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Chapter 1263 - Wedding Participation

After the wedding reception party was over and the invited guests had been sent off, in a room prepared at the back of the hall. There, the newlyweds Seigi and Cattleya were taking a break to recover from the party.

Sitting on the sofa, Seigi, who looked exhausted, opened his mouth as if he was spitting out his thoughts.

[Haahhh…… Im so tired. Does it really take that long greeting everyone]

[No, this time is special. It would normally end with a simple congratulatory speech…… but many of the nobles were trying to leave as much of an impression as possible, not only with words of congratulations, but also by mixing in idle chatter. As a result, each persons time was stretched and it took quite a while.]

[How about it Have I been able to handle it all right]

[……I appreciate the fact that you handled it all the way to the end without showing fatigue, but you lacked flexibility in your way of conversation. Your knowledge was first-rate, but you should be able to control the conversation after switching it up depending on who you are talking to. Well, overall, I would say that…… You just barely passed the test.]

[W- What a tough judge……]

[Fufu, well, youre very good for someone who had only been a noble for 2 years.]

Hearing Cattleyas assessment, Seigi exaggeratedly slumped his shoulders, but even though she said it was just barely acceptable, Cattleyas expression softened and she seemed satisfied.

Seeing the response, which at least seemed to show that he at least has as much ability as Cattleya had hoped for, Seigi slightly smiled.

[……Even so, Miyama-san really is amazing, or rather, it didnt turn out as expected at all.]

[He was indeed a tremendous person. Even though it was a development we wanted, he was able to get it arranged by Founder-sama, and we even received a bouquet from God of Creation Shallow Vernal-sama…… Hes completely out of the realm of expectations.]

[However, its not like its a bad thing, right]

[Of course! In fact, I would say that its more than I expected. There will be a great number who would wish to associate with our family in this matter, and not only that, theres also the church where the bouquet made by the God of Creation-sama is kept by the power of Goddess of Time-sama, something that would make us flooded with wedding ceremony requests from all over the world…… In one day, our territory, which had no particular strong points, became the talk of the world. Its economic impact will be immeasurable.]

In fact, they have already received several requests to use the church for weddings, and as word spreads, especially among the nobles, they expect such requests to increase exponentially.

The fact that in just one day, a mediocre viscounty with few strong points, whether its in a good or a bad way, has become the focus of worldwide attention reaffirms the tremendous influence Kaito has.

[I think we should allocate a larger budget to the church for things like wedding venues or party halls to have some earnings for the future.]

[I think we should definitely do that. It would indeed be good to push the church in the future, but I think we should probably wait until it is firmly settled before we decide whether or not to open it up as a tourist attraction.]

[I see……. Well, this happening is one Cathy is happiest about and its more than you wished for, but I think we should leave everything else later and just be happy for now.]


[Eh Why the sigh]

Hearing the words Seigi said with a smile, Cattleya let out a sigh, somewhat taken aback. Sitting next to Seigi, who looked clueless and puzzled, Cattleya spoke.

[The second, you mean.]


[For me, what Im happiest about today is that I got to have my marriage with Seigi, and we became husband and wife in both name and reality. I dont want you to be mistaken about that.]


Indeed, as a noble and a former princess, she had many things in mind, including social aspects and the future management of their domain.

However, their marriage was never a political one, but a marriage brought by love. Although she didnt show it openly because of her personality, Cattleya was happy to be married to the love of her life.

Gently smiling, Cattleya lightly places her hand on Seigis cheek and continues.

[When we first met, I said a lot of things about you being unreliable and pathetic…… but now, even though I look like this, Im relying on you, Seigi. Well, we are still a newly established noble family, and Im sure there will be a lot of hardship because of this matter, but lets work hard together…… “Husband”.]

[……Unnn. Im still going to do my best to live up to Cathys expectations, so please continue to give me guidance.]

[Fufu, as you know already, Im strict, so make sure you prepare yourself, okay]

[Hahaha, Id like it if you could take it easy on me though……]

Despite being described as a tough judge, Cattleyas voice was very gentle and filled with definite affection, which tickled his heart and made him happy.

Just like that, their faces came close together…… and illuminated by the Illumination Magic Tool, their shadows overlapped.

Serious-senpai : [W- Whaaaat, for the chapter to actually be talking about them flirting instead…… H- However, I guess I really cant complain when it comes to the most unfavorable character, Seigi-san……]

: [Seems like the arc has already ended with that, so I guess his next appearance will be in another 5 years.]

Serious-senpai : [Stop that!!!]-

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