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The Temple of the Supreme God of the God Realm. In one of those temples, Chronois comes into the temple of the God of Life with a “luggage” under her arm.

[God of Life, are you here We need to talk……]

[Hey, God of Time and Space……]


[Why am I being carried around Or rather, can I go home now]


Fate, who was being held under Chronoiss arm, shouted out a protest, but Chronois just brushed it away, and continued to speak while walking over towards Life.

[I have received an extremely important task.]

[Ueeggghhh, stapphhh…… I get a fever when I hear words like tasks and duties. Ahh~~ trousome.]

[Stop messing around and get serious! God of Life, you too……]

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[Wake up!]

Irritated by Fates words, Chronois turns to Life…… but the person in question, Life, is asleep.

Chronois-sans angry voice echoes through the room. Still, there are no signs of Life waking up.

[……Im telling you, thats impossible, God of Time and Space. Its not easy for the God of Life to wake up after sleeping once…… so thats why, lets go back already Ive already decided before that Im going to visit Kai-chan with some souvenirs.]

[……What about your work]

[……Did you really think I would do it]

[Stop acting proud for doing stupid things!]

Life and Fate are acting as usual, while Chronois still struggles to keep her head in her hands.

Then, after thinking for a moment, she shook her head and put Fate down.

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[Well, fine. You would be motivated soon enough anyway……. the God of Life will wake up after she hears about this.]

[……Unnn What do you mean]

[As I said before, I received an extremely important task……. You better listen to me carefully. On the sixth day of the Tree month…… Shallow Vernal-sama would come down to the Human Realm.]

[ [ ! ] ]

The air froze after Chronois spoke with a serious expression on her face.

[……Therefore, to the both of you……]

[I need more information! Location Time Purpose Those factors change the counter-measure that we need to take!!!]

[U- Umu, y- youre right.]

Just as Chronois said, Life woke up in an instant and pressed Chronois for answers with terrifying speed.

Her normally always half-open eyes were also opened, and the atmosphere around them definitely shows how abnormal it is.

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[……If it even involves Shallow Vernal-sama, just us three wont be enough. God of Life, after this conversation, assembles all Gods…… During that time, Ill use my ability to fill in the gaps.]

[Understood. We should be quick about this…… Now, God of Time and Space. Continue with what you were saying……]

[You two really change faces too fast.]

[Put that aside and just continue speaking!]

[Yes, the slightest delay can be fatal for us!]

Seeing Fate and Life, who clearly looks different from earlier, a vein popped out of Chronoiss forehead, but to Fate and Life, Chronois getting angry is just a trival matter and they dont care about it at all.

And as if pushed by their enthusiasm, Chronois takes a step back.

[So, God of Time and Space. What exactly is Shallow Vernals purpose in the Human Realm]

[……T- That is….. its…………………….. te.]

[Eh What did you say.]

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[……Its for a date.]

[ [ ……What ] ]

At the words Chronois told them, the two of them stiffened, looking as if they didnt understand the reason at all.

When the heavy silence around them flowed away…… Life, whose expression is dyed with astonishment, spoke.

[U- Ummm…… God of Time and Space I think I just misheard you, so Ill just make sure I heard it right… Did you just say she would go on a date]

[……Yes, thats what I said.]

[Ah, I see that you have finally learned how to make jokes huh…… Shallow Vernal-sama, going on a d- date……]

[……It would have been better if it had been a joke though……]


In response to Life, who asked in astonishment, Chronois mutters with an expression that even seems like grief.

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Understanding that Chronoiss words were true, this caused Life to freeze up with her mouth wide open.

[……Hey, God of Time and Space. Could it be with Kai-chan]


[I guess I should have expected it would be Kai-chan. Going on a date with Shallow Vernal-sama herself is unprecedented……]

[……I- If I remember correctly…… Isnt that person Chronois rescued just a few days ago]

Life, who was reminded of Kaito after hearing Fate saying Kai-chan, asked with an expression of disbelief, and Chronois nodded in response, while Fates cheeks have a slight blush for some reason.

[Umu. Hes the otherworlder that Shallow Vernal-sama was interested in and gave her blessings to.]

[Thats my “future husband”!]

[……You havent given up yet]

[That should be obvious! Im definitely going to make sure Kai-chan will take care of me! Thats why I even…… prepared this souvenir…… though I guess in this case, I cant do that anymore.]

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[Souvenir Ahh, come to think of it, you did say that earlier…… What do you have there anyway]

As Life just looked at them, speechless, Chronois is curious about Fates “souvenir” and asked.

Thereupon, out of nowhere, Fate pulls out a small bundle.

[They did say that to grab a man by their stomach or something like that, didnt they So, I asked Shall-tan to tell me what Kai-chan likes.]

