~ The Three Other world's Common Sense That Probably Poisoned Your Mind ~ ~

・ RINGTOSS is the Super-Exciting Battle Sport and can't be participated by those with superficial combat power.

・ Being a Maid requires one to possess a certain level of combat power.

・ The most common stalls at festivals are the baby castella stalls.-

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