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Relying on the map, we arrived at a flower shop with a stylish exterior. The building looks like a log cabin, and although there aren't that many flowers on display, they seem to have put a lot of thought into their arrangement.

When I walked into the store with Ariel-san, I understood…… The shelves lining the walls were lined with a variety of seeds, giving the impression that they were focusing on that rather than flowers.

Upon noticing us, the clerk at the counter bowed her head and said "Welcome", but immediately after that, she raised her head and looked twice at Ariel-san with a surprised looked on her face.

Unnn, well, I think it's understandable to be surprised when someone dressed like a dancer walks into the store.

However, she was used to serving customers, and as if to change her mind, she immediately shook her head lightly, and her expression returns back to normal.

[Reservation…… In other words, I came to buy the seeds that we had reserved. The name cited…… It should be reserved under the name ————–.]

[Ah, yes. Understood. Please wait a moment……]

Hearing Ariel-san's words, the clerk went into the back of the store to get the seeds.

[……That name just now]

[Tir's friend…… In other words, that's the name of someone Tir knows living in Symphonia's royal capital. Reservation on behalf…… In other words, she asked her friend who lives in the royal capital to reserve the seeds because it's so popular and scarce.]

[I see.]

Well, even if its potency is low, it's not surprising that many people would want to buy the seeds of a new kind of vegetable that has anti-fatigue effects.

It's said that they have just started to be distributed, so I suspect that there aren't that many of them. If that's the case, it should be difficult to acquire them…… To get it early, you would need to have a certain amount of connections, so perhaps, the person Tir-san asked to make the reservation on her behalf was a noble with considerable authority.

Though I say that, all of that is just my guesses. When I heard that she and Raz-san were close friends, I vaguely imagined that she might be as sociable as Raz-san, and one of her acquaintances was in such a high position.

As I was thinking about this, the clerk came back with a small bag in hand.

[Thank you for your patience. Please check the contents……]

[No problem…… In other words, these are the right seeds, so I'll settle the bill.]

[Yes, that would be 500R for a bag.]

……A small bag of those seeds costs 50,000 yen. They really seem to be very expensive seeds…… In that case, I can imagine that a fully grown vegetable would be pretty expensive too.

After the payment was done, Ariel-san took out her magic box and put away the bag of seeds, before turning towards me and with a smile.

[Gratitude again…… In other words, thank you. Thanks to Kaito, I was able to accomplish my errand without incident.]

[No, don't worry about it. I only helped you out a bit.]

[Hope to express my thanks…… In other words, I'd like to thank you in some way.]

[No, you really don't have to worry about it. I didn't have any special plans anyway, and it was nice to visit places I'd never been before.]

This was what I truly feel. I don't have a hobby of gardening, so I wouldn't have had a chance to enter such a store if not because of this. Thinking about this, I feel like I profited instead.

I don't have any intentions of starting a vegetable garden or anything like that at the moment, but considering that I may unexpectedly become interested in that, I think this could be considered a good experience.

[I respect your thoughts…… In other words, if Kaito says so, I won't force you. Another suggestion…… In other words, I don't like the idea of departing without expressing my thanks, so I have a suggestion.]

[A suggestion What is it]

[An invitation to a moment of supreme bliss…… In other words, "let's dance together".]

[Ahh, that sounds great. As expected, when it comes to expressing thanks, it would be dan———– Unnn No, eh Why did the conversation suddenly leap……]

I reflexively responded to her, but didn't she just say something strange Let's dance together…… No, no, why in the world did she suggest that!

[Gratitude for readily consent…… In other words, I'm happy that you've accepted.]

[N- No, that just now was just me reflexively……]

[Strike while the iron is hot…… In other words, with that decided, let's move quickly. Location suggestion…… In other words, as for me, I think the park where we first met would be great.]


What should I do Ariel-san seemed to really like dancing, and she was clearly the happiest she'd ever looked today, so it was hard for me to say no to her now.

It was my fault that I reflexively responded with a self-tsukkomi anyway, so I guess should probably just obediently accept it.

[……However, I don't know anything about dancing.]

[Please leave it to me…… In other words, don't worry and count on me. My field of expertise…… In other words, I'm confident in my dancing skill, so I'll lead you well.]

[……I- I understand. I will be in your care.]

I wonder what this feeling is Even though I'm just reaping what I sow because of my careless comment, I still want to say something…… How the heck did this happen!

~ ~ The difference in awareness between Kaito and the surrounding people ~ ~

City folks : (Eh That's Sky Flower Princess Ariel-sama…… How unusual to see her in the city like this. I wonder if it would be a bother if I call out to her……)

Kaito : (I guess Ariel-san's outfit really stands out and attracts attention huh.)

※ Ariel isn't using Recognition Inhibition Magic at all.

Shopkeeper : (Ariel-sama! No way, is she the real deal! Why has she come to my small store…… I- I wonder if I could ask for her autograph…… N- No, that won't do. Seeing as she's wearing casual clothes, as her fan, I shouldn't bother Ariel-sama.)

Kaito : (With that outfit, I can understand why she'd look twice.)

※ She doesn't come to the Human Realm very often, but Ariel's beautiful dance garnered many fans.


City folks : (Speaking of which, who is that beside her Her lover)

※ Kaito is famous among nobles and those with a certain position, but not so famous among ordinary people who haven't been invited to the Six Kings Festival.

Shopkeeper : (……I'd really like Ariel-sama's autograph…… Eh No, looking closely, that person beside her…… Isn't that Miyama Kaito ……I've heard that if you're disrespectful to him in any way, a ruthless Winged will immediately swoop down and deal with you…… Unnn, let's not ask for her autograph.)

※ The shopkeeper was accompanying an acquaintance to the Six Kings Festival and had heard rumors about Kaito.-

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