[……You are quite close huh, you and the Phantasmal King.]

[Unnn. Shall-tan is also my soul friend, you know Well, anyway, thats why Ive prepared Kai-chans favorite food!]

[So you made that]

[Did you really think I would do something as troublesome as cooking]

[I should have known.]

Apparently, Fate prepared it after hearing about Kaitos favorite food, but as expected of Fate who has a reputation of disliking troublesome things…… She didnt make it herself.

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[By my authority as the Supreme God, I let out of the Gods of Fertility to make—— Ouch!]

[Dont abuse your authority, you fool!!!]

Chronoiss fist swung down on Fates as she told her that she used the Supreme Gods authority to have a lower level God cook for her.

As Chronois holds her head from all the headache shes feeling, Life finally recovers…… and trembling in fear, she muttered.

[……Eh Shallow Vernals blessing God of Fates future husband ……Is he a monster]

[……I cant deny it at all.]

[By the way, hes also acquainted with all of the Six Kings. Hes also quite close with the Death King, you know]

[……With that “Death Bringer”]

(T/N: Life calls her Shinigami, which could mean Grim Reaper, Death Bringer or God of Death. I opted with Death Bringer.)

When Isiss name is mentioned, Life muttered with an obviously unpleasant look on her face.

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Fate and Shalltear are very close with each other, and they occasionally listen to each others complaints…… but Life and Isis are like cats and dogs, they are each others natural enemies, and they are so unfriendly that they call each other “Death Bringer” and “Useless Meat”.

[……I guess you are still not on good terms with the Death King.]

[You and Ein are about the same way though……]

[……Now then, lets stop with the pointless chatter. Lets start all preparations before the sixth day of the Tree month comes! Am I clear!]

[ [ Roger that! ] ]

Sixth day of the Tree month. I woke up early, quickly finished my breakfast and got ready for the day.

Today is the day of my date I promised with Shiro-san, and since I cant keep her waiting, Im going to leave early.

However, I will be having a date with Shiro-san…… Im worried in a different way than I was with Kuro.

I have a feeling that something really big would happen today, but If possible, I hope that its just my imagination.

With that in mind, I moved to the front door and when I opened it…… I immediately closed it back.

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Arehh I felt like I just saw a grand spectacle outside. To be specific, it looked like there were an outrageous amount of people in Lilia-sans garden……

It must be that. I may have just opened the door and accidentally arrived to some other place…… Yes, I should open it more carefully……

[Good! We cant afford to be negligent at all today!!! Not even a speck of dust should exist on the path Shallow Vernal-sama walks on!!!]


Why is Chronois-san doing something like a speech in Lilia-sans garden

And all these people wearing priests robes lined up in a row…… Could all of them be Gods Why

[All of you understand Ill set up wards around the city that would unconsciously make it difficult for others to approach them…… but its not absolute. There might be some people that are able to slip through those wards…… Anyone who slips through the wards, “immediately kill them”.]


Eh Thats Fate-san, right Didnt the words shes said kinda sound absurdly dangerous! If someone slips into them, youd kill them! Eh What the heck is happening, is there a war nearby

Those people lined behind them, are they really Gods They kinda look like an army thats here to slaughter all their enemies though!

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[There is no need to hesitate. I can bring them back to life later…… So you will kill them immediately, without regard to the intruders intentions or actions.]


Eh What the heck is she saying That person with green hair….. Just because she can bring them back to life later, so its fine to kill them, what the heck is with that over-the-top reasoning!

T- Thinking about her standing, shes probably….. the last Supreme God. I think shes called the God of Life, but she somehow looks more like a Shura to me……

[God of Time and Space-sama! All personnel are in position! All the shops and the stalls in the city have been fortified by our fellow Gods!!!]

[Umu, Ill convey my thanks to the King of Symphonia later…… Everyone! All the preparations are ready. From now on, cast aside all of your indulgences! In the unlikely event that you cause Shallow Vernal-sama any discomfort, youll know that even lining up all of our heads here wont be enough to beg for her forgiveness!!!]


I just want to make sure here…… but Im really going on a date right now, right Its not like Im going to be thrown into a war zone or dropped into a bombing zone or anything like that, right

Wait a moment…… What the heck is going on here!

Dear Mom, Dad—— I was finally going out on a date with Shiro-san, and as my heart was half-filled with expectations while the other half is filled with anxiousness, I opened the front door, but for some reason, the Gods were there, and all of them were saying all sorts of crazy things. Eh What the heck Errr—–Is a war about to start

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Shiro going to the Human Realm outside of the Festival of Heroes…… is unheard of.

Shiro going on a date with a human…… is unheard of.

Chronois having a stomachache…… is just an everyday matter.

Lilia having a stomachache…… spoiler: the culprit is Kaito.-

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