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As Ariel-san and I walked towards our destination, we felt quite a few stares from the people on the street. Well, the reason is easy to understand, or rather, it's pretty obvious when you look at Ariel-san.

Ariel-san has a well-defined face and she's a cool beauty, possessing eye-catching loveliness, but even more than that, It's her clothes. She was wearing a bikini-like outfit in a shade between bright orange and gold, with a layer of see-through fabric on top…… Clothes looking like something an Arabian dancer would wear, and to be honest, she looks erotic.

On top of that, she's wearing a lot of ornaments, probably to make her dance look more glamorous, so it was inevitable that she would attract a lot of attention even if she were just walking around.

How should I say this…… Being a dancer (), I guess it may be right for her to be eye-catching, but being in the center of attention of so many people makes me feel embarrassed. No, it's not that their attention was directed towards me…… but even so, when I walked next to her, I couldn't help but notice people's eyes directed towards our direction.

Well, Ariel-san didn't seem to be bothered by their gazes though……

[……B- By the way, Ariel-san. What kind of shop are you going to]

I wanted to change my mood somehow, or rather, concentrate on something else, so I asked Ariel-san. The map I received from Ariel-san only had the location drawn on it, without the name of the store, so I had no idea what kind of store it was.

The fact that her friend went to the trouble of specifying the shop and asked her to buy her things there makes me think that there must be something there that she could only buy in that shop.

[Florist…… In other words, I heard that it's a gardening store with a lot of different kinds of seeds. My friend's hobby…… In other words, it's the hobby of my friend, "Tirtania". My objective is a vegetable…… In other words, she asked me for vegetable  seeds, not flower seeds.]

[……Tirtania…… Errr, it's just a guess, but could that Tirtania's pet name be Tir]

[Affirmative…… In other words, that's right. That's also how I call her…… In other words, I usually call her Tir too. One question…… In other words, if you know her pet name, does that mean you know Tir]

[No, I've never met her. However, I've often heard her name from Raz-san, so I naturally remembered it.]

As for Tirtainna-san…… Tir-san, I had never met her in person, but I had an idea of who she was. It's a name that Raz-san often mentions, and she seems to be a friend of the fairies.

According to Raz-san, they are the "closest of friends", and I heard many stories about them wearing matching clothes.

[I've heard about how she was a fairy who is very good at playing musical instruments.]

[Affirmative…… In other words, Tir is indeed very good at musical instruments and can play anything. She is a bright and cheerful girl…… In other words, she has a very nice personality, so if you get a chance to meet her, I think you'll easily get along with each other.]

[I'd like to meet her sometime. Ahh, going back to the topic, is Tir-san going to grow vegetable seeds]

[Again, affirmative…… In other words, it's as you said. Apparently recommended…… In other words, It seems that it was a vegetable that Razelia added to her new field, so she recommended it to Tir. Area limited…… In other words, It was apparently a new kind of vegetable only found in the Symphonia Kingdom recently, and is only sold in the royal capital.]

[Heehhh…… A new kind of vegetable…… I wonder what kind of vegetable it is.]

I think it's very difficult to find a new kind of vegetable. I can understand if it's a selectively bred vegetable, but since they're calling it a new kind of vegetable, it would mean that it's different from the already existing vegetable.

I wonder if it's some kind of sudden mutation or something like that……

[Found at a tourist attraction…… In other words, It's apparently "found at the floating castle" which has recently been added to the list of famous places in Symphonia's royal capital.]


[Special effect…… In other words, I heard that they have a little bit of magic power in them, and that eating them would slightly reduce one's fatigue. It was apparently popular…… In other words, it may not be as effective as using other means to recover, but it's popular enough to be in short supply.]

[H- Heehhh…… I- I- Is that so…… That sounds like a mysterious vegetable.]

Floating castle, she's talking about that, right That's where my birthday party was held, right ……Arehh That's strange, I thought they took down all that fruits and that fountain with crazy effects after my birthday party ended……

(The effects have been adjusted and rearranged. The castle was a gift to Lilia Albert, so I thought it would be better to have something that would make it somewhat profitable…… an extra service, so to speak.)

Lilia-san properly knows about this, right

(Yes. She has found it in the preliminary survey for turning the castle into a tourist attraction, and Lilia reported it to me. For some reason though, she fainted after reporting that. How mysterious.)

Lilia-san…… How pitiful. However, I see, now it makes sense. If It was indeed a vegetable created by Shiro-san, it wouldn't be surprising for it to be a new kind of vegetable.

And the fact that it had only recently been distributed meant that they had been discussing how to handle it after Lilia-san told Ryze-san and the others about this.

And perhaps, they may have found a way to cultivate it and thus, they've recently started to distribute it. It certainly seems to be very profitable…… but I'm more worried about Lilia-san's stomach.

No, well, I can't really say that with how many times that occurred because of me……

Makina : [Look, I think I'm an easy-going, fluffy lady, overflowing with motherliness, who loves my child, you know]

Serious-senpai : [……You aren't sleeping, so why are you sleep talking No, well, not everything you said was wrong, but know your limits…… Just about everything about you is pushed to the extremes, so you got the reputation of "pushing your insane lover to Kaito, overflowing with mad motherliness, and a self-proclaimed easy-going, fluffy lunatic", you know]

Makina : [Limits, you say, I think I'm properly compromising though It's extremely disrespectful to my child to cut back on my love for him…… but how unfortunate, Serious-senpai doesn't properly understand my love huh.]

Serious-senpai : [No, in the first place, I don't want to understa……]

Makina : [However, that would only be "for now"!]

Serious-senpai : […………………………….Eh]

Makina : [I guess you're right. It's natural that you won't understand unless I explain it properly. Don't worry, I'll explain everything about my love to you. It's alright, I'll keep it short…… Unnn! I'll be able to explain it to you in just about "10,000 hours", so don't worry!]

Serious-senpai : [No, wait, 10,000 hours…… that's more than 400 days…… Oi, , she's your best friend, right! Do something about her!!! Rather, why the heck is she not here when I need her!!!]

Makina : [Don't worry, I can manipulate the flow of time as much as I want…… remember]

Serious-senpai : [HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!]-

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